sigur rós 2013 tour

sowinskiego amphitheatre
warsaw, poland



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  1. Great concert. Sound like wall and music like beautifull landscape. It is one of the best event for me in 2013.

  2. It was another breath-taking concert that you gave in Poland. Takk!. Your performances seem to be unable to disappoint. It was an soul-energizing and moving treat, which we are all grateful for a lot – an incredible show, again!. We all hope to see you here again soon !!!

  3. Thank you for return after 5 years to Warsaw :) It was great show, your music is fantastic. Powerfull songs and this rain during long vocal of Jónsi – climatic.

    We are waiting for YOU AGAIN !!! ^^

  4. Amazing musical experience. Beautiful and moving. Millions of marvelous sounds. I’m very impressed.If someone will have the opportunity to attend a concert-I would definitely recommend it because it’s incredibly magical experience. Thank you very much for yesterday’s show.

  5. The beauty and the amazing power of your yesterday’s concert in Warsaw is simply indescribable! It was one of the gigs to remember for life. And this coming from a person who wasn’t – until yesterday – a huge (just a moderate) fan of your music. I’m absolutely charmed, seduced and smitten by what I heard last night. Come back soon!

  6. Thank you for incredible, unforgettable artistic view, so touching and important for me <3

  7. Thank you so much! I was in another world, and perhaps in this, but quite good and clean. I was crying from the beauty that I’ve heard, seen and experienced because of your music. The most beautiful day of my life.I hope that i will hear you live again and i’ll melt with nature. For now I would like to visit an Iceland more and more, photograph and paint it, and feel that part of the music that comes out of her nature.


  8. incredible performance. i’m still really speachless. thank you so so much! :)

  9. You trule are from another world. Thank you for sharing it with us yesterday. It was a shattering experience.

  10. thank you for suck an amazing night. that’s the first time this year i’ve felt really happy. worth any money. im overwhelmed and speechless. cant wait to see you guys as soon as it’s possible.

  11. Thank you guys for this pure magic you gave me. I’m still speechless and touched because of you. We were on concert with our friend from China, she didn’t know you but she was so amazed of you that you can be sure that she won’t forget it. Thank you for this emotional beautiful 2 hours that I considered as 5 minutes. Hopefully, see you soon in Poland again.

  12. So, now it is two of us – my daughter and I – loving your music and performance. Yesterday’s show – that is an experience

  13. Takk fyrir! I still have goosebumps after this incredible gig. Thank you for such beauty you gave us! These new songs are really powerful, the old ones still sound powerful. I spent two hours in a completely different world. I wish I could stay there for ever!
    Love you!

  14. Prodigious, heavenly, astonishing… so many adjectives describing that performance. Thank you so much for the music you create and for sharing it with us.
    Great idea with the light bulbs on the stage. They gave me goosebumps and I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

  15. thank you so much for these magical 2 hours! seems so little but at the same time so much for a lot of people. I cried like 3 times (which i never do) and went to bed hearing your music in my head. thank you.

  16. top notch!
    i’m very happy that you have chosen the same venue again (it fits you perfectly – think you agree) and came with even better show.
    thanks for this joyful evening and see you next time!

  17. there’s no words to tell you how amazing you are and how unbelievable was your concert! dziekuje!

  18. I’m deeply stirred by this performance. It woke up all my repressed feelings. I was crying, I was smiling. Now I can’t eat and speak. Surely it will be one of the best memories of my life. Thank You!

  19. This time in Poland was the best thing in my life. Place come back soon as possible.

  20. It was amazing experience to participate in this incredibly beautiful and full of emotions performance! I was cry, I was smile, I was full of hope, and faith, and love! And this is it! This is the way that music should touch the soul. So I am very grateful for the exciting show and all the feelings that You give us in Your music. Please, do not forget about polish fans and come back to Poland as soon as it will be possible! We are waiting for You!
    And I am preparing to visit Iceland, and I hope to see You in Your beautiful country!

    P.S. to Jónsi: Please, do not change! You are unimaginably fantastic! We (me and my husband) love Your voice, Your sensivity, Your individuality, Your strength and Your humility…and we love watching Your cooking with Alex:)

    P.S. to Orri: You were wonderful! I am Your BIG fan:) (and I have Your drumstick form Kraków last year:) I wish You inexhaustible power that will allow You to beat Your drum!

    P.S. to Georg: You and Your guitar are uncommon unity! You are the oasis of space, stay as You are…


  21. This was one of the most amazing things in my life.. Such a pure artistic experience. And that moment when it started to rain outside matched the song so perfectly, everything was perfect in this concert. Takk! <3

  22. orri, goggi, jónsi, bergrún, eiríkur orri, guggý, ingrid, kjartan, laufey, óbó and sigrún takk!!!

  23. Pease, come to Poland again, don’t forget us! Thank you for a wonderful evening.

  24. a perfect combination of your incredible sounds, and magical colours in the background.. takk!

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