sigur rós 2013 tour

sowinskiego amphitheatre
warsaw, poland



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  1. Incredible, magical, epic, beautiful, unforgettable.

    It was my second concert of yours. It was even better than the first one. I wish I could hear you live everyday.

    I hope to see you soon again. Maybe Wroclaw this time ;) I shall miss you a lot.

    Loads of love.

  2. Thank You for this magical moments!

    I am so happy I could be on your concert! My dream came true.
    Love you lots!

  3. Well done SR! I discovered your band not so long ago, but some of your songs were already familiar. I’ve listened to all your dicography and couldn’t forgive myself I didn’t get to know you before your last gig in Krakow. Now, I just couldnt miss your last night’s show. This was something that will stay in my heart forever. Takk!

  4. You are beatiful and magical people and you create beautiful and magical things. I love you guys and your music. I hope to meet you some day on Iceland. Wish You all the best. Thank you! (Dzi?kuj?!/ Takk!)

  5. It was absolutely amazing! Thank you very much and I can’t wait next time!

    <3 SR (even more then before!)

  6. Every day with your music in my ears is wonderfull, but listening to it live – I can’t find words to describe feeling, state of mind. It was 2nd best day in my life (1st was last year in Krakow ;) ). Thank you for all what you are doing – for your music, smile and energy.
    Your music is like soundtrack to my live.
    Takk, Sigur Ros.
    Hope to see you next year, on my next birthday :)

  7. Takk! Það var galdur! Komdu aftur fljótlega! (translated by Google Translate)

  8. Yor music sems to be magical trip of soul mates across the universe of deep beautiful emotions. Thank You for taking US for that exceptional , unforgettable journey. Thank You that YOU ARE :)

  9. It was a metaphysical experience!!!!
    My soul get out of my body and has been flying!!!
    Thank You sooo much!!!

  10. Thank You so much for this wonderful night! Your concert was truly magical and Jónsi I still repeat this – Your voice is soo wonderful! a BIG THANK YOU I love You guys You are THE BEST please come back ! Will be waiting For You hope to see You soon, TAKK!!!

  11. I came here back, just to thank you again. It was a few months ago, but still I can’t stop thinking about this magic experience. In my home, in a train, on a university, your music is always with me.

  12. some time have passed from your show in Warsaw but only now I feel ready to say something about it that’s not “i don’t know man, it was too awesome to explain”. I wrote quite a long review in Polish ( but I don’t really feel like translating it, although i remember one thought i had immediately after the show: this concert was beyond satisfying in every single aspect – it was perfectly played, perfectly sang, it was moving, and it also looked beautiful.

    Six months after I’m still amazed.

  13. it’s almost 6 months since then and i still can’t get over the fact i saw this incredible performance live. the most magical 2 hours in my life.
    takk, sigur rós.

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