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junge garde
dresden, germany



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  1. Dresden tonight must have been magical. The stream was amazing, guys. I cannot wait to see you this September in the US. Much love and congrats on Kveikur!!


  2. amazing… greatest webcast ever. felt like i was on stage during my favorite songs. please do this every night… all day… every day… i want it more… again… now… please…

  3. hi¡¡ first I want congratulation you for your albus are amazing you are one band of the world
    I want to ask please if you in the next concert of mexico can play Gobbledigook because is my favorite song I wait you are good
    thanks for your music
    I have alleviated the soul
    atte kevin vega

  4. Greatest webcast experience ever..
    Felt like sitting in front of you guys!!
    Once again.. Thank you, Sigur Ros!!
    Love you guys!!! :)

  5. I can’t wait to see your live webcast!!!Please come to México!!Not only to the corona capital festival.Your fans around all the mexican ground are asking for others date shows!!greetings and congratultions for’s just………SUPERIOR!!!!

  6. Remeber.not only to the corona capital in mexico city.Thanks for create high feelings in my mind.

  7. Absolutely enjoyed your stream while a thunderstorm was raging outside. Felt save in your music and dimmed lights – thanks for streaming it all and letting us in…!

  8. I bought smart tv and was waitimg for webcast..unfottunately i had problems all picture,just sound..probably firefox it was very frustrating for me…takk!!

  9. Really good audio but had to settle for buffer watching the pictures, still a lovely thing to do for us – THANKYOU :)

  10. Really good audio but bad thing was that video was buffering. But otherwise this live stream was a very great event for me. Thank you all. :)


  11. Saw the webcast. That was a nice gift to fans !
    Nice to see them so closely. Worked fine for me the whole concert, had to switch cams wisely between songs. Even followed a whole song with cam4. The setlist is a festival setlist, but that was good. Great performance! Even if Jónsi thought they were a bit rusty.
    Takk and Thank you again.


  13. Loved the concert and the webcast experience…especially the Orricam on FESTIVAL and POPPLAGID.

  14. Amazing to watch Orri beat the h*ll out of those drums on Popplagið!

    Too bad it took half the concert before I understood that the stream would only work in Firefox on Mac (nothing in Chrome, only sound in Safari). Really hope you can upload the whole concert so we can stand on stage with the guys again :)

  15. From a UK pensioner! Love your music loved the show, look forward to Jodrell Bank

  16. That was wonderful, but I waited for Isjaki and Kveiur so much but the stream wasnt working in this time… sad. See you in Warsaw, guys, you are amazing!

  17. Takk fyrir for this amazing experience! Greetings from Poland and see you in a few days in Warsaw.

  18. I read that Jonsi said they were ,rusty.or rough,..and i must say i feel the same. I don’t know if S.R. changed in me due to Kjartan leaving..or…but when i hear solo.Kjartan work..well it is the magic that brought me to SigurRos. Sorry,i don’t want to sound ,xy,…but i feel like that. On the other is perfect that S.R. evolved and changed their soind..almost like Kid A_mnesiac records… I hope S.R. continues to find magic in our world…the same world would be so much colder and darker place without a lighting torch in front of us…Takk..Hvala Vam lijepa prekrasna gospodo!

  19. thanks for the webcast! it was great to watch and listen, while we had a big thunderstorm outside. love the new album and i am really looking forward to see you in frankfurt next november:-)

  20. watched some of the webcast – bit jumpy for me and sound was not as good as the youtube version this morning. compared to glasgow performance which was amazing this performance seemed a bit subdued and the light show largely missing..wonder if they changed the format for the stream – wish they hadn’t – and maybe their few weeks rest made them ‘rusty’ – hope they regain their shine quickly
    still love em to bits though!

  21. Kveikur is a stunning record, I felt like I was having an epiphany listening to it for the first time. Even though the stream didn’t work for the first 20 minutes, I still got to see Brennisteinn and a lot of the old favorites played right from my desk at work. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us. Looking forward to the next time you come to Oregon. You will always be welcome in Portland!

  22. this was my first time at a sigur rós concert, and it was absolutely amazing. it was so incredible to see you guys live and the music was, of course, beautiful.
    i can’t wait for the next time i get the chance to see you live again :D

  23. Thanks for making Dresden possible via Streaming
    You must make it a point to come back to Montreal this fall while in North America I am still on an aftershock of last March’s concert at the Bell center Come back jut for a reality check. Bravo for the album it is just perfect! and one of the best accompanying line up of musicians ever if not the best. I love this album’s punch. Keep it up and good luck for the rest of your fantastic tour, and future albums
    Brian and all of your Montreal fans of course

  24. The live webcast was a great idea, and it was an awesome experience! Like others, I had trouble on my end with buffering, but still loved the experience. I watched from all perspectives (except camera 1, that is, after Jonsi knocked it over!) and it was like being on stage. I was glad to hear you were doing this after I found out I couldn’t make any of you shows near my area, since I’m moving away just before them! But, I have seen you twice on both your Kveikur and Valtari tours, and, as always, there is no comparison to being there. This webcast was a close second, though! Takk, and I look forward to seeing you again in the future.

  25. Ok Jónsi, if you thought that was rusty I wonder what you’d think if you heard my versions of your songs – I sing them every day when I’m driving, in the shower, running up and down the stairs at work…!
    You sounded amazing, you seem more comfortable with the new songs now than you did when I saw you in March, and that was one of the best versions of Popplagið I’ve ever heard.
    It didn’t matter to me that it buffered all over the place, the sound was great and that’s what mattered.
    I wish the stream had worked at the beginning, I was looking forward to hearing Isjaki and Kveikur live again… next time?!
    Thank you guys, love always from the UK xxx

  26. Thanks for the great show in Dresden. It was the best birthday present I ever got from my brother and sister. I enjoyed it really much.

  27. thanks for the incredible evening in Dresden.that was the best concert of my life. please come back soon.

  28. Thanks for the great show in my (almost) hometown. I’ve been to your Berlin concert earlier this year and was very pleased to hear a very different setlist. The sound was great, the videos in the background special as always and the open air event was also a very extraordinary experience. I really hope you had no problems coping with the heat in the last days and enjoyed your stay in Germany as much as I did.

    Thank you so much and all the best to all of you!

  29. We were in Amsterdam in february and that show was amazing. Now we drove 800 kilometers to be in Dresden (and then 800 km to home) and the music was amazing too! In november we’ll go to Düsseldorf. Sigur Rós, thank you for making such wonderful music!!!

  30. always a great time if you are in town guys! has been a fantastic combination from hot weather, band, folks and your wonderful exciting music. what do we need more to be lucky…
    thanks for coming here!

  31. I quite spontaniously decided to attend the show… it was magical! Your music is like acoustical mdma, pure exitement and so wonderful. Thank you for having one of the most beautiful music experiences in my life!

  32. It was an amazing concert. For me it was a prolonged Valentine gift, it was worth waiting for! I listen to your music since 2005 and it was my first concert. Such a great experience, and location was perfect! I really loved your energy on stage. It was splendid!! Best greetings :*

  33. i came all the way from soth africa to watch you in dresden, then again at southside festival. i cried like a baby, my skin is sore from having goosebumps for such an extended period and the spiritual experience i went through was unbelievable. saying a simple ‘thank you’ for the most magnificent experience of my life hardly seems fitting, but that’s all i can do.

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