sigur rós 2013 tour

hurricane festival
scheessel, germany



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  1. Your appearance has left an amazing impact on me. During your performance the singer’s voice took me into a state of trance. Looking forward to buy your albums and Shirt :D

  2. Just seen Sigur Ros for the first time at Hurricane and was blown away… of the best live performances by a band I have ever seen…epic and moving. Also amazing sound quality and vocals which isn’t always the case at outdoor festivals. The guys I was with, who were not familiar with the band, were also very impressed. I plan to see an indoor show now.

  3. I travelled from Canada to attend the Hurricane Festival… Sigur Ros’ performance was the highlight of the weekend for myself, and have loved listening to their music since. The band’s presentation of visuals, professionalism, big-band sound, and at times haunting music (Varud comes to mind) leaves this in the top concerts I have ever seen [each is in my top for different reasons, and I have probably seen over 200 shows] – up there with U2’s 360 tour at Moncton with Arcade Fire opening; Muse at Etihad this year; Coldplay at Etihad; and Keane in Toronto; and Foo Fighters in Chicago. They are now in the select few groups that I will pay money to travel just to see their live show. Fantastic artists.

  4. from the most psichedelic pages of “dazed and confused” to ancestral acid lisergic expirience of “grancester medows”

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