sigur rós 2013 tour

les schwab amphitheater
bend, or, united states



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  1. What began as a cold night (Jonsi even mentioned it felt like Iceland), soon heated up. Amazing visuals. Amazing sound. And the band was in top form. Kviekur was a standout. And Popplagid was as intense as I’ve ever experienced it.
    I’ve been lucky enough to see Sigur Ros four times now over the last seven years and they just keep getting better.
    A magical night.

  2. Wow, once again I was blown away. Sigur Ros is simply the greatest live band ever. The setting in Bend, much like in Santa Barbara, helped to make a fantastic night of music even better. I will forever be reliving Glosoli and Popplagid in my dreams. Please come back to the west coast soon.

  3. Magical band, magical venue, magical night. Thank you Sigur Ros. Bend Oregon will never forget you…please come back soon.

  4. what a show! perfect sync between the sun going down slowly, and the band easing into some of the most mind-blowing music I’ve ever heard. the chilly venue with people spread around, wrapped in blankets and snuck into sleeping bags complemented the experience perfectly. thank you for a magical night. please don’t keep us waiting for too long.

  5. Perfect show, couldn’t have asked for anything more. The last time I saw Sigur Ros was 13 years ago at their very first show in the U.S. playing a small tent at Coachella. This show reminded me again why you guys are so special. Please come back!

  6. that was a great show! your music is so beautiful and powerful. thank you so much for coming to bend oregon, i hope you come back.

  7. This was my first Sigur Ros show I have seen and I am overwhelmed with the energy their music insists upon. I’ve never been so moved by a live performance before. Sigur Ros is arguably one of the best live shows on earth right now. I am so grateful to have been able to experience this show. I will remember last night to the end of my days.

  8. Cold, but so, so, so very worth it. The opener seemed to bumb everyone out (she was okay) but Sigur Ros swooped us all up and took us on a magical ride. Their new material ROCKS.

  9. I’ve been listening to Sigur Rós for 10 years now and your sound has always meant so much to me. Watching the live show was simply mind blowing! You are amazing!!! I thought it would be impossible for me to like your music even more, but I was wrong! I can’t wait to have the new album and watch you guys again!

  10. Such a great performance! To be honest, I did not know of Sigur Ros until a few months ago. A friend mentioned them, and I became hooked! I was thrilled to find out they were performing a few hours away from my home! It was cold while I sat on the grass, but everything warmed up once they came on stage!

  11. I have been haunted by the stark beauty of Sigur Ros for some years now, and have been deeply moved by the shear energy in their music. No matter how loud and explosive it got, always at the core was the deep beauty of creation. But to have experienced all of that X 1000 the other night in Bend is beyond the capability of mere words to describe. Thank you so much, Sigur Ros, for bringing your artistic expression to Central Oregon and sharing such such gorgeous light with us on such a cold night. PLEASE come back again!

  12. The name of the woman who opened for Sigur Ros at the Les Schwab Ampitheatre in Bend was Julia Holter. Beautiful loop-based vocal compositions.

  13. I flew from the san francisco bay area to see sigur ros at bend’s schwab amphitheater after the amazing, out of this world performance at the bill graham auditorium in san francisco, i had to see them one more time.
    again at the schwab, they brought their beauty, their energy, their talent and it was the most powerful music experience.
    i am moved,inspired and changed by their music.
    jonsi was amazing, i think i stopped breathing a few times. pure magic!
    i waited in the cold late evening, hopeful to meet them as they were about to depart for canada.
    and so.. jonsi, orri and goggi came to greet us (there were about eight of us fans waiting), the guys in the band are so gracious, humble, and amazing human beings.
    i cannot believe i’ve met jonsi,orri and goggi, i have a photo with jonsi, (hei, you who took the photo for me, if you read this, thank you so much!!)
    the other fans i’ve met while waiting for the band, all different and all fantastic, i am so happy to have met you too.
    i am totally overwelmed by the whole experience and
    i am not sure how but… i must go to europe and see them again, london…oslo..(anybody going? please, contact me at
    i cant stop playing sigur ros all day
    they are the best band in the planet!
    sigur ros, i love you! takk!

  14. Ditto to all of the above reviews. Simply amazing. A friend of mine works for the venue promoter, and I asked her how they behaved backstage (as I always do). I was interested b/c their onstage demeanor is so serious and severe…. She said they were having golf cart races and “went nuts” at lunch. Just thought it was funny.

  15. I saw the Oakland concert which was fantastic, but the Bend concert was a completely different experience. I had been suffering from a bout of deep depression and I credit you with bringing me out of it. The show was beyond spectacular. The best I can do to describe it is that it was a spiritual experience. I’m actually thinking of taking out my credit card and flying to Oslo or Helsinki :)

  16. i saw the oakland concert which was fantastic, but the bend concert was a completely different experience. i had been suffering from a bout of deep depression and i credit you with bringing me out of it. the show was beyond spectacular. the best i can do to describe it is that it was a spiritual experience. i’m actually thinking of taking out my credit card and flying to oslo or helsinki :)

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