sigur rós 2013 tour

kobe world hall, osaka
osaka, japan



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  1. Thank you for a wonderful night.
    I was able to spend a great time with family.

    Please take care of yourself.

    Takk!! Takk!! Takk!!

  2. Thank you so so so much!! I feel like being
    born again. Take care and big hug!
    Sjaumst aftur!!

  3. Thank you for coming to Japan.
    I went to see you both Tokyo & Kobe.
    I was deeply touched by the show…
    I hope success of the tour
    and hope to see you again.Takk!!!

  4. Thank you sooooo much.
    It was an awesome show!!

    I love you guys forever.
    I welcome you at any time…


  5. when i saw that you would tour in my hometown while i was studying abroad, i felt so sad that i would miss you again. but i realized that i can see you even while i am in japan to study; i immediately felt relief. you are the only band i have wanted to see live. i’m so happy i was able to fulfill that wish. thank you.

    you are all absolutely wondrous and you move me to tears like no other. your music touches the hearts of so many people and we all love you for that.

  6. Thank you for the great show in Kobe.
    Especially the lights and stage.
    It’s awesome.
    I hope I can listen to your live again and again…

  7. I knew a few of your songs already, but never had the chance to “experience” you live. You delivered some of the most intense sound ever! Thanks for the amazing concert!

  8. We went to Taipei just to see you last year. Didn’t think I’d get a second (and a third!!!) chance to watch your show live again!

    Concert in Kobe was our third. I don’t understand how some of the people watching could just sit and stand still. Your music moved me the whole time.

    I am always in awe of the beautiful songs that you all create! Add to that the spectacular lights show and I was again blown away! :)

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