sigur rós 2013 tour

nippon budokan
tokyo, japan



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  1. it was like a life itself. sounded like heartbeat and blood stream. what a night…
    been in love with this music for 12 years…so happy with it.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Thank you so much to coming to Japan.
    Starlight of Svefn-g-englarr was so beautiful.
    All songs was so beautiful.
    Jonsi,Orri,Georg,nice to see you again! And I love you?( ´??)

  3. Welcome back to Japan!

    Your performance evoked gentle breeze, strong wind, sudden and cold rain, angry of volcano, comfortable sunshine… the heartbeat of the earth.
    That’s really impressive.

    I appreciate your songs which have enriched my life.

    Hope you enjoy your stay and live in Japan!


  4. One of the things that I remember about watching SR’s DVD’s is seeing the mesmerized look on people’s faces when listening to their music. After attending the Tokyo concert last week I understand why they have that look. The concert was 2 hours of mesmerizing bliss. It was a roller-coaster of emotions, a feast of ear and eye candy, it was paradise in the middle of havoc, it was a flash flood of creativity. It was such a blessing to stand outside of Budakon Arena after the concert and see on the faces of people that this music affects their lives and attitudes in such a positive way. Prayers and blessings to you Sigur Ros

  5. I can not find enough word to describe about the night.
    Thank you very much for coming to Japan again.
    I am already missing you.
    Please Take care of yourself and enjoy long journey around the world.

    See you soon.
    Lots of Love.

  6. It was an amazing show!!!
    The powerful performance by Jonsi made me feel he was a giant!

    Tunes without Kjartan are more aggressive and feel like music on the land, on the contrary like heaven music with Kjartan. Sigur ros went down on earth.
    But you guys are so much talented that it’s unbelievable and marvelous as before!

    You are always my heros!!!

    Especially, I really appreciate your support for the Great East Japan Earthquake.
    I regret that few people expressed the appreciation, but people who knew your support are really grateful.

    Thank you so much sigurros!!!
    I love you so much!!!
    Takk fyrir!!!

  7. Here’s something I wrote after the concert:

    “I knew what to expect, but I didn’t think they’d actually be able to pull it off. Harnessing such raw power and emotion with music that spoke louder than words they managed to open every pore of my body; my senses were flooded with music so thick it was palpable, sound so rich and deep it struck every chord inside me.

    I drank it in, lapping at first, then gulping it down by the earful, growing intoxicated with each drink. I felt gills grow on my neck as I swam in the sea of Elysium, where memory did not penetrate the surface and everything simply was. I found myself adrift in this sea with landmarks to guide me, the pulse of the beacon, the rhythm of the drums; these things dotted my map and guided me through the sea.
    This vast ocean was not without peril, however. The tides would ebb and flow and often I felt myself being pulled in to some unknown force. Constant explosions dotted the surface as I looked up.
    Something was happening.
    By the time I tried to fight the current it was too late; I was sucked in, sliced open, eviscerated, and in my agony and my ecstasy I could hear the groaning of giants, of gods from long ago. Never before have I heard music that stirred the gods, and only when I am pulled back under, into that vast and deep sea, will I hear it again.”

    Hope it’s not too wanky. Thanks for the concert!

  8. My husband and I felt trapped by our seats. We wanted to rock with your music. Nvertheless, Tokyo’s concert was every bit as good as the Taipei show (my first)… If not, even better!

    Ny Batteri came as the best new surprise in your set. It had a lot more edge than the recording in your album. But, that only makes the song even better!

    Your songs all seem to get even better when played live! I am fortunate to have experienced your music live. Thank you, thank you for coming to Japan! :)

    Now, if only you’ll have more North American shows, we can hope to have the experience all over again! Add a US concert hall to your December schedule please! :)

  9. I saw this show and it blew me away.
    It was like a mystical experience.
    I didn’t really understand.

    Later in the year and by chance I happened to study Seidr and things started to make a lot more sense.

    What Sigur Ros are doing goes way beyond music, they are an awakening, a clarion call.

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