sigur rós 2013 tour

bill graham civic
san francisco, ca, united states



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photos by chandler golan


photos by jessica christian



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  1. I could not imagine a more amazing show – I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes for most of the time. The Hoppipolla was out of this world – especially since I walked down the aisle to that song.! Thank you for this wonderful show – come back soon!

  2. That was truly incredible. In a class by itself, and the best of its class. The power of the band, the diverse instrumentation, the fullness of the sound, the abstract visuals, and Jonsi’s ethereal voice combine into something exquisitely wondrous. Painfully beautiful – almost too much to bear. I’m simply in awe of what they did tonight. Thank you Sigur Ros for sharing your art with us tonight. I will never forget this show. We drove home in silence.

  3. Thank you for the incredible, full-body experience. All my senses were electrified. You are truly artists. Please continue to make the world just a little more beautiful.


  4. Untitled 8 (Popplagið) was a perfect conclusion to a great show, and the distortion coming off of Goggi’s guitar slam added to it’s intensity. Kjartan’s touch is definitely missed on the new material, but Sigur Rós still remains an amazing live performance. Inspirational!

  5. Incredibly beautiful and a breathtaking experience. So glad to finally see you guys live.

  6. I am still overwhelmed by the experience that was last night. I mean it in a very good way… jonsi’s voice, combined with the haunting imagery/visuals, the dissonance, and overall Sound and energy…made for a fantastic night that I will never forget. I cried several times last night, there was so much emotion present. I’m still in awe for the length of time he held that one note ( towards the middle of the night-It sounded like a minute at least to me).

    It will take me a while to fully process everything that I saw and experienced…I have been wanting to see sigur ros live for years, and the wait was fully worth it. Thank you so much for sharing your art, and love of music and life with us! takk

  7. I have been anticipating seeing your live show for many years and I have to say that last night’s show was perfect in every way. Each performance was outstanding, the set list was well thought out, the visuals and set design were stunningly beautiful. So much talent and inexhaustable energy. Thanks for a wonderful evening!

  8. I’ll never look at live music the same way again.
    My expectations were through the roof…they shattered them inside of 10 minutes.
    From then on…I sat in awe…mesmerized…don’t know what else to say…simply indescribable.

  9. It was an absolutely incredible experience.
    The chime/bell on Svefn-G-Englar was one of the most amazing sounds I have ever heard. It was outstanding.

  10. it was the best night of my life. truely. i was so happy that i got to hug jonsi, and all the music was absolutely stunning. there are no words to describe it. takk fyrir!

  11. Awesome concert, my first time seeing the band live and actually listening to your music. Drove all the way from Tijuana, Mexico with my friends for that moment, and just loved it. Sigur Rós went from just a random name to one of my favorite bands. Even my little friend, 2 year old Willy loved you guys, thank you for giving him a drumstick by the way, great souvenir, he’s actually a starting drummer so don’t be surprised if you see him again.
    Note: If someone took a photo/video with or to Willy, the little kid all the way in the front of the stage, please send ’em to my email (, thank you. Until next time SR. ~Ro

  12. I flew across the country for this show, incredible. Just incredible. Beautiful. Thank you.

  13. Not much of a review guy but since the show last night’s was totally mind blowing I felt compelled. I was mesmerized from the first note to the last. Pure genius.

  14. Completely beautiful. You never cease to move me. It was a beautiful show, and it was so nice of you guys to invite us to the after party. It was wonderful to meet you again!

  15. Possibly the best show I have seen them give over the years! The intensity of the individual performances was really great, combined with great sound and visuals. Was wondering who the kid near the front was – I was about 3 people back and in our house that kid is known as “Sigur Baby”!

  16. While no show, by Sigur Rós or any other band, will ever eclipse the absolute life shattering experience of seeing them and Amina play in 2006, at an impressionable 18 years old, I am happy to still be blown away 7 years later.

    The 2006 show had much personal meaning and a less polished though more illusory feel. Amina giggled and played angelic music, and I thought, “am I glimpsing heaven?” I exited that show with an appreciate and concept of art otherwise as alien to me as icelanders and guitars played with cello bows were. Forever will I be in awe of these great artists of our time.

  17. After a long time of listening and loving Sigur Rós
    I had the chance of seeing them live for the very first time.
    I have been anticipating this moment with excitement and joy.
    Now, after the experience, I am speechless, transformed,
    becoming specially aware of the energy radiating from my solar plexus.
    I cry if I mention Jónsi’s name and please, let me say that I am no stranger to the music world. My ex-husband is a well known musician, I’ve done tours all over the world with him, sometimes with a 16 piece band,
    so… why am I behaving as if I have never heard great music played before?
    It must be because I am in the presence of True Beauty.
    Dear Sigur Rós, I am eternally grateful!
    Dearest Jónsi, Ég elska þig

  18. It was perfect: I went alone, stood all night, closed my eyes for most of the time, and cried a lot. Your music, especially during live, was amazing: it seemed that my whole world was shattering into pieces, and those pieces came flying towards me and hit me hard right in the most sensitive corner of my heart. It’s painful, beautiful, transcending, and eerie. Even after a week from the concert, at this moment, I still haven”t fully recovered from that overwhelming night. Now a problem arises: how can I ever attend another concert and feel what I had felt from your music?
    þakka þér, sigur rós!

  19. Thank you, Sigur Ros. This was the best night of my life. The show was spectacular. It gave me chills. The music was so varied; I’m loving the new rockier sounds. Everything about this setlist was perfect. Oh and… I also got to meet them later in the evening at the after party. Georg–I only talked to you for like one minute, but it was so special and your smile meant so much. And Jonsi–the fact you were so danced with us and took me by the hands and spun me around… it was honestly the most wonderful thing that’s every happened to me. THANK YOU.

  20. Simply beautiful. I think I fell in love with Sigur Ros even more… such touching and soothing tunes. Music should try to make us better people… Sigur ros does that to us. Thanks.

  21. My wife and I planned our babymoon in SanFran and the Central Coast to coincide with this show. So glad we did. It was our third time to see Sigur Ros live and the last time to see them before welcoming our son into the world. I’m still amazed at the intensity of their live shows. Never gets old. Thank you Sigur Ros for helping to make it a special week.

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