sigur rós 2013 tour

comerica theatre
phoenix, az, united states



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  1. Absolutely fantastic! I have been waiting a long time to catch Sigur Ros live and the whole experience lived up to my every expectation. Everyone played with a lot of passion and the music was beyond amazing!

  2. WONDERFUL show! I was asked to come along with a friend, not really knowing of your music. You’ve got a new fan for sure. The music was evoking and hypnotizing at the same time. Again, wonderful show!

  3. Amazing and totally mesmerizing..Your voice and your music took me into a whole new dimension. Thank you…Sigur Ros and to your whole Band!

  4. Even though I couldn’t understand their words, their message spoke to my heart and I saw through space and time. Jonsi is the angel of music.

  5. Transcendant. The Sigur Ros live show takes the power of their music to a whole new magnitude. The lighting was the ideal compliment to the already perfect soundtrack. Takk!

  6. The show was spectacular. The visuals complimented the musical composition perfectly. We are so glad they included Phoenix on their tour and hope to see them again in the future.

  7. So thankful to have been able to experience Sigur Ros live again. I saw them years ago in Oakland, CA, and the combination of newer pieces with old helped take me back and propel me forward. The beautiful projections added so much to the over-all experience, and I walked away feeling like I had been through a light therapy session – in a really good way. A few times I just closed my eyes and felt the light on my face and sank into the music. It is not many groups that can draw tears and shouts of jubilation in the same show (or same song). Thank you.

  8. The show in Phoenix was something I’ll never forget. I’ve loved Sigur Ros for 8 years now (heard of them in college) and this is the first time I’ve seen them live. I hope they come to Phoenix soon one day, I cannot describe how amazing EVERYTHING was. Not only the astounding talent of these people, but the lights and the images added so much more depth. Thank you, Sigur Ros, for inspiring and creating beauty in such a dark world. Xoxo

  9. The biggest thing I appreciated about the show last night was the fact you brought additional musicians to help enrich the sound of your music and enhance the depth of it. I was a little worried to hear Kjartan Sveinsson had left the group, but like any great band, his loss has been substituted with many other great musicians. I’m glad I got another chance to see this band once again, for this time around, the visuals were far more amazing. And as an electrical contractor that is a geek for lighting, the special quartz-based bulbs you used on stage were perfect and ethereal.

  10. It was simply magical. Having gone to several beautiful shows at the Comerica venue and having been dazzled several times, the sparkle was starting to fade. But your use of the scrim, taking us to a whole new world from the very start of the show was magnificent. I could’ve died happy after Sæglópur but we’d only just begun. Thank you for the magic you make. Musicians or magicians? I hardly know.

  11. Last night was a dream come true and such a privilege The best show I have ever seen. The second that Vaka started I completely lost it. Everyone could feel the energy in the room and it was like being taken to completely different place with no troubles and worries.

    From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Sigur Ros. Thank you so much.

  12. Phenomenal show. I’ve never seen a crowd so completely mesmerized. They didn’t move. The show was raging and they didn’t move. Powerful stuff. Thanks for coming. Please come back.

  13. That was the most beautiful show I have ever seen! Thank you for adding Phoenix to your gift to the world. I hope you continue to have an amazing tour and reach home safely. We can’t thank you enough…

  14. Hands down the best live show I’ve ever seen. Please come again to Phoenix. We love you.

  15. Best live I ever seen! I’ve been waiting for long time. It is amazing night. Hope next time I can see your live again in my home country, Taiwan.

  16. Throughout my senior year of college in 2009 and my first year of grad school (whereupon I eventually earned my Masters of Arts in Teaching Social Studies) one of few constant affirmations of the truly good things in life was the music of Sigur Rós. The friendships I made during those years are partly cemented by a joint passion for this passionate music. In 2012, I made a chaotic life decision to move over 2,000 miles from the rolling verdant mountains of upstate New York (leaving so many of those close friends and also some close family members behind) to the rocky peaks that coldly embrace the valley of the sun in Phoenix. I moved to chase a dream I had since I was a junior in high school: to teach United States history. While my job is entirely fulfilling and everyday I contemplate in amazement that all the hard work I put in has paid off infinitely, the distance between my friends and me burns a terrible wound in my social life. When Sigur Rós announced this 2013 tour, I was both invigorated and saddened. On one hand, this band that had in some way kept me going and gave me focus over this long, prosperous, yet arduous year was coming to Phoenix. On the other hand, I would be seeing them without my close friends–but at least they would get to see them in the glory that is the World’s Most Famous Arena–Madison Square Garden (Let’s go Rangers and Knicks!.) When my friend’s electronically communicated across the distance that the Sigur Rós live show at MSG was quote “amazing” I began counting down the days until one of my other dreams would be realized–when I finally got the chance to see Sigur Rós live and in person.

    The memories from last night, without question, will be one of the thoughts running through my head when I depart this world (hopefully a long, long time from now.) Hearing the voices of gods echo, reverberate, and harmonize was uniquely spectacular and something I will cherish forever. The visual accompaniments including the scattered incandescent bulbs and the massive, slow motion projections of music videos I have watched time and time again give this soul-shattering music an even more ethereal relevance.

    It was almost as if Sigur Rós constructed the set list for my personal pleasure when they opted to encore with Glósóli and Popplagið. Glósóli was the song that introduced me to Sigur Rós and the song that led to my obsession. Popplagið was a song another friend pointed me toward because he had seen Sigur Rós a while ago and he said it was among the best songs he had ever heard live. Neither song disappointed me last night–both songs elevated my emotional state to something akin to euphoria. And the end of Glósóli, I cried without tears out of an overwhelming happiness–a state of emotion I have never quite felt before. And during Popplagið, I sat in awe as I was bearing witness to distortions of sound waves vibrating through air and ear drum in a way so surreal that my mind had to reconcile between what seemed like pure imagination and what actually was reality.

    Thank you so much Sigur Rós for your music over the years and please do not hesitate to come back to Phoenix. Thank you for contributing to what makes my life so awesome.

  17. I have never cried so much at a show as I did at your Phoenix show. Don’t worry. It was tears of joy. Absolute, unadulterated joy. Best. Concert. Ever. I am so emotionally drained from crying so much, but I couldn’t be happier. It was worth the 12-13 years of waiting. I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an awe-inspiring and magical performance. ? ? ?

  18. A triumphant sensual seduction! The performance was beauty was mystic was total abandon….I cannot remember when last I hungered so for magic, nor the last time magic consumed me whole. þakka þér Jónsi, Sigur Rós

  19. This was my third time seeing Sigur Ros live, but in some ways it felt like the first. I think it’s because I still get so overwhelmed by the intensity of the music performed on stage, and the effect of Jonsi’s indescribably amazing voice. Everything about this show was mesmerizing and awe inspiring. The atmosphere created by the lighting and fog, the backup artists, and of course, the band. It all came together to create the greatest Sigur Ros concert I have seen so far. Words really fail me at trying to describe how I felt last night in the audience. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t just a concert; it was a life experience, and I am very grateful to have been there for it.

  20. frábært kvöld, bandið í miklum ham og hvert lagið öðru betra en upphitarinn er algjört djók, það er ekkert þarna þarna einsog sagt er hérlendis (sama sagan og sami upphitari í chicago, heyrði ég). Hljómsveitin og meðhjálparar voru frábær heimsókn til Fönix, mússíkin og myndefnið voru það besta sem hefur rekið á fjörur okkar fjörulausra Fönixbúa, takk og áfram krakkar!

  21. It was my first show. I have been a big fan for about two years now and really wanted to see Sigur Ros live. They did not disappoint. I enjoyed the new material as well. The mp3s dont do these songs justice. Thank you Sigur Ros. Please come to San Diego (I drove 5 hours to see you. It was worth every mile).

  22. Well, I must say that the production was very good. My first Sigur Ros show, and I’ve been listening to them since their second album and never thought I would get a chance to see them live.

    The sound was great, but there were artifacts in the room structure that sounded really bad, though I’m not sure many noticed.

    The bummer about the show were those in attendance, specifically the seated audience. I’ve seen fewer people filing in and out of a bar during St. Patricks Day. People were literally walking in and out the entire time. The only explanation is that they are less a fan of the music and more a fan of the production, maybe. Dunno. How can you get up and move around, at all, during the show, in such an intimate venue with the incredible sound and complex harmonics of Sigur Ros? Maybe it was simply the typical big-city Phoenicians, lacking in spiritual and artistic character looking to consume entertainment like it was a Big Mac. Or, maybe I think I’m too good for it all?

    Anyway, I drove from Colorado to see them, my son bought he and I tickets for my birthday, what a killer birthday present.

  23. Thanks for coming to us again in Arizona. I’m very glad I got to meet you guys after the show and take some photos with Jónsi and Georg. By the way I was the very tall guy in the black hat that took pictures with you guys. P.s I miss the confetti!

  24. An absolutely amazing night. Thank very much for opportunity to see you guys live again. (

  25. Drove 5 hours from California to see you guys for the first time, worth it! Love the show from beginning to end. One of the best live acts I have seen and I have seen plenty. Cheers!!

  26. Best show I’ve ever been to hands down. You guys are the best. Playing for almost 2 hours is unheard of for most bands and to have the consistent high quality live show that you guys have needs to be recognized by the masses. It was my birthday on the 12th so thanks for making my birthday a memorable one. You guys are the best!!!! Anyone that has a chance to see these guys live definitely go! Best live show you’ll ever see!!!

  27. Sigur Ros last night was a pretty deep experience, really different from most concerts I’ve seen. As people who are familiar with their music know, the music is more orchestral than rock, but they use guitars and drums, along with lots of keyboards, strings, and horns to get their trademark ethereal spaciness. And the vocals are not in English, they just sound like sounds. Its hard to describe the experience in words and that’s part of what makes it so intriguing and powerful. The music seems to really bring out a lot of emotions in people, but because its just abstract sound (and images when you are watching their stage show), it forces the listener to put their own meaning on it. I think even people who are not all that inclined to be philosophical are guided towards that kind of experience and that speaks to the mastery of sound that Sigur Ros holds. They know how to use sound to create an environment conducive to getting past a lot of psychologic barriers that most of us walk around with everyday. I found it very therapeutic.

    My wife is a tough cookie, a Midwestern farm girl without a lot of patience for stuff that is arty or indirect. She likes things that get right to the point and she’s got a pretty strong wall of defenses up for stuff she thinks is bullshit. It can be hard to get through to her soft inner core. Let me tell you that within the first song, the tears were flowing and she was weeping almost all the way through the show. Afterwards she described an incredibly cathartic experience of reliving almost her entire life, hopes, dreams, hurts, triumphs, loss, love, in short, the whole human experience.

    The music seems to deal with things that are common to all humans, regardless of what culture or what point in time you are from. Everyone is born, everyone dies, everyone breathes, eats, sleeps, dreams, etc. They seem to get right to the fundamental elements of being human. I wonder if coming from such a desolate and isolated place where there is mostly air, water, rock and fire has given them the kind of culture that allows them to do this with their music. Human relations must be really valued in a place like that and perhaps they take more joy and pleasure in simple human interactions than people who live in cosmopolitan places do?

    I was only joking when I talked about taking mushrooms at the show (although I still think that has the potential to be a great experience), but for me, a Sigur Ros concert is extremely psychedelic. I didn’t take any psychedelics (and its been years since I have) but I sure felt like I had. At times I felt completely connected to something bigger than myself and at other times I felt completely alone in the universe. That kind of existential dichotomy is exactly what my experiences taking psychedelics have been like, deeply spiritual, sometimes disturbing, sometimes euphoric, always cathartic. I never took psychedelics to entertain myself, I always took them in order to have a transformative experience which is something else that I believe all humans crave, no matter what methods they use to alter their consciousness. A Sigur Ros show is so far beyond mere entertainment. Joseph Campbell would have loved seeing them as much as he loved seeing the Grateful Dead. This is art music of the highest caliber. For me, Sigur Ros are achieving the highest purpose of art, to create an atmosphere and a sensory experience that is conducive to the audience having an opportunity to reflect on their own humanity and the nature of existence. It was incredible and awesome!

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