sigur rós 2013 tour

starlight theatre
kansas city, mo, united states



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  1. Just got back from an amazing show under the stars on a brisk Kansas City evening. A Sigur Ros concert is a religious experience…the sounds were mind-blowing, the visual effects mesmerizing, Jonsi’s vocals are piercing and the band is performing at a peak level. If you’re reading this and live anywhere near the remaining dates on the Spring Tour, you SIMPLY MUST SEE THIS BAND. Thanks, SR, for coming to KC!

  2. I can’t put into words what this show means to me …. But I can say that it was one of the most moving experiences of my life . So grateful to have seen them . Absolutely incredible !!!!!!!

  3. First concert and time at Starlight Theater, was the most amazing concert I will probably ever attend, everything about it was amazing. The beauty, visuals, jónsi’s amazing voice of his and just the music itself. Best first concert experience, its a concert and day to remember, was incredible, made me tear up a lot, especially when Hoppipolla played.Takk fyrir.

  4. góðan dag,

    sá ykkur í Reykjavík á síðasta ári. Hef verið aðdáandi í mörg ár og langar mikið að sjá ykkur aftur. Hef fylgst með þessu mikla ferðalagi. Tónleikarnir eru auðvitað magnaðir þótt þeir hljóti líka að vera mikið streð.

    Mín spurning er: Verða engir tónleikar á Íslandi á þessu ári ??? Er hægt að hundsa landann ???

    bestu kveðjur

  5. The bar has officially been set for any future concerts. Sigur Ros takes you to a different place. Your music has been a very important part of my life. Festival was used as our wedding song and it instantly took me back to that day. There were three or four times last night that I was convinced this music will be played in heaven. Thank you so much for coming to K.C. and blessing us with your talents. Will definitely go to every Sigur Ros or Jonsi show possible .

  6. Just an all around sensory experience. This concert takes you to a higher place. Beautiful imagery and vocals, this group truly knows how to make your mind and spirit soar away with them. Thank you for coming to KC, you will always be loved here!

  7. Really, honestly, one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. The combination of eerily beautiful visuals and the amazing music was completely transcendental. I’ve loved Sigur Ros’ albums for years, but the music is so much more powerful live. Also, the new songs were really exciting and make it so much harder to wait until June.

  8. A deeply moving experience, stunning visuals and the music and Jonsi’s vocals were spot on. They are a feast for the senses. THANK YOU, sigur ros, for coming to KC.

  9. I cannot put it into words. Pure joy and so powerfully beautiful. Amazing performers. As others have said, it was a major life experience for me. The music moves my soul in ways that defy description. My soul is glowing.

  10. Beautiful. Inspiring. A chilly outdoor evening was very fitting to go see my favorite Icelanders. I sure hope no one left before the encore! I already loved your music, your show last night redefined it for me.

  11. It was like waking into to a magic realm inhabited by spirits of sun and sea, storm and thunder, light and darkness. Thank you for a wonderful journey, Jonsi, Georg, Orri, and all the wonderful musicians who performed with you under the stars last night.

  12. Awesome sound incredible visuals. Increase the voice levels a bit more they would get lost at times. Still a beautiful wonderful experience. Thank you for playing KC. I can listen to the final song over and over on the album and it doesn’t capture the live beauty. Love the new stuff as well.

  13. I had the pleasure of seeing Jonsi and SR perform for the second time last night. It was an audiophiles dream and the visuals boosted the experience. The band really put on a great show and I thank them for sharing their talents with us here in the midwest. However, I was very distracted by people constantly getting up and putting their phones out in front of themselves. Previously the band asked the crowd to only leave in between songs and breaks as to not take away from the stage. I look at these types of concerts as art or theatre were there are specific times to leave etc. As to the cell phones, its a thing of todays society and social networking but, please refrain.

  14. Seeing sigur ros was the best concert I have ever seen before! All my worries and fears left my soul as soon as the music started playing. Thanks for the serenity! I will never forget this night. Can’t wait to see Sigur ros again! SO amazing!!

  15. I’ve been a long time listener of sigur ros. One of the most influential art creators in my life…but I didn’t get to see them live until last night.

    My wife and I were blessed to include this experience in the celebration of our 5th Anniversary. I’ve been to hundreds of live shows in my time, Sigur Ros tops them, and it was truly the creation of a timeless moment for this couple.

    If you haven’t seen them live – do whatever you can to make it happen.

    Thank you so much for visiting the midwest guys.

    May your art continue to move millions – emotionally and spiritually.

    J & C

  16. Mind=Blown! That’s all I’ve got. Can’t really describe an experience like that with words, and the other reviewers pretty much echoed my thoughts and feelings anyways.

  17. Absolutely stunning and beautiful! Someone above said this music will be played in heaven and I totally agree. I have been attending concerts for over 35 years and Sigur Ros take me places no other band ever has. They are truly special. The two times I have seen them live have been two of the most exhilaring and moving experiences of my life!

  18. First real concert I have ever been to, it was also the first time I’d heard sr, I’m officially hooked. The live performance was absolutely amazing, there was not and could never be anything better. Definitely a must-see, the only regret you will have is if you don’t go. It’s true, I think, this concert may very well have changed my life. Thank you sigor ros, for coming to the midwest.

  19. This is one group I thought I’d never have the opportunity to see live and here they come to Kansas City where I live! This was one of those once in a lifetime experiences. The show was amazing in so many ways. The performance was incredible, the staging original; I mean a magnificent experience. I mean WOW.

  20. I saw Sigur Ros in 2005 at the Uptown Theatre in Kansas City. Eight years was too long to wait to see them again but last Thursday night made up for the painful separation. For two hours I felt transported to a dreamlike, surreal realm of vision, hearing and feeling. It’s two days later and I can’t stop thinking about the experience without tears coming to my eyes and wishing I could go back in time…thank you for performing in Kansas City…thank you for creating a beautiful lifetime memory.

  21. I have loved their music for years and years, and having the opportunity to see them live was a dream come true. Thank you for coming to Kansas City, and thanks for putting on such a superb performance. This has become a memory of a lifetime.

  22. I came from St Louis MO to see this show, totally worth it. This was an amazing show. I had never been to any concert before this, let alone a band that I have adored for so long. I have no words for how amazing the experience was, thank you.

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