sigur rós 2013 tour

roy wilkins auditorium
saint paul, mn, united states



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  1. It’s amazing that a group of people you’ll probably never meet can have such an impact on your life. Seeing Sigur Rós? twice in one year has been an absolute honor. They are incredibly real and have an apparent passion for what they do. It’s been a dream come true witnessing their music come to life. Takk.

  2. The Sigur Ros concert last night was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. Jonsi’s voice does not sound like something of this world…such a gorgeous, amazing sound. You can tell they play with all of their hear…t and soul. They rocked, comforted, crooned, and just put on an outstanding show. I was moved to tears a couple different times and will never forget it. I know it probably sounds a bit far fetched, but it was one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had. Oh, and best light show I’ve ever seen, too. Wowza. Thank you Sigur Ros for such a wonderful, touching show.

  3. Celebrated my birthday with my close friends and could not believe when they sang Happy Birthday in Icelandic. It was for the bandmate but it created a connection to the crowd. We had another friend whose birthday it was too. The show was AMAZING! Visually, it was like being in an art installation! The sound was what we imagine angels to sound like. Truly beautiful and I felt blessed to be in the crowd. All my love!

  4. If church was as spiritual an experience as your show last night, I would go every Sunday…and Monday, and Tuesday…

    Minnesota thanks you for stopping by!!!
    Please come again soon.

  5. thank you for coming to minnesota, and especially to saint paul. we can hang that over minneapolis for the next year. come back soon.

  6. Last night’s performance was so amazing. The whole production all put together made such an experience. It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Thank you so much for coming to MN.

  7. The concert last night in St. Paul was outstanding. This is a band I always hoped to see, but never thought I would have the chance. I had very high hopes going in and the band exceeded all of them. A beautiful, ethereal show.

    Thanks all of you for the show. What a memory!

  8. Last night was my 3rd time seeing the group, and every experience has been different, but always amazing. A sigur ros show isn’t a rock concert – its more like going to a modern opera or symphony. Fantastic

  9. Truly a show of epic proportions. Minneapolis thanks you. See ya in a few weeks at Coachella. -Takk

  10. That was by far the greatest performance I’ve been to. Absolutely outstanding!

  11. I don’t have words for how much I loved the show last night. It was beautiful and sincere and amazing. Thank you so much for stopping in the Twin Cities. Please come again! Best wishes for the rest of the tour.

  12. This was my first Sigur Ros concert, it was amazing. Truly stunning experience that I will treasure. I actually cried because the show was so beautiful!!! Jonsi’s voice was ethereal, so moving. Thank you! Please return to MN, would love to see you again!

  13. This was an absolutely amazing experience! It was raw, passionate, authentic and moving. The talent of everyone up there is remarkable. The best show I’ve ever been to! An experience I hope never to forget.

  14. Sigur Ros has always been one of my two favorite bands. The sweeping landscapes they create with their music takes my emotions to places unattainable otherwise, add the innovative, beautiful visuals, and a wonderful woman at my side and I got the experience of a lifetime.

    The first time I saw Sigur Ros it was in Maryland for the Takk tour, and they only accompaniment they had was a small string section. To see them with all the back up their music demands was absolutely mind blowing. One of the greatest bands of my generation, hands down.

  15. The Sigur Ros show was one of the single most divine experiences I’ve ever had. The beauty, power, emotion, talent, presence, tears, laughter, musicianship… ALL of it was something I will never forget. What an honor it was too see them. Starting out with the GIANT video screen surrounding the entire stage during the opener Yfirborð & the moment the screen dropped, to the mindblowing closing lightshow spectacular encore performance of Popplagið, and every single thing inbetween. Words just aren’t enough to describe it all. I also can’t think of a single other band where you would see such a diverse and humble crowd. Teenage kids all the way to the late 60’s/early 70’s couple jamming out in front of us, with every race, color, and creed inbetween. Wow. Just… wow. THE best concert I’ve seen since my first one way back in 1985. Saying a show is the best in 28 years is saying an awful lot, but it certainly deserved the title. It all ended with a standing ovation from everyone in attendance. Thank you, from the bottom to the top of my soul, and with all that I am, for the experience you so gratefully provided for us all here in Minnesota. If there was only one thing I could change… it would be that more people would have sang Happy Birthday. ;-)

  16. What an absolutely amazing concert. Transcendant is the best word I can find to describe it. I attended with my 27 year old daughter and we both loved it. Thank you so much for bringing your amazing music and artistry to Minnesota.

  17. Your music has impacted my life in so many aspects. Words cannot describe what I feel when I listen to your music. Jonsi you are a under appreciated genious and you deserve a place in the hall of fame of music. You guys rock! Thank you!

  18. Thank you so much for coming to Minnesota. That was an absolutely wonderful experience, full of surprise and delight. I loved the new songs. “Varuo” is now utterly transformed for me by those visuals: I will see them whenever I hear it. Glosoli, Vaka, so many highlights. Such fine musicians you brought with you, such brilliant design, and what a fantastic crew! It blows my mind that you were in Chicago the night before and are playing in Kansas City as I write this. Your crew is amazing!

    Best wishes in your travels, and please come again.

  19. I am blessed to have been living through the golden age of rock concerts. sigur ros performs like none other. from a delicate timber to a blasting siren that is unforgettable. my wife made the comment that jonsi has to be an alien/human it is not just the amazing pipes he has but the presence he and the band contain. this has been my 3rd visit to your planet and hope to return again soon. the sigur ros concerts for sure will continue to be golden. thank you!

  20. Epic performance in St. Paul, with delicate balancing of silence and storms of sound, thundering their anthems enough to heal the world. Beautiful!

  21. I cried, I danced, I screamed, and I cried some more.

    I’m wondering if anybody can help me out. I’m working on a project for a course, and want to use the sigur ros concert as the guide for it. Does anybody by chance, magically, have a clue what the set list was for this show?

  22. It was my husband’s dream to see Sigur Ros live. Your music speaks to his character and life struggles on a deep level. He confessed to me tears ran down his face soon after you began performing. He was overwhelmed emotionally and felt very thankful for the opportunity to experience your talents in person.

    I truly admire and am inspired by your important message.

    With sincere care on your journey through not only your world tour, but through life as well,

  23. This was my first experience with Sigur Ros live. I’ve seen many amazing live shows from different bands over the years that have made me feel just about every emotion from happiness, love, sadness and everything in-between, but what Sigur Ros made me feel that evening was nothing short of life changing.

    Having the visuals change between each and every song made each song a whole new concert experience altogether, I was amazed right from the beginning, but after the concert ended and my girlfriend asked me if I was ok, I literally had nothing to say because no words can describe what happened that evening. It was too intense too explain.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for playing in Minnesota that night, I hope to see you guys back here soon.

  24. So amazing! Emotional, tribal, euphoric are a few words to describe it. Most definitely worth the stand to be up close even for this old lady. Possibly the concert of my life. I will not miss the next opportunity to see them. Thanks Sigur Ros!

  25. My spirit was recharged. What you do to people, how beautiful your music is, is truly a gift that can never be repaid. Thank you for coming to MN again. We love you.

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