sigur rós 2013 tour

uic pavilion
chicago, il, united states



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  1. An astounding evening! The band is cohesive, intricate, and very creative, and PA system was one of the finest I’ve heard, producing a crystal clear, warm, almost ‘tube-like’ sound during quiet passages while still very capable of almost apocalyptic pressure levels. ICE amps perhaps? The light show and stage presentation reminded me of the ‘invisible orchestra’ concept, where the players disappear into the overall swirl of color, imaging, and beauty. Thank you Sigur Ros. You give us hope.

  2. Absolutely mindblowing! I second Captain William and must first compliment the sound engineers on producing what I never thought possible…a chrystal clear live experience that resonated with enough power to truly capture what Sigur Ros is all about. To the band, it was a long wait for my first Sigur Ros show and it was worth every minute (even though I am a zombie this morning). This was an experience not to miss. Takk!

  3. Snagged a ticket at the last moment… and am so glad I did. I’m relatively new to their music, and haven’t ever seen them live, but will definitely see them again given the chance! What an amazing bunch of musicians! True artists in every sense of the word. Agreed- the sound engineers deserve a huge shout out.. crystal clear for sure. Thanks guys for a great show!

  4. I was absolutely blown away by this performance. You could feel the music in your bones at times because the sound was so amazing. I wasn’t really familiar with Sigur Ros, and I’m glad my girlfriend got us tickets. I really enjoyed the show! One of the better ones I have ever been to in my life. With the visuals and the awesome abilities of the musicians, the band was taking us on an extensive and astounding journey through their vast musical depths. I would love to see them again!

  5. This was the sixth time seeing Sigur Rós, and they were as extraordinary this time as the previous 5 times I’ve seen them. They were tight, tight, tight. Varúò!!!! Wow! Festival was probably one of the better versions I’ve heard. I’m glad it’s back in the regular rotation after taking a brief hiatus. Although the venue left a lot to be desired (probably the worst larger venue in Chicago), the band made the most of it. Awesome!

  6. amazing visuals to compliment the music. really enjoyed my first sigur ros live experience. the sound was impeccable as well, especially the drums!

  7. Phenomenal show in all respects: sound, set design, lighting, and performance. Jonsi sounded great. My third live experience, and they get better every time.

  8. I agree completely with everything written above. I have had your music glued to my ears ever since I left. I have been waiting to see you for so many years, and it was the most beautiful concert I have ever been to.

  9. Incredible sound, lights, and performance. the encore was the most powerful thing I’ve ever seen live (a 10 minute version of Untitled 8). Jonsi’s voice is impeccable as well as all other performers.

    The UIC Pavilion was very unsatisfactory. I have to say it because I’m sure my girlfriend and I were not the only ones who thought this. Although the sound system was incredible, the facility overall deserves two thumbs down.

    Besides that negative feedback, everything having to do with the band and production deserves an arrant two thumbs up!

  10. Saw this band for the first time live with my brother and friend last night, and it was easily the best GA experience/show I’ve seen yet, from anyone, ever. Truly amazing musicianship. The orchestra was great, drummer was fantastic, and jonsi was at the top of his game. The fact that I got to meet jonsi before the show, got a setlist, and my brother getting a guitar pick made it one of the best days I’ve ever had.

    Can’t wait for the next opportunity to see them.

  11. WOW!!! thanks to my friend, who worked on the video production, I experienced a concert that touched every sense. At times the video was a backdrop to the music and sometimes the music was backdrop to the visuals. And how could I find your music so powerful/energetic and soothing at the same time? Amazing. I am now a fan. Best concert ive seen since Sir McCartney and Wings in ’76. My only regret is that I could not stick around for the After Party and tell you all in person what an amazing (yes, I know I’ve used that word twice) group of artists you all are. Thank you for the best nite I can remember in a while.

  12. The show was breathtaking. E-Bow was incredible from center stage a few rows back. As the mountain backdrop slowly scrolled downward, it gave the illusion that the band was rising to the summit and pulling the whole pavilion along with them. When we reached the peak, the piercing piano exploded and shook me to tears.

    Also, the lightbulbs seemed to fit perfectly with quite a few songs. The floating light signals from Varuð and the fireworks of Hoppípolla come to mind. But even when they were off, in Sæglópur, they appeared as bubbles against the underwater footage, adding a third dimension to the film. In Hrafntinna there was some spiky film stuff going on, and the actual posts holding the lightbulbs were like the real versions of the spikes onscreen.

    There is so much to be said about their music, but so much thought and expertise goes into the presentation of the whole Sigur Rós experience. It’s the beauty of a group of people realizing something is magnificent and working together to make it the best it can be. That’s what makes their live shows beyond unforgettable.

  13. The stage setup, sound, setlist, and individual performances were PERFECT. What an awe-inspiring experience!

  14. It’s hard to put into words what took place Tuesday night.

    This was my first time seeing Sigur Rós in concert and, I admit, my anticipation was high. Everything about the concert blew me away. The production was above and beyond all of my expectations. The lighting, and overall stage setup, was fantastic. The sound was crisp. Their setlist contained everything I’d hoped for (plenty from Kveikur). Their individual performances were brilliant!

    I’ve spent much of my time since replaying the concert in my head – I was so impressed! Definitely will see them again!

  15. What an incredible show. My wife and I drove 10 hours to get to this show and it was worth every minute.

    I honestly couldn’t believe how well the show was pulled off given it involved 11 people. Everything was very well thought out from the videos on the screen to the intro, the sheet drop, the set list (which hit every song I was hoping to hear!), the encore, the extended version of VIII.

    “Thanks, and thank you for coming” said Jonsi at one point.

    No my friends, thank YOU for coming.

  16. Amazing show. First time seeing Sigur Ros. The setlist was incredible, they performed my favorite song (“Festival”), and the sound and visuals were astounding.

    The venue just absolutely sucked, though. The last thing I want to hear on the outro to a song is “beer here!” from the vendors. In the mezzanine, the lighting from the outside track shone straight on us.

    The crowd was absolutely TERRIBLE during Oneohtrix Point Never. It was shameful. I paid to see BOTH Sigur Ros and OPN, but half the people for Sigur Ros hadn’t even came when he started. And when he did, people were talking loudly, and the volume was as high as the music itself. It was fucking miserable.

  17. This was the second time I saw Sigur Ros in concert. The first time being at lollapalooza. Words cannot express the raw emotion that was present throughout Sigur Ros’s set. It wasn’t just a concert it was a; symphony, a complex visual performance, an opera, and a collaboration of musical brilliance. Thank you Sigur ros, for sharing with us!

  18. This gig was a few months ago but I still think about it every day. Easily the best show I’ve ever been to. Such a beautiful, joyous experience. My brother, my friend and I had the pleasure to meet Jonsi before the show, which was an honor. He was exactly how I had hoped he would be.
    The band was as tight and the sound was as clear as possible.
    Such a perfect show, I will never forget this evening. Hearing Glosoli, Hoppipolla, Festival and especially Popplagid live was incredible. Breathtaking.

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