sigur rós 2013 tour

detroit, mi, united states



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  1. My ears are still a buzz after listening to the hauntingly beautiful and wonderfully orchestrated concert. Just attended the first North American show at the Fox Theater in Detroit. Vocals couldn’t be interpreted however their show had more feeling and sole to it than almost any other show I’ve been to. Wonderful mix of video wall and lights and the 11 piece band. Big thumbs up!

  2. The best I have ever seen/heard.. or more accurately: felt. Cleansing. Breathtaking. I felt it in my heart, bones, and every cell in my body. Thank you for lifting and giving life to my spirit. Beauty. Love. Life. Blood. Fire. Water. Energy. Love. Beauty.

  3. Transcendent. Spellbinding. Gut-wrenchingly healing. Thank you!! P.S. missed hearing Sfven-G-Englar in the encore, as in European dates… :( Still, the encore was mesmerizing. Please never stop manifesting such beauty.

  4. Great show everyone. I love your new work! Thanks from Detroit! (Besta sýning allir. Fallegt nýtt tónlist! Takk frá öllum í Detroit!)

  5. Wow I’m still moved by such an amazing show. This was truly a treat for the senses.You need to see this band live to experience it properly. Jonsi’s angelic falsetto backed by an amazing band that would reel you in and then end in a climatic finish that left you spent. Well done. Takk Fyrir !

  6. Art for the ears and the amazing stage presentation as well as beautiful visuals. It was truly a night to remember. Thank you for performing for us and thank you for sharing your masterpieces with the world.

  7. Gigantic, impossible, mind swelling.

    Your sound filled the cavernous Fox theater with liquid resin, hardened and held the audience in breathless astonishment.

    With a Buzz in Our Ears We Play Endlessly!
    Woke up this morning and I was still humming.

  8. OK, I’ll spare everyone from the usual attempts of the reviewers to put the show review into some sort of poetic styling and instead just be real.
    I had been waiting to see this band for a long time. I have watched Heima and Inni so many times and thought that that was as close as I would get to seeing them live. Thankfully – not!
    Opening act… Eh. Granted, it was an impossible role to fill – opening for SR AND being forced to perform behind their veil with limited use of their lights, but, I didn’t like it. SR is a rock band, to me. Always have been. I can understand how they get lumped in with trance and electronica, but I don’t think they belong there and more importantly, I don’t really like those kinds of music. Unless I’m trying to sleep or do yoga or something. So, anyway, the opener – could have done without him all together. Staring around at the gorgeous Fox Theatre and listening to the P.A. music was plenty to get me in the mood for what was coming.
    SR opened from behind the stage veil and honestly, I wouldn’t of been mad at them if they played behind it for another 2 or 3 more songs than they did. The visuals were BADASS! And the rear lighting that made the band look like musical giants went perfect with the hugeness of their sound! Just awesome. When the veil WAS dropped, during Ny Batteri, it was pretty damn cool how close you felt to the band. This, due in part to the beautiful Fox as well as the intimate lighting they used on stage. (Note: Gotta get me some of those Thomas Edison light bulbs they had in all the lamps on stage!) The images on the rear video screen were beautiful. The effect lighting was spot on. EVERYONE knew their part and KILLED it! Sound, lighting, the band and those hard working stage hands as well! (Props to my man for changing a hi-hat cymbal in the middle of the song and not causing a beat to be missed!)
    Song list wise, did I have a few favorites I didn’t get to hear? Yyyyuuup. And unless they played a 4+ hour set, that wasn’t gonna get covered anyway. (Though, why DON’T they play Hljomalind more often?? That song is the JAM). But, ultimately, if they played 15 of their least known tracks, you would still go home happy, because, there’s Popplagid and then there’s what other bands close THEIR show with. I felt going in that that song alone would be worth the price of admission and I was right! God, that was awesome!
    Closed the show, took a bow. Thank you Sigur Ros. Thought I could die happy if I finally got to see you guys live, but yeah – I’m greedy. Come back soon!!

  9. Darker, more brooding than I would have thought. For my third Sigur Ros show I was surprised at just how disturbing and detached I felt as a witness to their wall of sight and sound.

  10. I believed that nothing could top the Sigur Ros concert in Philly last 30 July. The show at Detroit’s Fox Theatre proved me dead wrong. Few bands can take an audience on a visual and aural ride through bursts of sound and color, melodic interludes, collective silence except for one hypnotic falsetto voice, choreographed strings, horns and backing vox like Sigur Ros can. Last night, they delivered; did they ever! Ny Batteri, Ekki Mukk, and my personal favorite Olsen Olsen all sounded fresh and vibrant. I don’t know how the sound and visuals of this show will succeed in the large arena venues, but the show at the Fox was pretty close to perfection.

  11. A truly wonderful show. Thank you Sigur Rós for that gift. God has truly given you the gift to create beautilful art that is captivating. This was one of the best shows by anyone that I have seen in my years of going to concerts. In today’s climate of music your music reminds me that there is still great music out there. Keep it up!

  12. the concert was totally wonderful…riveting….breathtaking….embracing…my inner sprit was released!!!! Can’t wait for S.R to rock Detroit again..

  13. I saw Sigur Ros is 2010. It was the greatest musical experience of my life. That was Sigur Ros then. This new, 11 piece Sigur Ros is a whole different experience. The use of the films and lighting effects were perfect. The new material was very intense and I have to say that twice, I was moved to tears. If you’re debating on whether you should buy a ticket to an upcoming show or not, stop. The real question should be, ‘How can I get front row seats’.
    Just wish they had the confetti cannon like last time! But i guess its a whole different feel.

  14. This concert, by far, exceeded my expectations. Quite possibly the best concert I have even been to in my 38 years.. Incredible. Wow!

  15. Perfect show at the perfect venue at the perfect time in their career. Set list great. The visuals were magical. Band sounded perfect. Just a great, great night! It was my first chance to see the band after being a 10 year fan and it was everything I had hoped for!

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