sigur rós 2013 tour

air canada theatre bowl
toronto, on, canada



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  1. After the show I said to my wife, ” We have a problem!”. She understood what I meant, and said, “You mean how can we ever see a better concert?” Thank you so much Sigur Ros for your music and performance for ” A concert of a lifetime! “

  2. It seems yesterday when I was back in Chile and a friend lend me a copy of Ágaetis Byrjun, back in 1999 and told me ‘you MUST listen to this’.
    Fourteen years later I am in the crowd of AirCanada Centre, mesmerized by tunes I know by heart as it was the first time I listen to them.
    Thanks guys for an unforgettable night that will last even longer in our souls!

  3. The amount of raw energy you guys put out while playing is absolutely phenomenal. I would think even the uninitiated couldn’t help but have a great time at one of your shows. Also when Jonsi just beckoned the crowd with his hands halfway through the show and everyone stood up was one of the best things I’ve ever seen at a concert.

    I have no idea what to do with my life now. Thanks for that.

  4. I can’t believe that I have been lucky enough to see my favourite band twice within one year. Both times were magical and unforgettable. I didn’t want it to end. Thank you so much.

  5. what a spiritual experience. an absolute feast for all the senses, left me breathless and I’m still trying to collect my thoughts nearly 24 hours later. I hope I have the chance to see you all live a second time so that it’s not a “once in a life time” experience.

  6. The second time I’ve been able to see you perform in Toronto and it was breath-taking.. the visuals and all the details to correspond with your music were perfect and the best I’ve seen so far. Beautiful set and great songs chosen~ The music, visuals and Jónsi’s voice hits deep and hits Home.. and from the overwhelming emotions, inevitably created tears to form.. Thank you for performing in Toronto again!

  7. Best concert I have ever been to. A better cinematic experience than the last Park-chan Wook film.

  8. Such an unbelievable experience, truly unlike any other. This band makes art, not just music and I feel soo lucky to have gotten to see them. The beginning with the video playing on the curtain and then when the curtain dropped and they were giving it their all I could feel their passion for what they do and loved every second. My only complaint is that it had to end! I don’t think anyone who wasn’t there could even understand how amazing it really was.

  9. One of the purest portrayals of truth I’ve seen in a while. Constant communication from the band to the audience on every level, not merely sonic or visual. It’s a unique kind of art that appeals to something higher, and convinces the participant of it.

  10. I went to concert alone, cause I knew that it is gonna be a such great concert that I really don’t want to talk anyone during the show.

    I literally cried at the end of the show. I waited for this show for ages. It was great, it was pure.

    You guys are awesome. What I felt after the concert.

    “Let’s go to Iceland, let’s go to mountains”

  11. Thank you for an absolutely wonderful evening last night in Toronto. I am still under the shock of such an incredibly flawless performance. The fact Sigur Rós managed to upstage its own studio recordings with such magnificence and that extraordinary sound quality throughout was totally out of this world. You guys are beyond extraordinary… I salute your passion, your craft, your creativity and your drive to provide such excellence auditory gift to our hearts & souls… Bravo a million fold!

  12. This is my third time seeing you Sigur Rós live and they never sieze to amaze me. I felt blissfully overwhelmed with various emotions. This tour is not only a musical masterpiece but it was also visually beautiful. They did a great top evoking sound and sight. I am so happy about last night and I cannot wait to see what they have to show and play for us next time.

    This tour is a MUST SEE!

    Takk Sigur Rós!

  13. This show was incredible, and i didn’t even get to see all of it. It brought me back to when I was in high-school and started listening to them, and to be able to feel that was unbelievable. Thank you, thank you thank you, for everything you do. It’s more than just art and music, its medicine for the soul.

    The whole night was so good that I am now lying in bed with a serious case of “show withdrawal”.

  14. I listened to your music while driving and hiking solo through Iceland a couple summers ago and am so glad that I saw you in concert last night. I could have stayed as long as you were willing to play and did want to leave! Your music is beyond words. Your music is pure transmission of the creative force in sounds and images. It was a large space and you pulled in the crowd- yet it felt deeply personal like you were playing for me alone. I am in awe of your connection to source. Two things I must do again as soon as possible- See you in concert and get back to Iceland! Thank you for the gift! Keep the art alive! Come back to Toronto soon, Please!

  15. Every song you guys play vividly allows a human being to feel what life is about. It’s a collective of experiences and every song you play evokes different feelings within me. I think I cried almost every song you guys played.

    You guys really define HOW beautiful music can be.

    Even when I tried to hold back my tears (from people thinking I’m having a mental breakdown or something) I just couldn’t. THAT is how beautiful your music is.

    I knew I had to see you guys live that I went alone, and it was the best concert and performance I’ve ever been to.

    It just gives you this undescribably beautiful feeling within your soul.

    I still remember the moment when everyone stood up to your music too. <3

    I'm rewatching the vids I took and I'm crying again.

    Thank you for your existence in music and on this planet, I'm serious! Please play forever!~ (and come back to Toronto very often!)

  16. thank you for bringing into the world what you do.

    it had been almost a decade since i last saw you in concert. my friends and i were left spell bound and feeling like you have added so much to our lives.

    the concert paced itself and crescendo-ed into a symphony of bliss and the acknowledgement of depth and pain in the world. thank you. plus the bass on the new tune sounded phat in the acc.

  17. The performance was spectacular. The amount of soul that was put into the music was overwhelming. The visual effects were stunning. The performance was also dead on musically. Instrumentally and vocally, every nuance of the music was there and perfect. And the setlist was also perfect. Thank you so much for letting us experience this.

  18. Absolute brilliance! Thank you Sigur Ros. The only concert I’ve ever been to where a perfect communion existed between band and audience. Come back often.

  19. Considering the beginning of the show…. the curtain with shadows – I could only think of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave – and the question of truth and reality. A Sigur Rós performance is not simply a show, but rather an experience – one that transforms reality…. for the better. Amazing!

  20. This was the fourth time I’ve seen Sigur Ros live in Toronto. After each experience I am always awed and gratified that I was able to see such a fantastic band live! The new material was awesome as was the old. Always a powerful performance. Thanks again!

  21. The last time I saw you was in Reykjavik, in November. Though I don’t think anything can beat that experience… This was close. The power and fullness in songs like Olsen Olsen almost brought me to tears. And I’m impressed with the amount of ambience you were able to capture in such a cavernous venue. Thank you!

  22. Loved the show in Toronto last night! I was getting nervous toward the end but when you played Popplagio (the same last song that you played when I was at your concert at the tiny little Bronson Center in Ottawa in 2005), that made my night! You are amazing. Don’t ever stop doing what you do!

  23. My seat may have been the best in the house for last night’s Sigur Ros concert at the A.C.C. I feel selfish to gulp the guild, and saviour the penetrating holistic handle their music can have on one’s soul. As if their music is a gavel. I crave their craftmanship. Their music – a well of healing.
    I travelled alone to the concert and sat next to 5,000 strangers. Sigur Ros, their music, does have the touch of caring nurse. Twelve years have passed since a friend introduced Sigur Ros’ music in to my life. Since then, I’ve relied on the band.
    I owed it to the old me. For the sake of the new me. Treat yourself.
    The music lived up to what you could expect. It is difficult not to go watch one of your favorite bands and not bring pre-conceived expectations. But, I held on to some, and let go of the others. After all this is “Doctor Jonsi and company.” You could see the jubilation on the band members faces towards the latter of the performance.
    I have an old habit. If what you’re are witnessing feels magical – check yourself. Take a step back and look around you. I did just that. Smiles were crested on everyone’s faces just as the band would hit a crescendo. A sense of well-being characterized the entire arena. 1000’s hypnotized – smiling. Locked adrift in a place of magic.
    And a smile stretched across my face from ear to ear.”

  24. I don’t have the words to explain how great the concert in Toronto was last night, but I am so thrilled to have finally been able to see Sigur Ros live; a real dream come true! I hope more than anything that I have the opportunity to see the band live again. A totally amazing experience.

  25. i very much was hoping to run into you yesterday, but it didn’t happen. i wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration for me, artistically and in life- i have created many paintings inspired by your music. you are beautiful people and i am truly thankful for you and your music. you brought me to tears many times yesterday, you were wonderful. beauty beyond description.


    My mate Michelle had a spiritual experience watching Sigur Ros when we were in Chicago last summer at Lollapalooza. I wasted my time watching the Sheepdogs, when really I should have been with Michelle. On our flight back to Toronto she made me listen to a song from that moved me. Their song lyrics and musical arrangements hurt my heart as we said goodbye to our summer holiday in Chicago.
    When Michelle heard that SR was planning a tour that would bring them to Toronto last night – she snapped us up tickets.
    I didn’t know what to expect – being transparent, I don’t own anything from them. But I knew in my heart their emotional and ethereal sounds is what I needed to make me swoon on a Easter weekend already filled with heavy thoughts and a pained heart.
    SR’s new harder and more aggressive-sounding Kveikur drops June 18. It is anxiously awaited from their last Valtari offering. From what we sampled last night – not only were the tracks laden with musical triumphs but lyrics that captured a sombre yet invigorated mood in a hockey arena that was transformed into an intimate concert stage.
    At one point during the concert I said to Michelle that I forgot where I was. I totally spaced out for a moment. The images that were being aired on the projection screen showcased water, rocks, climbing and running people, trees and volcanoes which only amplified the music that it was dancing alongside. It was very spa- like soothing but at the same time very rock n roll. Watching SR in concert is like watching a living art installation.
    Sigur Ros is one band that I encourage you to see in your lifetime. Hands down. Even if you were to see them alone – bearing witness to what I saw last night will not only make you feel more humble of a human being but also appreciative of the emotional rawness that comes from inhaling a different musical style far away from the cookie cutter norm.

    Ný Batterí
    Með Blóðnasir
    Olsen Olsen

  27. 24 hours later, still feeling verklempt when I think about what I saw last night. Absolutely beautiful, pure magic. I am enamored and awe-struck by what I experienced.

  28. Thank you so much, Sigur Ros!
    The concert is so AMAZING
    Yesterday evening is the most beautiful dream that I have never made before
    I just kept crying, Your music is so beautiful
    Your music saves my life
    Please come to Toronto very often XD


  29. Very beautiful show last night. My third and my girl’s first. She was blown away, as was I. Cannot wait for the next time.

  30. Being at this concert felt like a dream!! It was just too amazing for words!! Sigur Ros has to make sure they come back to Toronto !! It was a truly magnificent experience!!!!

  31. I am so grateful that Sigur Ros exists, so grateful that I stumbled across your music on an Icelandair flight a few years ago, and SO grateful I finally got to see you live! I can’t get over the depth and power of the sound when heard live. The power of the band live has to be experienced to be believed – no home stereo system could recreate the the feeling of being there. Jonsi’s vocals were astounding. The concert was beautifully structured, moving through so many majestic, gorgeous moods and continually building to the explosive conclusion of the finale.

    Best of all, my wife loved it as much as I did.

    Wonderful show – thank you so much.

  32. I knew that this concert would be the most amazing one i will ever go to. i had waited 3 years to finally get the chance to see you guys play live and each day that went by built up my excitement. All i could feel during this show was just happiness and i just got lost in the music. This happens at home but at the show it was 10 times the experience. I would recommend to anyone that they get a chance to see you guys play live. You music has changed my way of thinking and in the long run my life. I couldn’t have asked to go to a better show i don’t think there ever will be unless i see you guys again!

  33. Beautiful show as always. My second time with them, 2007 (Paris) and this one. I felt Jónsi a little tired though. Please, make me a favor: take care of yourselves guys, you are making too much shows in my opinion. An endless list… Don’t forget breaks and rests!
    Thank you for this show. I still had Varùd in my mind today…

  34. Thank you Sigur Ros for your show in Toronto last night! It was mesmerizing,haunting,rocking & gave me goosebumps!Please come again soon!

  35. Being in its presence clearly did remarkable things to many of us. Though the concert was rather short, this experience is eternally-applicable.

  36. I can’t explain how much I enjoyed this show. I was so pleased with what I heard, I can’t wait till you guys come back, within budget, and reason, I WILL travel to see them again. Sigur Ros has been my most favorite band, for 5 whole years! Great shows guys, and Jonsi, you sounded fantastic, as always :)

    Keep up the awesome work!! :)

  37. Beautiful show!! my boyfriend and I will treasure the memories of this experience forever! Thank you for playing in Canada, and I hope to see you perform again, next time in your heima, beautiful Iceland!

  38. We first drove 5 1/2 hour to pick up daughter then another 3 1/2 hours to the show. It was worth it! Perfect synergy of set design, lighting, visuals and sound combined to being you to another place and plane.
    This 50 year enjoyed it as much as my 21 year old daughter-I am glad I introduced her Sigur Ros music years ago.

  39. In the movie “Immortal Beloved” there is a wonderful re-creation of the premiere performance of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. What’s great about the scene is that it gives a sense of how the audience experienced a totally new form of musical expression, and music filled with overwhelming passion. I have seen SR a few times now, and on each of them I have been filled with that very same sense that this is overwhelming originality played with overwhelming passion. I don’t know how you can achieve that same level time after time.

  40. hallo! Very powerful, moving performance. I cried soooo much. Spectacular opportunity. I will never forget. Thanks for coming to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. :) Luv Joe. Take care!

  41. I was in a dream while my eyes are were open. I think everyone felt the same! I don’t think anyone can top your performance and the visual feast you have given!Please come again, again and again!

  42. Beautiful show. I love how you have filled out the songs so well with the strings and the horns and the backing vocals (LOVED the choral bits from the girls in the back during the first part of Saeglopur). And of course nothing beats Untitled 8 to close the show. The sound was definitely better tonight than it was last night in Ottawa. Only complaint is that I wish you’d play more from Valtari! Thank you so much for coming through Ontario twice in one year (your show last year at Echo Beach might be my favourite ever). You have a huge following here and we hope to see you back again soon. Thank you for bringing something meaningful to our lives.

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