sigur rós 2013 tour

boston, ma, united states



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  1. Gents – not the most acousticly pleasing place I’ve ever seen a show, but the band was dead on. Fantastic. Great sets. Loved the new stuff. Have a great tour!!

  2. The venue might not have been ideal, given the seated crowd, but it was a phenomenal show, which my wife and I greatly enjoyed. Fantastic new material, I’m looking forward to the new album. Takk!

  3. Phenomenal. Does anyone know what the song before Hoppipolla was? (harder, green and white lighting)

  4. This is how Sigur Ros is meant to be seen – Arena style. Much thought went into production and execution: song selection, band dynamics, lighting/video, and the end result was absolutely fabulous. We can all die happy now.
    My son the soundman pointed out a soundman glitch with Orri’s drum levels early on in the show, and another with the reverb gate during Ebow (Big gate clunks a few times in the song – purely soundman issues they eventually figured out).
    These guys know how to emote the aural space.
    Line array speaker system was fabulous once they tweaked what needed to be. Great set list, new songs, incredible arrangements of the old songs with the added triple horn and triple string section arrangements. Vocals were pure and spot on (even the tension notes at the end of Varud – I was impressed), the singing, drums, bass, guitars, percussion, keyboards all fell into place. Bravo! All Killer, no filler! Sigur F-ing Ros!!!!!!!

  5. I have been striving to see the band for at least four years now, and I can say that I can now die a happy man. Absolutely magnificient. I sat two rows from the back up in the seats dead center, and it was simply unbelievable. I kept thinking to myself “…this is the music I want playing when I get into heaven.” Loved so many songs, I’m not going to list them here, but the final encore was by far, the most intense. The screen in the background is another band member, the images flashing before your eyes mixed in with the music take it to the next level. God must have created Sigur Ros on the 7th day, and we are all that much better for it.

  6. Yesteday was breathtaking!!!!
    I loved every single aspect of the concert, which was phenomenal. The sound, the lighting,the videos on the screen, the selection of new and old songs, the strings and brass additions, the band, Jonsi’s voice… everything was absolutely outstanding!!!The band’s way to portray sensibility leaves me speechless. I saw them in 2002 in Madrid and I got trapped in their epic music but yesterday was taking musical art to another level. In 300 hundred years time they will be consider the Mozart of the XXI century.

  7. Absolutely the most fully realized music and visuals I have ever heard or seen. My wife and I had to go through hell and high water to be there but it was worth every bit of trouble. This is music of the gods and goddesses. Another reviewer said this is music that they want to hear in heaven and I agree. Beyond breathtaking. May the muse always guide you Sigur Ros. The mortals need you.
    PS what was the “opening act”? The 45 mins. in the dark soundtrack was very compelling. Can we find it anywhere

  8. This band. There is no description that can really live up to the experience I had yesterday. Stellar music performance, the old songs shined, the new material is darker, haunting but filled with honesty, passion, hunger and love. Jónsi has an unbelievable range and control over his voice, he blew me away even though I have seen them several times before, he still amazes me. Super tight band, magical how they were able to rise gradually within in songs from being very delicate and end with a rhythm pounding that gave no quarter and punched you whole body with waves of sound.
    The visuals were breathtaking, I loved how they referenced Iceland in there imagery with out being literal. The elements fire, ice, ocean, lava, nature, elves, people, mythology, volcanoes, air, wind and northern lights. This combination of music and visuals was very powerful, made me happy, sad, proud and homesick all at the same time.
    Thank you SigurRós for breathtaking musical and visual experience, nothing compares to you guys, you are truly one of the greatest bands ever.

  9. Absolutely stunning show! I saw Sigur a million years ago at Berklee, and last night with a front row center seat my mind was blown away. All. Over. Again. Cheers and keep it going!

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  11. I thought last night’s show was pretty great, musically. The music is just meant to be heard loud in a large venue, and the horn section really added a lot. Bold of them to close the regular set with a new song (“Brenninsteinn”), but they’re not exactly a hits band, and the songs was tremendous. And the closing pair of “Glosoli” and “Popplagio” really knocked it out of the park.

    I will say, though, that the visuals weren’t nearly as good as their 2005/6 tour – not as inventive, and the widescreen behind them felt a little too much like being at the movies, whereas the past show had a screen going down to the floor behind them, enveloping them, rather than being a distant, separate feature.

    And, when the sheer screen surrounding them (my favorite visual part of the show) for the first two songs was dropped and carted off, I knew it wouldn’t come back. For me, the highlight of the 2006 Pavilion show in Boston was when the screening was raised back up during “Popplagio.” The flashing white lights last night were a bit of a distraction, whereas with the screen, they cast brilliant silhouettes.

    And: I actually feel that the visuals created for Jonsi’s tour in 2010 were far more interesting and connected with the music. (I can’t believe a DVD hasn’t been released from that tour.)

    Don’t get me wrong: this was a great show, all in all. You know how sometimes the first record you hear by someone often remains your favorite for life, even when they’ve made many other great records? It’s that first-time, possibly life-changing experience that gets imprinting on your soul. That’s how it was for me last night – and I went there knowing that would happen – and still was knocked out by the sheer majesty of the band.

  12. magnificent. one the best shows and nights I’ve every experienced. the lighting, the enormity of all the people, all that energy mixing with the perfect selection of songs.. truly magnificent.

    one thing that frustrated me was that everyone was sitting and they did not want people standing and dancing at all. my friend and I traveled many hours to come and were expecting to dance and move to the music. we had seats up in the arena seating not on the floor seats, but nonetheless we made it past the guards after a few attempts and were left alone to be free and move to some of the most powerful music out there.

    it was such a beautiful thing to watch people gradually join us and gather on the floor to move to the music that clearly moves all of us. really felt connected to all of the fans and friends, and even more to the music and the band. spectacular show, I definitely plan to go to another one in the future.

  13. An absolutely brilliantly performed show. It was an emotionally charged masterpiece. Thank you for the experience!

  14. There are few aesthetic experiences available to human beings to rival a Sigur Ros performance. The total package delivered. I don’t know how they do it. Look at their schedule. It’s grueling. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 7th time seeing them and they still have it. Every single band out there needs to take this band as a model of what to do, and how to do it. I don’t care what style of music you play, just do it right, with passion and fans will line up. Stunning, stellar and unreal. Don’t ever miss them, ever.

  16. I took my two oldest kids to this concert with me (ages 16 and 14) – we all loved it. It was a truly moving event. The new arrangements of old songs with the strings and horns were wonderful. The new tracks (off the upcoming Kveikur) were all just great – I had already heard brennistein – but the new one hrafntinna just really touched me. The combination of music, lights, and video throughout was perfect. Just perfect. (The lanterns on Varud were beautiful!!)
    I loved the full band!
    It took me nearly 8 hours to get to the show – it was so worth it. Such a marvelous experience. Thank you to Sigur Ros. Thank you. Please keep making music – and please tour on – your music enriches our lives and the show was beyond the icing on the cake.
    – To the reviewer who asked about a DVD of Jonsi’s solo tour – it’s out there and it’s great – I’ve watched it lots of times! I hope a DVD of this Sigur Ros tour will be produced – hopefully in full color and more in the style of Jonsi’s tour DVD than in the style of Inni – I want to see the color and the beauty of the stage production! But I am so glad to have seen this tour. I had to take 2 days off of work to get there and back! And I would drive 7 hours to see them again. It was just wonderful. Thank you Sigur Ros.
    Anyone know what the music was (piano, cello, etc) that was playing in the Arena before the show? That was lovely – contemplative, quiet, got me in the mood for the show.
    Thank you Sigur Ros! Thank you! It was just great. Thank you.

  17. I arrived to Tim Hecker playing behind the curtain. his music really set the tone for what was to come.

    I have been a fan of sigur rós since the 90’s but have never had the fortune of seeing a live performance until now.

    I had arrived to my seat in the arena at 7:50 & quietly ate 6 grams of mushrooms. Their effects hit me just as the crowd let out a roar to signal the show’s beginning shortly after 8:30.

    I went on an incredible journey of sights, sounds & emotions unlike any other experience in my life. I laughed & I cried. I was in awe of the masterpiece that was unfolding right before me.

    I will never miss an opportunity to see sigur rós perform live again & having had a taste of their new album, I can not wait for June 18th to roll around to hear the remainder of the new songs.

    peace & love…

    Sigur Rós – Agganis Arena Setlíst (3-26-13)

    01 Yfirborð
    02 Ný Batterí
    03 Vaka
    04 Hrafntinna
    05 Sæglópur
    06 Fljótavík
    07 E-bow
    08 Varúð
    09 Hoppípolla
    10 Með Blóðnasir
    11 Olsen Olsen
    12 Kveikur
    13 Festival
    14 Brennisteinn


    15 Glósóli
    16 Popplagið

  18. Went to the concert and was excellent everything I knew it would be
    And more. Very happy a couple of new songs were introduced just awesome music. Would go again if they came back to Boston or New Hampshire. Thank you for a great experience guys. Looking forward to your new CD.

  19. Love every single aspect of the concert, i have been a fan of sigur rós since the 90?s. i gave up my tour from boston to niagara falls but went to this concert instead. The concert it took me nearly 8 hours to get to the show – it was so worth it, The sound, the lighting,the videos on the screen, the selection of new and old songs, the strings and brass additions, the band, jonsi’s voice… The show was pretty great, musically. everything was absolutely outstanding!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  20. there are few aesthetic experiences available to human beings to rival a sigur ros performance. I write a review for it. The total package delivered. i don’t know how they do it. look at their schedule. it’s grueling. bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. This was the first concert I have ever been to and it rocked me to my core. My friends asked me how it was and the only way I could describe it was to say that it was like having every good experience I’ve ever had over the course of my life rolled into one and turned into music.

  22. For those asking why there was no dancing…how, exactly, does one “dance” to sigurros? My wife and I saw a few trying…and boy did they look out of place and silly. It’s just not dancing music, IMO, and I can’t possibly think as to why somebody would want to “dance” to this incredibly cerebral music form. It would be like getting up and dancing at an orchestra performance….just mind boggling, IMO.

  23. i have been attending sigur ros concerts around the world for over ten years. the first time i saw them was in boston many years ago, and i have to say–this venue was atrocious. there was no respect for the artist whatsoever in the arena. i was towards the front, but even then people were talking loudly the entire time. i feel like i missed the true awe-inspiring feeling of a sigur ros concert because of the awful audience and arena layout and that is really sad.

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