sigur rós 2013 tour

madison square garden
new york city, ny, united states



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  1. OMG! Words could not describe my experience at the show! Sigur and his friends are like aliens from a distant galaxy or even from another time, space or world. I don’t have any words left to tell you how much I love and live for their etheral compositions. Also.. The trombone player was like a sexy little pixie girl I wanted to take home with me in my pocket to keep in a shrine above my fireplace. Jónsi in all his glory and presence was almost overwhelming. There has never been and never will there be a human who comes close to his existance Goggi did his solo in Popplagid I almost had a fit of some sort, I swear froth was coming from my mouth. I could be hit by a truck tomorrow but at least I’ll die happy and with this as my final and eternal moment of pure exstacy.

  2. Gentlemen-
    Bravo! I mean, Madison Square Fucking Garden! Finally, a venue reflective of your majesty and musical size. The first time I saw you was in the Theatre there long ago (suffering through squeaky seats of a Billy Joel concert above — thinking even then that the epic arena act was the one in front of me).

    God bless the return of the scrim, and some fucking balls. 45 hz bass pounding me in the chest — pulsing with the tempo sherpa of Orri’s floor tom and authoritative kick back in the mix. Brass, strings and support instrumentation getting damn close to the comfort of years past. Yeah, I still miss Kjartan — but mostly cause I wanted him on that stage — THAT stage you guys have grown up to own and deserve as your rightful place in the musical balance. But musically it’s a version 2.0 update and I totally respect and admire your continued push into new sounds and weight. Kveikur is an instant classic and such a FANTASTIC addition to the flow of a new set. Varud from last year too is just working so bloody well in the mix.

    Kinks to be worked out for sure — you always kind of suffer from that in the first week or so in my experience — but I’ll take that nervous energy and fresh revisit anytime. And this one, my fourteenth time… made me leave knowing I’ve seen a band that still is pushing it’s apex point.

    Tonight I saw an arena act that melted NYC faces with the same passion, gusto, and commitment it did 9 years ago when it first left it’s mark in that building… respect and greatest appreciation.

  3. Shame on you, guys! You’ve made a grown up man cry!
    Might be my best SR show to date, and i’ve seen them all here.
    If you could just add another NYC show at some point of this long tour…

  4. going to boston show tonight –
    was there an opening act? did the show start right on time? won’t be able to get there until 8 and the ticket says 7:30 doors open. don’t want to miss a second…

  5. As a lover of music and live shows I must say last night was the best experience to date. Seeing Sigur Ros live is a life changing experience that transcends the mind, body and soul. I felt your music in my heart and will never forget the best night ever. Thank you so much for the amazing, much needed, thoughtful awesomeness that is your music, a sound provided only by Sigur Ros.

    Love you guys!

  6. Best concert I have been to in my life, hands down. Seeing Sigur Ros was nothing short of a cathartic experience. I will remember march 25th 2013 for the rest of my life. Thank you for such an amazing experience

  7. i surprised my wife with tickets but sigar ros surprised me with mountains of pure pulsating pulling and pushing phuckin

  8. I was privileged to see Sigur Ros in Reykjavik last November at Icelandic Airwaves. Words fail me, it was so mind-blowing. Nothing will top that experience, but the MSG show came oh so close! Got to see Brennisteinn for the first time then, and Kveikur this time. So much beauty and raw power in their set, it is overwhelming. The one-two punch of the encore was almost too much: Glósóli
    and Popplagið. Glad to know that I wasn’t the only one in tears.

  9. Probably my 5th time seeing Sigur Ros. First time with floor seats, right by the sound team…amazing show, great combo of new and old stuff. Great digital media going on in the background…and I met some great people afterwards, hung around the buses for just under 3 hours met Jonsi, Orri & Georg…awesome guys.

  10. the performance last night has still left me almost speechless. i either smiled the entire time or i had tears in my eyes. it was beautiful, so amazing, and just unbelievably mind blowing. i was in complete awe of the entire performance.

    sigur ros are so exceptional.
    sigur ros are cosmic.
    sigur ros brings it to millions of levels and more!!

    it was such an honor to see and feel such a performance at the garden. be assured i will always see you guys when you come to new york.

    you guys are amazing.

  11. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank youthank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank youthank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

  12. It’s been a few days since the show in NYC and I still get the chills just thinking about it.

    One of the best concerts I have seen in my life !
    I will never forget these moments ever…

    Thanks guys !

  13. I’d booked a holiday in NYC and THEN found out Sigur Ros were playing at MSG while we would be there. Bought the tickets before Xmas and was privileged to see the band for the 2nd time on Monday (first time at Alexandra Palace, London, in November 2008). The MSG gig was a breathtaking experience – literally, as the bass got up under my diaphragm and punched the air out of me! That wasn’t the only impressive element though – Jonsi’s voice gets better and better and his ability to hold that pure, crowd-silencing note was – yeh, it’s a cliche – magical!
    A memorable experience, including my wife’s little tears at the first few notes of ‘Hoppipolla’, that leave just one word to be said: takk!

  14. best night of my life! thank you so much for a life-changing adventure. please come back to new york again someday; i want to see you guys perform again more than anything else!

  15. As many others have said, this was the best night of my life. Words can never express what this experience meant to me, and I believe that nothing will ever be quite as beautiful as that night. I spent a majority of the show in tears; Jónsi’s voice just gets into your bones. I will never forget this night, nor will I ever miss an upcoming Sigur Rós show. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with the world.

  16. I have seen them four times including at Reykjavik and Ásbyrgi during their Heima tour. Not only did this NYC show outdo the other times I’ve seen them, but it outdid the 300+ shows I have seen in this life of mine. That felt a bit historical in nature; please release as a live album.

  17. hessick, you are so lucky to have seen the heima tour in Reykjavik. What was it, something like almost have the population of Iceland was at that concert? I was in Iceland last year, but no shows during my trip.

  18. words cannot express… probably one of your oldest fans, I attended with my son. love love love love love. we were lucky enough to be at one of the shows at Mann center in Philadelphia last summer because my son presented me with tickets for my 57th birthday; we brought my daughter too. we all felt transported to another world. music is truly my religion, and Sigur Ros is at the pinnacle. thank you.

  19. PLEASE!!! You have to add another tour date and return to New York City… My friend and I missed your March 25th concert at Madison Square Garden because we had exams to study for, but we LOVE your Music! It redefines how moving and inspirational music can be breaking down all barriers, words cannot describe the feelings your music evokes despite the language barrier.<3

  20. travelled from Toronto to see the show at MSG. Outstanding, so incredible!!! Best show yet! Definitely worth the trip to NYC!

  21. The most moving 2 hours of my life…. please come back to New York, lots of times. Much love and takk fyrir :-)

  22. One of the best experiences of my life. I felt things that I never had felt before. I floated for 2 hours. When I was outside in the street, with my friend, we all huged eachother. It felt like a two hour meditation.


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