sigur rós 2013 tour

patriot center
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  1. Just absolutely amazing, the hardest part is coming back to reality. For ninety minutes, I was in a far better place. Thank you all for sharing your amazing talents.

  2. This show was incredible and was the definition of the word joy in every sense. SR, to me, is music that makes you feel. Tonight was no exception. Thank you to the band for an amazing evening.

  3. Thank you so much for coming to the DC area Sigur Ros. My friends and I that made the trip over to see you guys was worth every minute I spent waiting since the announcement of the North American Tour. The music gave me so much warmth and happiness and I can’t wait to see you guys once again in the future.

  4. that was a religious experience! Have wanted to see SR for a long time this exceeded my expectations utterly phenomenal. the encore is up there with the handful of greatest moments of live music I’ve ever experienced!! thank you…

  5. Since I first saw Sigur Ros in Philadelphia last year, I have been waiting for them to come back around. I wasn’t expecting to be able to go to another show so soon! This one, like last time, was truly amazing. The stunning visuals helped to make this show a whole new experience, especially during ny batteri and popplagid. When the curtain came down, I almost fell out of my seat. I loved the new songs, and was excited to hear brennistein after that amazing video was released on friday. The opening number had some seriously cool visuals. And even though jonsi seemed to be dealing with some technical issues earlier in the show, his voice was as emotional as ever. Takk, Sigur Ros, for another amazing night.
    P.S. We saw Alex walking around and talking to the staff before the show!

  6. Thank you thank you for the amazing show! Truly what live music should do; elevate and transport the soul. I think I cried from sheer happiness. Peace.

  7. I’ve seen Sigur Ros enough to know this was not a great show. I don’t know what technical problems Jonsi was having, but he was clearly distracted. It felt like a dress rehearsal for the NY show. The setlist was shorter than the Europe dates, possibly because of the technical issues. I live in DC and have travelled as far away as Chicago to see them, so it was disappointing that their first show in the DC area in years was so short and apparently glitch-ridden, but it is what it is. When they were playing it was great, but I didn’t feel like we got their best. Hopefully they read this and decide to come back to DC soon and give a complete 2 hour+ show.

  8. Here are my notes from the show.

    2013/03/24 – Sigur Ros – Patriot Center @ G.M.U., Fairfax, VA – [Su]

    01. Yfirborð
    02. Ný Batterí
    03. Vaka
    04. Hrafntinna
    05. Sæglópur
    06. Fljótavík
    07. E-bow
    08. Varúð
    09. Hoppípolla
    10. Með Blóðnasir
    11. Olsen Olsen
    12. Brennisteinn

    13. Popplagið

    [Tim Hecker opened]

    (7:30-8:01) – (8:31-10:08) = (31) – (97)

  9. I live in orkney – not far from iceland
    I have only just fallen in love with SR and saw them in glasgow march 2nd – they were incredible

    why oh why are there so few reviews on here
    do you yanks not appreciate their art form?
    the washington press have posted no reviews (except one that was a single paragraph)

    come on – they give so much – give them something back!

  10. Takk for coming back to the DC Area Sigur Ros!

    It was a very good show, with the usual stunning visuals and incredible music, but unfortunately, it was not their best. Having seen them live multiple times, it appeared like Jonsi was having issues with something. Whether the glitches were technical or maybe Jonsi wasn’t feeling well, but he seemed to be having a difficult time with the vocals on a number of songs, and they seemed to cut the concert short. I do applaud them for powering through, as it was apparent 3 or 4 songs in that there was an issue. Even with the issues, it was still an awesome show. I hope they get the issues worked out and definitely hope they come back to DC soon.

  11. OH MY GOD!! Best concert ever. Best band ever! I love you Jonsi! You are the best!!!!!! Sigur Ros will always be my favorite band! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You changed my life! I’m so glad I saw the movie We Bought A Zoo, If I hadn’t, I would have never seen you. BRAVO!!! <3 :)

  12. I agree the concert did seem short but this was our first sr concert and I have too say it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been too (tech issues or not)! Sr should be very proud of their performance. My daughter, fiance and I had a great time and all thought it was an amazing show! Hope to be able to be front and center, standing in front of the stage next time around. My daughter introduced us to sr music and even though I don’t know the Icelandic language, Jonsi does indeed have an amazing voice that grabs you and draws you into the music and makes you feel what he’s saying even when you don’t know the words! I would like to see them closer to the York, Pennsylvania area…or maybe Hershey, Pa!!! AWESOME JOB TO THE ENTIRE BAND!!!!

  13. Sigur Ros are amazing! My friend I brought was totally converted. As for the technical difficulties, I wasn’t up super close, but all I really noticed was during Olsen Olsen Jonsi seemed to stop singing once or twice and pause to fiddle with something or talk to someone on stage, but it wasn’t that disruptive. The song was still a highlight. Other than that I didn’t notice glitches – maybe there was some occasional motioning for a stagehand to do something, but it didn’t seem like a big deal. I hadn’t been following setlists closely, and it wasn’t apparent that anything was wrong – all the performances were brilliant. Some of you have seen them so many times you’re getting jaded! ;) I was disappointed a bit when they started playing popplagid that they had already reached the finale (though the song is the most amazing ever). After the fact, it is a bit frustrating to find that I missed out on some great songs that I might not get a chance to hear. Still, I don’t see why technical issues would make them skip 3 songs. Maybe someone was sick and needed a shorter show? Who knows?

  14. This was my first time finally seeing Sigur Ros. Absolutely incredible, breathtaking, and otherwordly. As a few others have said, there were some apparent technical issues with Jonsi’s equipment (perhaps his in-ear monitor?), causing him to skip some vocals or end them early to adjust his equipment or motion to a stagehand, which was unfortunate and a bit distracting, but not SR’s fault. And from what a couple of others are saying, this show was short by their standards, perhaps due to those issues. They have a policy of saying almost nothing on stage (except the occasional “takk fyrir”), but in this case it would have been nice if Jonsi would have made a mention of what was clearly a hindrance a few times. Having said that, it didn’t affect what was audible to the crowd in any way. Jonsi’s vocals were incredible and emotional, the instruments sounded phenomenal, and every note was played to as close as perfection. His bowed guitar with distortion and reverb is the greatest sound in music. The ending of the finale (Popplagið) was the most powerful sound I’ve ever heard. When you think it can’t get any more epic, it somehow does. Such a powerful, chill-bump inducing sound. I never wanted it to end. If this was a less than par performance, I can’t wait to see them on par.

  15. It was my first Sigur Rós concert, after being a lover of their music for several years. Their stage setup and performance were brilliant, and no doubt after seeing this show I have an even greater appreciating for their uniqueness and talent. I understand that there were some issues, and being on the floor in front of the stage it was very apparent that things were not working out as they may have wished. I vote that they schedule another performance in the DC area as soon as possible! This time I took my girlfriend.. next time I’m taking everyone that I know. More people need to experience their art!

  16. First of all, thank you so much to Sigur Rós for sharing your incredible musical gifts with us. It was my favorite live show, ever. I’m bummed that we apparently missed Glósóli though! It’s one of my favorite songs. I was hoping throughout the entire show that we would here my absolute favorite Starálfur- maybe next time! Please come back here soon!

  17. While I didn’t notice all of the technical issues others have mentioned, I was honestly a bit let down by the shortened set. This was the first time I’d seen Sigur Ros since they toured behind Takk and, while I still enjoyed the show, it didn’t seem like they were performing at the level most are used to. Oh, well.

  18. This was my first Sigur Ros concert, and I’m positive it won’t be my last. This was by far one of the most amazing musical experiences I’ve had. I had high expectations going in, and Sigur Ros exceeded them. Although there were some technical issues and the concert seemed short, the sound was absolutely incredible and Jonsi’s vocals were amazing and powerful. Despite minor issues, I’m so glad I came to see them perform live. I left this show feeling inspired and completely in awe. I hope to see you guys again soon, and thank you for all the beautiful music.

  19. On a bleary March day, this show truly transported all that witnessed it to another place…simply breathtaking!would see the show again in a heartbeat.

  20. Fantastic performance! It was my first and definitly not last. þakka þér mjög kærlega!

    ATTN: Section 108 Row N Seats 1, 2 and 3!! I was sitting one row behind you – and have the greatest favor in the world to ask. Just as the show let out, you picked up my father’s scarf. My dead father’s scarf. It means more in the world to me that you could imagine. If there is any goodness left in the world, please find this message and return the scarf to me. I am not upset at you in anyway – only upset at myself for dropping it as the show ended. My friend saw you pick it up but didn’t say anything at the time. My cell is 757-352-6405. I’ll meet up with you anywhere and even buy you a beer. Please! Sigur Ros would want it to be so.

  21. Does anyone know where I can download the free EP that came with the purchase of a ticket to their North American tour? I bought two tickets to the show at the Patriot Center.


    * north american tour ticket holders will receive a free digital copy of the new ‘brennisteinn’ ep

  22. Corie,

    You sound really pretty! I sure hope you find out how to get the ep. I also went to the show and am still trying to figure out what happened with the free music. I also would appreciate info about how to get this. Thanks!

  23. Please, please come back soon! I missed this one and can’t put up with another missed show. The DC area needs you!

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