sigur rós 2013 tour

brixton academy
london, united kingdom



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  1. Sigur Ros, please please please play Ekki Mukk or Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása in Toronto on March 30. It’s my little brother’s first concert and those are his favourite songs — it would be so memorable for him if you played them. Sorry for spamming this review thread but I didn’t know how else to get a message to you. Thanks for the beautiful music.

  2. Just in:
    UN recognise popplagið as the oficial song of the apocalypse.

    I have heard the end of the world song a few times live. I heard it on Friday. I have never heard it like Saturday (:-O)

    Stunning, just stunning, all eleven of you for the whole evening.

  3. Thanks for a magical 2 hours last night -my first Sigr Ros gig has turned out to be the greatest gig I have ever seen by anyone ever. The new songs sound like classics already, and the whole set was executed perfectly. I only hope it is not too long before I get another chance to see you as any other gig I go to now could seriously disappoint me. My wife passed away before she ever got the chance to see you, but I feel sure she heard you from heaven last night.

  4. Absolutely Stunning (again!). Previously Varud (at Manchester 1 and Wolverhampton) was a highlight but so pleased they played Festival – the highlight of the 3 dates I was lucky to see, and the laser show was amazing too. Can’t wait for Eden Project and Jodrell Bank. And thank you to my wonderful wife and daughters who each shared this adventure with me. Takk!

  5. Thank you so much for such an amazing night. Without a doubt the most emotionally charged and powerful performance either of us has ever seen. The beauty of the music combined with the amazing lighting was truly far above any other event we have been to.

    Thank you. xx

  6. Last night was like heaven… The music just elevated me to the highest possible state and overwhelmed me with the angelic voice of Jonsi and all of the members who contributed to make this special concert out of this world… I hope they tour again in London… No further words to describe! I was front row and made this experience more beautiful….

  7. Fantastic crowd at Brixton made for a special gig. Goes without saying that this current show is the best ever Sigur Ros – central to this are the band members. Big shout though for all the new additional musicians who contribute so much to the show – plus the incredible lighting and projection designers and crew. The best live experience ever!

  8. Awesome!!!!

    The thrill of it all it that it sounds like a new beginning. First saw you supporting Radiohead in a tent in Newport, you’ve come a long way.

    Please totally rip up the rules, design new templates and smash the matrix, etc.

    I’m loving the hints of Scandinavian Death Metal, bowel-moving dubstep base and Pink Floydness.

    The visuals were a wonderful signal to 3D IMAX film experiences we’ve all being enjoying. Avatar in Brixton via London. Hilarious! Many, many thanks for 3 great shows in W’ton, London x 2. See you at Eden, I hope, if my bank manager dosen’t say “Enough!”

  9. It wasn’t my first gig. All the times like being in heaven. You always hope for your perfect setlist, and it never happens, but it’s always such a pleasure!!!!!!


  10. Of the most amazing that I’ve seen and heard live. Hopefully not the last time!

    It was wonderful, takk.
    Looking forward to see you in Montreal next year…

  11. I’m still finding the right words to describe what and how I felt during and after the gig. It wasn’t a gig, it was… you see? I don’t have words!

    Thanks for existing guys!!!

    After reading these messages above I see I wasn’t the only one who suddenly had TEARS OF HAPPINESS!

    Still smiling when remember it and shaking when my ipod play Hoppippola and Ara batur etc…

    Love your music, love your style!! Thanks for given us a magical night unforgettable….

  12. Bestu tonleikar EVER!

    I’ve been to a lot of gigs but this one was my favourite by far. I was brought to tears by my favourite song. The lighting and show in the background was just outstanding. Loved everything about it. Can’t wait till next time.

  13. Literally the most unadulterated beauty I have ever experienced…was on the verge of tears the entire performance, then came home and listened to Untitled 1 and burst out crying! How you have created this music, I do not know, but THANK YOU from my heart!

    So happy to see other people lost for words here :)

    And thank you for playing in Europe again this Summer – see you there!

  14. A fantastic night – very special and moving. The strength of your music gives my heart the power to keep pumping and allows my mind to be whisked away to a much happier place. I saw Jonsi in Leeds a few years back and it was life changing for me. Saturday’s concert was pure bliss and I will embrace its memories through the drudgery of day-to-day existence. One of the few times I have truly felt alive – thank you.

  15. I was privileged to see Sigur Ros twice this tour at Brixton Academy. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Truly unforgettable show.
    An apocalyptic encore of Popplagio left us screaming for more. Jonsi hit his notes with such emotion, and Georg looked majesterial with effortless coolness! Strings and horn section added fabulous layers to familiar tracks.

  16. Stunning gig. Jonsi’s voice seems to get better each time I see you. I love the vibe of the new tracks. Thanks to everyone involved.

  17. thrilled!

    was at alexandra palace a few years ago.loved the sound and space in brixton.

    can’t wait for more new material!

  18. Tremendo show. Viajamos de Buenos Aires para el show y nos volvimos con una caricia en el alma. Como juegan con la infancia, las imágenes y las atmósferas musicales es algo que solo ellos pueden hacer. Gracias por tanta conmoción y amor sonoro. Sean felices.

  19. Ekki Mukk is one of the only songs I know that reaches the depths of my despair and responds with hope. please,please, please add it to your setlist on march 30th!

  20. After a concert like this I can definitely die with a smile on my face. I felt so lucky to be alive and to feel all those indescribable emotions at once. Wow. You guys are beyond words. THANK YOU. See you again in November! x

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