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  1. Just in:
    UN detect seismic activity pointing to an underground nuclear explosion in the Korean pensinsular…..
    until someone points out it was actually South London when Brennisteinn’s base kicked in. WTF! Brutal!

    Last night. It doesn’t get any better than this.
    It can’t get any better than this.
    Can it?
    Just have the long wait until I see them again to find out……….. Tonight! WooHoo!

    Please keep doing what you are doing. You are so much loved

  2. Jus how many times can Sigur Ros blow us away? Every time. Stunning visuals as always, wonderful mix of old and new – yes Brennisteinn will quickly become a classic, body shaking favourite – and Popplagid is always the best way to end a show – emotional, hypnotic goosebumps all the way! And how can such long notes be held so beautifully from lungs within such a slight body – magic! Thank you once again Sigur Ros, and never stop creating such ground breaking music! X

  3. Been a big fan for about 7 years but last night in Brixton was the first time I’d ever seen them live. Absolutely astonishing. The new material is great and old favourites like Olsen Olsen, Glosoli and of course Popplagid sounded brilliant. To experience the sound hitting you in the face is an amazing experience and the visuals were just breathtaking. Hope to see them again in the UK in the future.

  4. so glad the 3 of you were blown away
    i was too in Glasgow last Saturday
    i am just a little curious why there are so few reviews
    from the london shows compared to all the others
    any ideas chaps/girls ?

  5. Peter, i guess everyone’s still reeling a bit too much to put it into words!

    But seriously, that was an incredible experience. The second time i’ve seen Sigur, last time was at Alexandra Palace back in 08 and that was with just the four of them. Although it was amazing, it was great to experience the orchestral side of them, Olsen Olsen, the first Sigur track i ever heard, was a particular highlight, as well as Glosoli, Popplagid and Vaka.

    My Dad and Brother had bought tickets to go see them tonight, and my lovely papa’s been kind enough to give me his ticket so me and the bro can have a siblingly Sigur experience! What a guy!

  6. Well, what can I say? In my younger days I used to go to concerts regularly, now the cost and time can be prohibitive. Only something special like Sigur Rós gets me motivated to go.
    Thursday was my first proper gig since November 2008 at Alexander Palace. That was a great gig but easily surpassed by Thursday’s Brixton show. Show a four year gap,…… the next and even better gig followed a short 24 hours later. Last night was truly unforgettable, perfect in almost every aspect.
    Thank you and TAKK such a remarkable experience.

  7. My first time seeing you perform live. Wow. Visually
    stunning. Great mix of old and new tunes from start to
    finish. Great performance. Thank you.

  8. Totally mindblowing. Thank you, Sigur Ros, so much. A long time between seeing you at Latitude festival in 2008 – also amazing – but worth the wait. Come back very soon. We in the UK love you! A trip to Iceland in the meantime might be necessary…

  9. first time hearing you guys live, six years after hearing Hoppípolla for the first time six years ago. you sound otherworldly live. i’ll never forget the night.

    so many goosebump moments, and the laser light shows were amazing.

  10. I have waited years for this and it was awe inspiring. Last night was amazing but this show was even better. The sound and visuals were stunningly beautiful and clear. I have never seen so many people stay for the whole of the last song, nobody wanted it to end !.beautiful people who make beautiful music, I loved every song.

  11. A fan since I discovered () in 2005 this was the the first ime I had seen Sigur Ros live.

    They reaffirmed their position as my favorite musical act, whilst maintaining the ability to avoid any compairson to any other artist. They are incredible, I struggle to find the words. I filmed Hoppipolla which is here.

  12. Brixton on the 8th was my third live encounter with this extrordinary band, and was up there with the first time at Southampton Guildhall on the Takk…tour. The mirrored opening of both gigs with the curtain was special for me, stand out tracks including Festival, with the cheer on that long note that still carried on after the cheer had quietened to reappreciate it, the soaring spine shivering Valud from Valtari (with special mention to the ladies!), and the closing delicacy growing into the raw power of Untitled 8. Us all clapping unprompted in unison to the start of (I believe) Glosoli drew a big smile from Jonsi, and the many light and video effects ( the constantly ‘raising’ stage?) showed much creativity and awe. Coming out for the first bow at the end, I hollered “We Love Youuu!” over and over amongst mass appreciation of everyone there, and a part of me feels that Jonsi heard and I’m sure there was eye contact.. As my friends and I waited at the stage after, one of them was over the moon to receive a copy of the setlist, and I’m the proud owner of a bit of tape that held it down haha! In a music industry with money and blandness at the forefront, pure magic of the likes of Sigur Ros touches you to the very core.

  13. best of the 3 concerts in london: the new order of the songs really worked, and… harfntinna is back! (played only this evening). thanks again for this wonderful concert.

  14. I went to Brixton London on March 8th and when people asked how the show was I responded with .. ”It was like Heaven in doors being sang too by an angel” So moving and it really did take my breath away. Can’t wait to see these guys again. What a beautiful night.

  15. its taken me 13 years to get round to seeing Sigur Ros live since i first heard Sven f Englar on an NME compilation in 2000, and having watched the live dvd’s, i knew i was in for an epic evening…and i was not wrong. From the first moment of the new song Yfirborð to the distorted feedback at the end of Popplagid i was blown away. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end; and waves of emotion went through me has i listened. Ive never sat so still at a concert yet been so utterly content. Jonsi’s voice was more beautiful than ever, crystal clear, with his bowed guitar playing looking and sounding even better on stage in the flesh as it does on screen. Georg’s pounding bass lines reverberated round the venue, sounding epic, dark and engrossing. As ever, Orri’s drumming was immense providing the thumping backbone to many of the songs. a special mention should go to the sound engineer the balance of all the instruments and Jonsi’s voice was perfect. All the songs were amazing, loved the new ones especially brennistein and the encore was everything i could ask for…Glosoli one of my faves and the epic ending of Popplogid. I walked out of Brixton Academy into the pouring rain but i didnt matter because i felt elated from hearing your music direct from Sigur Ros! Thank you for the best concert ive ever been to. Your music makes my life a little more complete!

  16. It has been 5 years since I saw you guys for the first time in Bournemouth. Well worth the wait!
    What an amazing show, great visuals, amazing supporting musicians, and more importantly, amazing music!
    Please keep doing what you do; always trying something new and always blowing us away with it!
    You guys rock!!!

  17. I saw Sigur Ros for the first time at Brixton this year. Frankly, I don’t know what I experienced. I still can’t put it into words, but it transcended music. All in all, tt was a deeply spiritual experience. I’ve seen lots of bands; lots of big names who are renowned for being great live, but this gig was a game changer. I’ve never, seen or heard anything like it. I’ve never been to a gig where there have been people openly crying around me. I’ve never been to a gig where the audience were silent. I’ve never been to a gig where the audience were literally sitting on the edge of their seats with their mouths open in utter amazement. It was, and still is, the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever experienced. I am fully aware it’s ruined all future gigs for me, because I don’t think any other future band will ever come close.

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