sigur rós 2013 tour

lille, france



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  1. Saw you in Brussels two days ago and tonight in Lille.
    Thank you for all! Each time it’s a great and magic moment!
    You put a smile on the faces of people. And it was possible to see in everybody’s eyes some daydreams provoked by the beauty of the music, the lights and the short movies behind.
    Nothing else to say, except you’re one of the best band, ever!

    The setlist of tonight:

  2. You gave me a F….. slap accross the face !!

    This is not a show, it s an (incredible) experience

    I’ve never seen/heard anything like that

    3 hours after, i am still stunned

    Please don’t change anything … and go on and on like that !

  3. Superbe concert à LILLE,de la magie,une grande recherche aux nivaux des sons,une grande voix,il faut revenir rapidement en FRANCE.

  4. De la poésie pure, un rêve éveillé, un moment grandiose…
    j’en suis ressorti lessivé et chamboulé par tant d’émotions.

  5. You turned me upside down yesterday!
    It was the greatest musical experience of my life!
    I saw so many concerts in my life, but this one I never forget it !
    Thank you! thank you for everything!

  6. I was at Reykjavik, Brussels and Lille…
    As I say to the light engineer (thank you for the set list:), a big Takk!
    See you at London!
    ps: and if you need a fan and also a cameraman to follow you around the world, I sign directly!;)

  7. I kept looking around the crowd and the expressions on people’s faces – couples that were holding hands and looking at each other as if it was the first time they kissed, dead stares fixed on Jonsi not daring to miss a second, or myself who was often caught staring at the cieling essentially going through all the beautiful and sad memories these songs have accompanied me with. It was more than a concert. If this show happened to be your last 2 hours on Earth, you wouldn’t be afraid of death. Thanks.

  8. Très bon concert !
    Néanmoins une question demeure: quel était le nom du DJ de la première partie ?

  9. thank you for this magical, fantastic show, that makes me forget all my professionnal worries during two hours (at least). I saw you at the the Main square festival in Arras and then in Paris, each concert was brilliant. I’m really moved by your music. You are the best band in the world !

  10. Paris, Zenith,February 27…
    What a fabulous live experience!!!
    Magical music, etheral voice, perfect sound, dreamy light show, enchanted atmosphere…all the ingredients for an unforgetable show.
    The new material makes me eager to listen to the coming album (Brennisteinn, Hrafntinna…wow!!!)
    Thank you so much for these monents of pure happiness.
    Thank you for being who you are

  11. In Lille, it was just too beautiful, as always…….. A pure moment of happiness….. Listening to you, i forget everything and enjoy……..

  12. It’s been nearly two months and I still can’t forget. Seeing you live is like a religious or a mystical experiment. Everything is so intense, from the music to the light effects. It’s truly a beautiful show. I’m seeing you again at rock Wertchter in July. Can’t wait to be there and take a shitload of awesome photos, like I did in Lille! Love you guys and thanks for existing and brightening my life. Takk…

  13. More than three years later might be a bit late for a review but I didn’t know this space existed.

    Anyways, it was the best live concert I have seen! Thanks to the experience you made me live, I became more and more passionate about Iceland and I had the chance to go there this summer!

    I still remember the goosebumps when you started playing on that night in Lille!

    Takk Fyrir Sigur Ros!

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