sigur rós 2013 tour

forest national
brussels, belgium



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  1. It was the fifth time I saw Sigur Ros live and I thought I had seen the best of the band… Well, I didn’t. The concert of last night in Brussels was amazing, phenomenal and pure magic.
    There is no band in the world that can bring such music of pure beauty and magic on the stage. The lights, the images, the music,… They all made it perfect.

    Sigur Ros played 4 new songs of their next cd. When the quality and the beauty of this songs are e reference of the whole album, thousands of fans of Sigur Ros can expect a ‘5 star-album’ in the next few months. Something to look forward to… Like the coming concert at Rock Werchter at July 4th.

    Sigur Ros, takk for your heavenly music!

  2. Nothing else to say. Except that i hope you’ll make a dvd of this magnificent concert.

    You’ve touched our soul yesterday night.

    þú hefur snert líf mitt í gær nótt


  3. My first live concert from Sigur Ros and I am totaly blown away. Just amazing!!! I felt every little hair on my body the whole concert. What a trip! This tastes like more … a lot more …

  4. For 13 years I’ve been following the band. For 13 years, my life has been inspired by Sigur Rós songs. They speak to my heart. The lyrics are always so simple and so profoundly beautiful, that I feel my heart in my mouth sometimes.
    I’ve never been in a concert before, because I’m from Brazil. Yesterday, in Brussels, I saw them playing. I don’t believe. I painted a message in a small peace of paper, and I wish I could deliver it. I just showed, with the help of strangers, my small peace of paper, with the message that everybody wanted to say: Takk. All the beautiful moments of my life came to me. Oraunverulegur.

  5. 1st time i saw u !!!!
    and so glad it was indoors!!!
    thank you thank you thank you

    takk takk takk

    amazing evening!!!!

    i will see u again!!!

    ps thx for the unicef idea!!! my wife was thrilled bout the drum head :-D

  6. Amazing, never in my 53 years have I experienced anything like this, can’t find better words to describe it.

  7. One of the most positive, happy, energetic and personal moments in my life… my first concert going without friends, in a foreign country but with all the heat of every soul enjoying of this incredible show. An absolute explosion of sensations… thanks sooo much. The moment when Jonsi did the first sound it was simply awesome… God… I will retain until the next concert, because I will repeat for sure!!

    Here three moments of my great experience, which I would like to share with all of you guys:

    Ny Battery:
    Olsen Olsen:
    () Untitled 6 / E-bow:

  8. Amazing experience. This is what music is all about.
    Hope to see one of the shows captured on dvd (hopefully with Festival), so i can show it to my little son in the future.

    Thx very much !!!!

  9. what a concert… there is no word to describe it. it gives you goose bumps all the time and of all 10 concerts of Sigur Ros I have already seen, this one was the best, and surely the best concert this year!

    The new tracks look really good. I can’t wait #SR7!!! ;-)

    Takk for this unforgettable moment.

  10. I came from Ireland to see this concert – and it just blew me away. Best concert I’ve ever been to – the visuals, the reproduction, the atmosphere, the new songs, jonsi sawing at his guitar, the brass players, the drummers on Popplagið which for a finale really just left us all open mouthed….
    If you’ve never seen them – GO !!

  11. This was the best musical experience in my life! I’m sure it altered some structures in my brain for good and for the good :-)
    Thank you Sigur Ros and all who took part in it.

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