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  1. Thank you so much for this great concert in Munich tonight! You were amazing and I will always remember this concert and the feelings you gave me with your music! Listen to you since 2001 and since that time your music is very often with me. Looking forward to see you again and very excited for your new album! Have a wonderful tour and take care of you! Peace & Love

  2. It was simply great! The show – the sound – the music.

    I am looking for your new album.

    Wish you a good and successful time on tour.

  3. It was a wonderful evening in Munich! We were enjoing every song and every light you send out during this show! I love your devotion in your beautiful music, Jonsi, this is great islandic soul-music! Thank you very much and have a great tour! Love to visit your concert once more some time…

  4. Das Konzert war einfach großartig. Musik, Licht, Bilder und Stimmen waren zu einem perfekten, hypnotischen Ganzen arrangiert. Dies war mein erstes, lang erwartetes Sigur Rós-Konzert. Ich bin mit großen Erwartungen 200 km weit gefahren und wurde nicht enttäuscht. Vielen Danke an alle, die an der Show beteiligt waren für dieses unvergessliche Ereignis. Ich freue mich auf das kommende Album.

  5. Thank you for your great music. I could hardly keep myself in my skin yesterday. I really enjoyed your concert. I was just not sure if you also did. I really love Munich and I love the people, but I have to say, I´ve rarely seen such a passionless crowd. We didn´t really give back to you, what you gave to us. I still hope, you´ll come back one day. Have a great time!

  6. great!
    your music is a kind of line between our life an the big picture. The lights and pictures you have shown us will complete this moment and helped me to go a small step in understanding my part in this life. Thank you.

  7. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for the greatest show I’ve ever really seen, artistic and technical points of view. A big flap ! I weared my beautiful blue Lopi for the occasion and was not dissapointed, even if it was a bit warm (lol) !!!
    I never heard before a so powerful and clean sound in a large hall, putting in evidence the talent of the band and the fineness of Jónsi’s voice.
    Even if the audience was not ever very expansive, we were hypnotized ; I was on the guardrail, and when I looked at other people behind me, I often saw wide open eyes fixed toward the distant, waiting in silence for the end of the last note of each track before applausing.

    For those who are reading me, you must see them once in your lifetime, and many other times as soon as possible, don’t wait for years unlike me :-)
    Best regards !


    Raf, from France (Alsace)

  8. Your music reaches inner parts of beings and triggers some incredible emotions , just closing my eyes during your concert it came through the spine and the solar plexus, unique
    Beautiful to watch couples kissing during some of the songs and what a
    blast of energy with Popplagió! It was… ancestral ( I would not know how to better describe it)
    Concerning the venue, I think open air or rounder halls/ theaters are better for your show
    People in the back would have deserved more dBs to better enjoy

    A big hug, it is marvelous to experience your music live

  9. Thank you so much for the stunning show in Munich! The sound, the imagery, just beyond comparison! I’m really struggling to find the right words for it. I left with the feeling that I’ve witnessed something very precious. It’s like something has changed deep inside me and my view of the world surrounding me. Your music makes me always feel this indescribable something. That’s why I love listening to it when I paint. Keep up your beautiful work, it will alway have a place in my heart!

  10. I also attended the last concert you gave here in Munich (July ’05 in Circus Krone), and it left a permanent impression in my soul. But what a show last Saturday! If Zsofi writes, that we have been a passionless crowd – maybe we were just blown away by the combination of light, sound and the crystal clear canto of Jónsi. It was more of a worship than a concert…
    If I could make a wish: I’d love to hear you on Iceland one day, just surrounded by pure nature, no concert hall, no light show – like the ones you did for the Heima movie. You are outstanding!
    Take care and enjoy your tour around the world, bless og hafið það gott!! Sjáumst vonandi …

  11. Hi,

    thank you for this wonderful show. It has been the best concert I’ve attended so far. I was there with my girlfriend who didn’t know your work well – and she was absolutely stunned! We really enjoyed the passion that all of you showcase on stage and that you can actually sound great in a venue that’s usually more famous for a bad sound quality ;-) By the way, I don’t think the crowd was passionless, I saw many people closing their eyes. And how couldn’t they? Seeing you play live is like magic! Keep up that fantastic work, don’t lose your passion and PLEASE finish the new album! I can’t wait!

  12. Thank you, Thank you, thank you not only for your ridiculously beautiful music and stunning thought provoking imagery, but the fact that you all found one another and came together, to produce imagery and sound that makes me feel like I am not the only one, somebody else sees it the way I do. Thank You all!

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  14. Thank you Sigur Rós for the wonderful night. It was amazing. One of the best nights in my life.

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