sigur rós 2013 tour

sant jordi club
barcelona, spain



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  1. Everything about last nights show was perfect. It’s hard to describe the experience and I guess that is one thing that makes it so magical – that it can’t be explained to people who was not there.

    I’ve got tickets to two more shows so see you in Berlin and Münich next weekend! :)

    Takk, takk, takk.

  2. Thank you guys for making me dream awaken…such an amazing show! great view all the time and of course, great music! ;)

  3. gracias por vuestro concierto de ayer, fue una experiencia muy inspiradora para mí..pude volar..
    Creo que teneis unos diosecitos en vuestras entrañas que os hacen cosquillas.

  4. It was so magical I can’t describe it with words. Such perfect, you make souls travel into another spaces.
    Takk, Sigur Rós.

  5. Takk til dere! It was such a great show, I enjoyed to the top. Yesterday was a very special night thanks to all of you and your fantastic music…I will never forget it and hope you come back to Barcelona soon!!

  6. I have no words to describe what I felt last night. Thank you very very much. I’ll never forget this show!

  7. Increíble lo que sentí anoche, Son esos momentos que uno no quisiera que acabarán nunca, no olvidemos lo que vivimos anoche, gracias Sigur Ros

  8. The concert was totally amazing, you were perfect. I loved the ambient that you gave the stage <3 All the details were so special <333


  10. Absolutely de best concert of contemporaneous groups ever!!!!
    The sound entered mi up to de medulla.

  11. I’m still flying!
    what an experience!
    Yesterday, for a while, we all stop being ourselves to become ethereal beings that merged with your wonderful music..
    thank you!

  12. Thank you so much, last night show was incredible amazing. I can’t believe I was there, Jonsi’s voice is undescriptible. Everything was perfect. So special. Thank you again for you music.

  13. I like people that makes what they feel. Theyr music and style are absolutely personal, without fashion. The latest works are fabulous, without fear to change, that’s art.

  14. Takk! the best show ever!!!!!! New songs were amazing, specially kveikur that was breathtaking …just waiting for the new album!

  15. Thank you, @sigurros, for this amazing show in Barcelona!! It sounds perfect, magical and very beautiful. You make me feel happy :), like ever I listen to you.

  16. Thank you for an extracorporeal experience! Hope to live your magic once more in the future :) All my best!

  17. Love you so so much guys!!
    Incredible concert in Barcelona.
    I could not stop crying by the emotion. You made me feel incredible emotions.
    I was with someone very special for me and your music reminds me very beautiful moments with him.
    Someone I will love forever.
    Thank you so much for make one of my dreams come true.

  18. Awesome! Legen… wait for it… dary! I can’t wait for next time, and try another place like “Palau de la Musica”.

  19. A great experience! Music, images, instruments, voices… everything incredible… Takk, takk, takk!

  20. Thank you so much for last night’s experience… I discovered you 5 years ago and lost the chance to go to your last concert and i had been waiting ever since and it was worth every second of waiting… It’s like someone said in another comment, it’s impossible to describe the experience to others who weren’t there and because of that I think it is something just for me that I’ll keep in my heart, until I see you next :)

  21. In the third time that I can see you, I can close the circle. It is impossible to be sensitiver, sweeter, intenser and powerfuler. It seemed impossible… but you returned to steal me the air again. thanks, thanks, forever thanks.

  22. Gracias por esta increible experiencia multisensorial y por poner música en nuestras vidas,soys unos genios!

  23. TAKK TAKK TAKK TAKK TAKK TAKK TAKK TAKK TAKK TAKK TAKK Ayer cumpli uno de mis sueños, os vi en directo. Quiero volver a soñar! Con vuestra musica me hicisteis sentir de verdad VIVO. Espero que os divirtierais tocando en barcelona y aqui os esperaremos por siempre… NO CAMBIEIS, este mundo necesita gente como vosotros GRAAAAACIAS!.

  24. Senzillament… no hi ha paraules per descriure el que un cop mes he viscut al vostre concert. S’ha de viure, senzillament. Gracies per triar uns temes tan encertats. Ny Batteri i Popplagid em fan vibrar, sentir i plorar com cap altra cançó del món mundial. Gracies!!!!

    Simply… there are no words enough to describe what once again I lived in your gig yesterda. Simply you have to experience it. Thanks for choosing so right and appropiate songs. Ny Batteri and Popplagid make me shake, feel and cry like no other song in the whole wold music history. Loved the new ones too. Thanks a lot!!!!


  25. Takk allt fyrir tónleikar í gær! Það var frábært, fallegt!
    Takk fyrir sérstaklega: Glósoli, Varúð, Popplagið, E-Bow, Svefn-g-englar…
    Var Amiina hér líka? :)
    Ó! koma aftur fljótlega, vinsamlegast!

  26. Yesterday i was in one of the best concert i have ever been. I was almost criying all the time, but not because of sadness, it was so so beautiful that i couldnt control my emotions. You went through my soul. I could never forget what i see, listen and feel yesterday. Thnak you so much.

  27. Yesterday it was my first show ever and i’m afraid it won’t be the last one: a really great experience and amazing time (quite magical too, I must say). Also a special thank you for performing in Barcelona.

  28. Thanks a lot for such a magical concert. Your performance was incredible, the show was beautiful and the audio quality was awesome (congrats to your audio engineer too!!), so clear and powerful at the same time.
    Hope you come more often to Spain!!

  29. Thank you guys for signing my banner, I’ll post a picture of it right in your facebook, do you remember us? thank you SO SO SO much for tonight’s show… It has been just incredible! No words to describe it! Well, just two:

  30. Fantastiskt! Tack så otroligt mycket för en denna underbara upplevelse! This was my first concert ever, I was told by my friends that I should not go to another one because after this one it will never be as good. :)

  31. Thanks a lot for a perfect show. Your performance is just magical. Thank you for let us listen your beautiful music. takk!

  32. amazing!! Takk Sigur Rós! Now I belive in God!

    Amazing show! Amazing musicians and beautiful visuals! Good sound also.

    Moltes gràcies!

  33. A lot of words can describe what we felt on saturday night… It was my third time watching live SR, and the best so far. Visuals were epic, so intense,…and the setlist, almost perfect. In my opinion, there were some strong highlights: E-bow (visuals simply awesome), Glósoli, Everyone clapping on Varud´s ending part,… new songs, especially Hveikur!…and, the icy on the cake: Untitled 8…wow, the strongest ending ever. Thanks for your MASTERwork,..and keep on going this way!!! and tell Kjartan there´s an open door, if he ever change his mind about comming back ;). Gracias, takk fyrir

  34. Wow!!! Wonderful show the last Saturday!!! It was my first time… and I want to repeat!!! I love your new songs. Perfect ones! TAKK!

  35. Ég elska þig!!!
    Please i want to live forever in that concert, now i can’t come back to real life :(
    After being with you, everything seems to be ugly.
    But i will never forget that night in Spain with Sigur Rós.
    Takk Fyrir.

  36. many thanks for the show!! something so spectacular to believe in the possibility of a better world to those who are struggling, thank you, congratulations, I hope soon, in the Palau de la Música? would be great …

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