sigur rós 2013 tour

sant jordi club
barcelona, spain



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  1. Espectacular…. Et transporten a una altra dimensió… el so molt molt cuidat, l’escenografia i la veu de Jonsi….

  2. Impressionant!! la posada en escena molt acurada, els llums, les imatges, m’ha agradat molt.
    I les cançons de sempre, uff…

  3. Espectacular, so que et transporta a una altra dimensió, molt cuidat així com l’escenografia. I la veu de Jonsi….

  4. Those who are reading this because they have yet to see them, well you’re in for a treat. They were awesome! They gave so much energy and emotion to the work.

    Sigur Ros – thank you so much for a truly outstanding night.

    One tip: please don’t start clapping before they have finished doing their thing!

  5. The most amazing show ever!!!!!! I had never experienced anything like it!!!! It is so worth it. You feel your whole body rising to the sounds. They seriously outdone themselves. Thank you for this amazing show.

  6. Congrats!!! My first time and I enjoy a lot with Everything… Image,Sound,Jonsi´s voice,etc…

  7. Espectacular, la primera parte emocionante.
    Se nota mucho que no está Kjartan, cada vez tocan hopipolla con menos emoción…
    La selección de canciones me sorprendió, esperaba más del último disco y hay un par de canciones que hubiera quitado.
    Por fin Glósoli en directo!!! y flotavik!!!

    Impresionantes, únicos y mágicos, gracias por hacerme llorar!!

    Y que vuelva Kjartan!!!!!

  8. Thanks for playing Barcelona!

    We were laughing over a drink before the concert because I told my friends hurry up we’re going to miss “A.I.” Of course A.I. means artista invitado not the name of the opening band!

    Walking home after the show we all commented that we wished Jónsi would have made the effort to say ‘hello’ ‘thank you’ or ‘goodbye’ in Spanish or Catalan.

    Enjoyed the show Með Blóðnasir was the high point for me last night.

  9. El moment més especial de la meva vida. Han sigut casi dues hores genials, espectaculars, emocionants..

    TAKK, TAKK. EG ELSKA PIG SIGUR RÓS. you’re the best.

  10. Ha sigut fantàstic, molt emocionant. Moltes gràcies per haver-nos fet disfrutar amb el so, la imatge i l’espectacular veu d’en Jonsi..

  11. cuando no es sólo la música, cuando los sentimientos afloran, las lágrimas surgen envueltas en emoción, el alma se eleva, el vello se eriza y hay ahí algo inexplicable…. sencillamente mágico!

  12. Last night, I was dreaming meanwhile I was listening. I felt inside me and in my skin every note, the harmony, the magic.

  13. I really enjoyed it…but I think it wasn’t the best place to play your kind of music, even the sound was good.
    Thank you for coming to Barcelona.

  14. amazing. i still have chills when i remember KVEIKUR. new album will be great, can’t wait for it.

  15. Amazing show yesterday in Barcelona.
    My first time to see Sigur Rós on a stage and I really like it. Great sound, lighting and visuals, all this make a great performance and ambience.

    Hope the band enjoyed like us.

  16. Per segona vegada després de Madrid aquest concert ha estat una experiència increïble. Una cuidada escenografia, grans músics i sobretot la veu “única” de Jónsi. Inoblidable. Esperant amb ànsia l’arribada del seu nou treball. Takk strákar!

  17. Meravellós, espectacular, moltíssimes gràcies per tanta sensibilitat i energia!!
    Thanks so much!!!!

  18. wordless. it can’t leave one indifferent. stunning visual work and breathtaking musicians. jónsi’s voice, violins, pianos, bass, drums, everything.

  19. 4th time I’ve seen your show and still amazing and mesmerizing. Takk a lot and looking forward to listening to your new album¡

  20. Absolutely amazing. Completely excited at first, down in the dumps during the fifth song, and then happiness and hope filled my entire body while Varúd was played, to end with Hoppípolla and enjoy that sudden happiness. All emotions in one incredible show, always to be remembered. You’ve set a point that I doubt anyone can ever surpass.

  21. Takk Sigur Rós !! This is the second time I saw you and you’re still so marvelous. I had goose-flesh during the final, it wa sooooo impressive! You’re the best guys it was so emotional and magical. Við elskum þig ! Sjáumst fljótlega krakkar


  22. Takk sigur rós… The best concert of my life, you are so amazing! All the musicians are the best! Today I still believe that the concert was a dream! Takk again! And come to Barcelona again, I’ ll be there!!!

  23. Wonderful! You can tell you respect your audience and you work hard putting on a great show. Amazing visuals in tune with the music. Well timed songlist, I just thought it to be too short! Many thanks for yesterday’s concert and for how your musics helps us.

  24. Thank you, Sigur Ros. Ha estat increible, el concert més especial de la meva vida. Art i experiència. I hope see you soon!

  25. Excel·lent concert, amb una gran selecció de cançons, sobretot antigues. Molt bon so, bons visuals. La veu del Jónsi, magnífica tota la nit. Gran versió de Svefn-G-Englar en el bis.

    Excellent concert, with a great selection of songs, mainly from the earlier albums. Very good sound, and good visuals. Jónsi’s voice was magnificent the whole night. Great version of Svefn-G-Englar in the encore.

  26. Simply amazing. When you left before the encore I couldn’t believe you had been playing for an hour and a half. It felt so short!

    Hearing Popplagið live has been one of the greatest moments of my life. Thank you so much… And Kveikur sounds incredible! Great bass line.

    Keep up the good work. Orri, keep smashing those drums!

  27. Thanks for come back to Barcelona. We love your music, your songs are in our life. Wonderful sound, playlist and feelings. Jonsi and the musicians were magnificients. For the next time,maybe a better place and some minutes more..we want always more!

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