sigur rós 2013 tour

campo pequeno
lisbon, portugal



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  1. Magnificent!!! Unique!!!! Beautifull!!! Powerfull!!! And i dont know more vocabulary in Emglish to express it!!! Huummm, Oh!!! Amazing :) More than a concert an experience. Thaks for the privilege. P

  2. Sigur Rós – Lisbon 14/02/2013

    Been there and tell him what I thought I saw and heard, but I think not, I was explaining how a new color to a blind person … even difficult, if not impossible.

    So just say, if they have the opportunity to see live not miss!

    Paulo Costa

  3. unbelievable!! awesome experience!! got to live it once in your life!! thank you very much sigur rós!!

  4. It was absolutely amazing. There are no words to describe such a talent!! Thank you Sigur Ros for everything you’ve given to the world :)

  5. It was magical, amazing… you´re from “another world”, you´re so welcome to lisbon, takk you sou much ;)

  6. The entire concert was a really powerful experience, but the very last song took me to Heaven, Hell, Mars, the whole Universe and everywhere else in between within minutes. It was just an unbelievably huge storm of amazing sound – best ending to the best concert I’ve ever attended. OMG

  7. Unbelievable, it was better than I could ever have dreamt of. The best show I have attended in many years. I must say it came close to perfection, sound, lights, the whole thing. Thank you for coming to Lisbon, please come again soon.

  8. It was the 4th time i saw SR live , definately the best ever,
    A massive demonstration of art at its finest performance.
    Simply epic.

    Thank You

  9. What an amazinh concert! Thank you Sigur Rós! I had “chicken skin” all the time! :)

  10. It was magical and amazing!
    I am still frozen and speechless!

    Love the new songs!

    Takk, Sigur Rós!

  11. an aesthetic experience… sublime, magical and very very powerful… the beginning was magical and dreamlike, growing to an end that took me into another world…
    thank you so much for the magnificent experience…

  12. This was an amazing concert… The emotions shared were imense and intense.. I wish a long and productive life to all Sigur Ros members… You are awsome!

  13. Still feeling !! And breathing!! And leaving !! And thank you Sigur, it was a beautifull and a gratefull concert. You are allways weelcome :)

  14. Magnificient!!

    i wish i could make the clock turn back…to see you again and again!!
    hours of pure perfection…

    tank you!

  15. It was the first time I saw you and let me say you it was magic! I love you and I will love you more and more. Please come again soon, all of us are already waiting!

  16. What a magic night! a dream that came true! Thank you so much, you are too good, too beautiful,too magic..

  17. Unforgettable moment to hold in a very special place in the heart!

    Cuz You guys are very special!

    Come back soon, pliz

  18. Saw you first time 10 years ago also in Lisbon. That was maybe the best concert I’ve ever seen. Saw u 3 more times after and then it happened what happpened last night: beautiful powerful universal! Obrigado!

  19. What a shame. You played (again) in a place where animals are tortured. “Campo Pequeno” is a bullfight arena. Where is your ethics?

  20. Thank you so much Sigur Rós…What an amazing concert!!! Come back soon! You are awsome!

  21. not the first
    not the last
    but always bitterdeliciousfreshgreasyjuicyhoticyloosemeltednutritiousprickly
    and theres not enough words to describe something that isn´t from here
    even so i missed Varteldur, but if you played it i will not be here to revwe it…
    Thanks for the path…

    (about lisbon concert – St Valentines day, 2013)

  22. Takk for an amazing concert last night! It’s the first time that I saw you in concert but won’t be certainly the last! I don’t have enough words to describe how much I loved the concert! Takk

  23. One Of the most beautifull concerts i’ve seen!! The sound, lights, everything was perfect. The only flaw i could detect was that Jónsi didn’t talk to us :(
    I hope you come when you realease your next album, i wont miss it :D

  24. Finally I made it to your concert!!! And aditionally, it was in Lisboa, a very special place in my voyages. It was an amazing experience, the visualisation and lights… all the effects were just astonishing. And the music was simply… Music. You made me cry with emotions, I could hear the sounds of your land in my soul. As sb else alredy wrote here, I wish I could play the concert again and again – to focus on some details I did not have a chance. Thank you and have a great tour!!!

  25. Thank you for last night’s amazing journey! There are a few perfect things in the world, and your show is definately one of those things. Long live Sigur Rós! TAKK!

  26. Takk Sigur Rós. Last night was amazing. Your concerts are not just concerts, but some kind of beautiful experience. There were moments when I didn’t know where I was. I felt I went to some special place and then was back on earth. You’re truly talented and it has been a great pleasure to enjoy your music, your art, your gift for all these years. Takk takk takk. Portugal is always waiting for you.

  27. Completely different from 2008! Even with some of the same songs.

    That time the overriding feeling was Joy, yesterday it was Power and/or Darkness!


  28. Obrigado Sigur Rós, por existirem na minha vida, e por trazerem uma luz magnífica Luz a Portugal. Se o céu tiver uma banda sonora, serão decerto vocês a compô-la.


  29. Sigur Rós made my day in ways I can’t even explain.
    They took me to places deep within myself otherwise unvisited.
    My mood changed between melancholic, joyful, violent and depressive states so easily I felt manipulated.
    That’s it: you, Sigur Rós, manipulated my mood in a way nobody or anything ever will.
    People often say they choose some genre of music according to their mood. You prove them wrong. Your music is the thing that dictates the mood of your listener.
    Never felt so good being manipulated. Thank you very much for the moments you gave us.

  30. I’ve seen all your portugueses concerts. This one was definantly the best one.

    I felt like back in the womb.

    You four are illuminated.


  31. I just wanna say thank you. No words to describe the night, you’re amazing.Plz come back soon! Love from Portugal!

  32. There are concerts where the musics flows at your hears, as in an act of love! Thank U for last night ***

  33. Thank you for such a unique concert.
    Amazing music, light and images, all so well combined and with such a tremendous impact.

  34. Takk for the magic night that once more make me feel back in Iceland.
    Hope to see you again and I was very surprised with your new themes, mainly Kveikur, just amazing!

  35. I loved the concert! it was a total show: the best music, experiments, video, lights, song choice, interaction, EVERYTHING!!!! It was amazing, the best concert I’ve been to. Thank you sooooo much Sigur, hope you enjoy Lisbon and come back very very soon!

  36. your concert tonight was………much more than a simple amazing! really.
    hope you come back to portugal someday or i have the huge lucky to watch (or should i say live?) another gig of you (sigur rós). one more time, THANK YOU! and keep setting free your powerful magic sounds. with lots of emotions, the blue haired girl from the front of the stage

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