sigur rós 2013 tour

porto, portugal



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      01 yfirborð
      02 vaka
      03 ny batteri
      04 hrafntinna
      05 brennisteinn
      06 saeglopur
      07 fljotavik
      08 e-bow
      09 varuð
      10 hoppipolla
      11 með bloðnasir
      12 glosoli
      13 kveikur
      14 svefn-g-englar
      15 popplagið


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  1. Brosandi :) I was with a smile from ear to ear that never disappeared during your show and there are no words that could describe such concert. I am truly in love with your music. Jónsi, it was simply on your face how much you love what you do and the pleasure you have while you are on a stage. You surely are something beyond the greatest adjective I could use! I’ve never experienced such a feeling, the one that you somehow pass to us, fans, through your unique music. That was pure art, keep up with the good work! I certainly will make everything I can to be present at your future concerts here in Portugal.

    Congratulations, you truly are the best :) *

  2. it was a magnificent show! the sounds, the pictures, the feelings.. everything was great! thank you!

  3. O maior elogio que posso fazer aos sigur ros e que continuam a inovar e manter essa originalidade que faz da vossa banda unica no mundo…ja vi 2 concertos e não me desiludiram e adorei a vossa humildade em vir ao palco 2 vezes para se despedirem…

  4. I’ve waited a really long time for this chance! I flew from the middle of the atlantic to see your concert (from Azores) and I really loved it! It was (is) one of the most incredible music experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you very much! I appreciated the new songs: more power and still the same delicacy! :) All the best for the tour!

  5. Hello there,

    Maybe this is one of the biggest clichés ever, but I really have no words left to say. You absorved every emotion of my soul/body! I loved the new songs, I was so stocked during the show, like I enter in another dimenson or something. The stage was beautiful, it fitted the songs, was so dreamy..

    When I got home I was immediatly see your Europe Tour, perhaps we’ll meet again in Rome! So I hope you play Í Gær, it’s my favourite song. :)

    I hope you liked Porto and you come back soon. You can believe that I hurt my hands due to the fact I couldn’t stop clapping..

    Love you all,
    Rita Costa

  6. A very few times I wished I could back in time, yesterday I thought the same. Was perfect in every way possible. Was magical, dreamy, fantastic, out of this world. You are everything that music is suppose to be.

    You are a fresh air! Come back, please, come back :)

  7. Have you seen our reaction in the end of the show?

    Every emotion was real, you were everything I was expecting and beyond!

    PS: I love every piece of music you made, of course I liked the new songs!

    Muito obrigado e espero que voltem! :)

  8. One of the best shows i’ve ever seen! I’ve been waiting for you since 2009, it was worth the wait! Truly magical!

  9. Ég mun vera í Lissabon í kvöld. Eftir allt þetta athugasemdir um ljómandi árangri í gærkvöldi í Porto Ég byrjaði þegar að skjálfa. Sjá þig í kvöld!

  10. Feeling feels that I never thought I could feel. Thank you 4 the amazing show in Oporto! Luvy

  11. Hello

    I wasn’t a big fan, my boyfriend always been. But I loved the concert. The concert was magic I loved every second. I think that now I’m a big fan too. Thanks for coming to Porto

  12. To say it is special to see you live is as trivial as it is true. The live set was perfectly balanced between etherealness and raw power, especially present over the new songs, but I do not feel I can grasp in words the flow of energy felt during the concert. I can try to remember some of the images: the reddish swirls of powder, the floating torsos in tones of green, falling rocks shaping a volcanic landscape, small figures on the top of mountains with twinkling lights,stardust and faces, and everywhere, that blue smoke, slow, expectant, ready to be upset by electric storms; the lights went up, it felt like coming back from somewhere far far away, takk so much*

  13. Another UNIQUE moment!!!
    My batteries are fully charged!

    U have the amazing gift of thrusting energy straight to one´s core!!!
    U do not make (just) music, you are food for the soul…!

    This was my third one… I want more!!!
    One should wake up with your show every morning!
    Lov u all

  14. you are absolutely fantastic! such an amazing concert, it was overwhelming. no words can describe how i felt.
    hope to see you again!
    muito obrigada, sigur rós!

  15. I absolutely loved your concert, congradulations, keep up the good work and have a nice tour! :) I hope you’ve ejoyed us much as I do and that you’ve had the chance to visit the city! Good luck for your concert tomorrow in Lisbon! It’s wonderful that you’ve started the tour in my city! :p I hope it all goes well, and that I can visit you in Iceland one day! :) (it’s my number 1 dream destination!)


  16. Me and my wife are fans for years, and hoppi was our wedding song… The wedding yook place outside and it was not a very sunny day, but at the end of the cerimony, when the song started, the sun just rip of the clouds and shined… it was magical… and it’s on the wedding video, it’s real… we always wanted to see you live, and yesterday was one of the most beautifull nights we’ve ever had… specially because our son, that is only 2 months away from coming to this world and he has already listened to your amazing songs. and by the way he was kicking, I’m sure he loved it as much as his parents… In my name, in the name of my wife and in the name of our unborn son, thank you for everything.

  17. This was the best concert i’ve been to… I am not easily impressed, and I have seen many, many concerts, and must admit that this one was the truly lifetime experience. I’d seen jónsi in his solo album in Spain and loved the show, but nothing would prepare me for what happened yesterday. Being a long time fan, I have always wanted to be at a Sigur Ròs concert, and finally i managed to be there. I drove for 3 long hours to stand there, shocked in front of an outstanding performance. The interaction between Jónsi and the crowd was just beyond understanding, with just a wink of his hand everyone was clapping the rhythm. The sound, video and performance were memorable. As I said when I bought the ticket: “Lifetime Achievement Unlocked”. Finally I saw you live, and am eager for more, please come back, you saw we truly love what you do.
    Takk for everything.

  18. takk, for an amazing concert. the sound was amazing, except at popplagi#8 start. the strings and horns were brutal to go through the whole concert. new songs resulted very well and brennisteinn pointed paths that can be covered in the future for a permanent reinvention of your sound. ( )

  19. Great concert! I loved the show, the audience, the room was perfect as well.
    Lights, stage effects, video in the background: I think to the one that gives the impression the group (and us) to go up/float (E-bow I think).
    I wanted to hear the new songs quickly as I had been destabilized by Brennisteinn, heard for the first time in Iceland. Since my hot sharp criticism, I’m used to it, I even like a lot the sumptuous fully electronic bassline, but I always regret that part in the middle “dance floor”, supported by lasers which have fortunately disappeared… in Porto yesterday :)
    Other new songs: a lot of bass, loud sound and big tempo: I liked. There are uncommon things in the voices, percussion. Hrafntinna, which ends by brass: I liked at first listen, which is rare. On the other hand, we have not enjoyed kveikur, very loud, because we couldn’t hear at all the voice of Jónsi, consequently the melody.
    So yes I miss the subtlety of some old songs, I guess that was lost with the departure of Kjartan. The strings have now a secondary role, unlike the role Amiina had.
    I am OK with the “new sound”, but I think the group should have the courage to remove the ubiquitous songs as Svefn-G-Englar, Ny batteri, Hoppípolla (and even Popplagið) and intercalate to calm and delight your old fans with jewels like Starálfur, Von, Njósnavélin…

  20. If the god damn angels played music it will be this way. Great jump start for the tour. I was there and had the opportunity to experience something else,ethereal, magic. The sound sometimes noisy sometimes melodical but always powerful adn I found myself, for strange it may sound, feeling the music within me. True magic happened.
    I’ve been following them ever since Takk and for the first time I’ve lived their music. Live on small sites is the best way to experience and to go beyond.

  21. If I ever go to Iceland, I hope to find in the nature the sounds and feelings that you played and expressed last night!

    just lovely*

  22. I am floating since yesterday. I can not describe how happy I am. It was just perfect!!! And love the new songs too! Can’t wait to a new show!

  23. Once I saw you guys at the cafe, as soon as me and girlfriend Inês arrived at Porto I thought to myself “This is going to be even a more wonderful day than I was expecting”.
    Peacefully and very friendly you let me and Inês to take a picture with you, our favorite band, whose music is like a skylight to our lifes.
    Wonderful show with so much feeling and passion. Everything went great and it felt like a dream coming true, like a truly lifetime experience.
    Thank you for existing and for such a lovely music.

    Takk, from Diogo and Inês.


  24. First of all, thank you Sígur Rós for the great concert in Porto. You knew how to combine the oldest and the (4) new songs. Your songs still drive me to my private feelings, essentially the great moments I spent in Iceland, where I have my daughter, living with her mother. And i travel to your country every time I hear your songs (even the new one). So keep doing what you have been doing, because our planet needs more reflections about what we are doing here and your songs helps a lot. Hope you enjoy our beautiful city. Good luck for your tour and come back soon

  25. Lovely concert. From the new ones, i liked brennisteinn, hrafntinna and kveikur. Vaka is always my favorite… :)Have a fantastic tour. Hope to see you soon in Porto. Takk Sigur Rós! Love Sigur!

  26. Two hours of an outstanding concert! The stage show was excellent. Great playlist, missed a few songs from de new album! Loved the encore!!! Next time give us a second encore :).

  27. Stunning


    Obrigada, Sigur Rós :)

  28. Hi! I’ve been listening to you for about 10 years now… I just want to say you mean a lot to me, from a long time. I couldn’t make it to the concert. I bought my ticket back in december, but after that I was appointed to surgery these days and I had to stay home, resting, in the night of the concert. I can honestly say that the hardest part of my surgery was not to be able to make it to a concert I’ve been expecting for so long. See you next time guys.

  29. It was the best show of my life. Can´t wait to see you another time. Thank you for a brilliant time, lovely songs, superb lights… WHAT A SHOW….

  30. Amazing concert, I almost cried at the end, you are the greatest….

    Desde ayer soy más feliz.


  31. I felt cold, I felt hot, l smiled, I cried… In some moments i wanted to be alone just to feel the energy… but in others i wanted to hug someone, someone special ;) I felt my fears, but I felt an enormous hope and happiness! Amazing voice, sounds, colours! It was amazing thank you!

  32. Great gig, great versions of Hoppipolla and Með bloðnasir, glorious version of Popplagið in the end of the concert. Not so good Glosoli (much better in the concert of november 2005) and unfortunately (for me) a lot of sigur rós best songs (again, for me) not played and which I was expecting to: Olsen olsen, Hafssól, Njósnavélin, Andvari, Sé lest (ahh that finale…) and Festival;
    And others (which I wasn’t expecting at all, but dreaming with them……): Syndir guðs, Myrkur, Ágætis byrjun, Starálfur, Mílanó, Inní mér syngur vitleysingur, Við spilum endalaust.

    Great gig ‘though as I’ve said before, still astonished with Popplagið version :0

    P.S: worst support act of all Sigur Rós concerts I’ve attended: that guy on the stage brings nothing but headaches lol. The Album Leaf, in 2003, and specially Amiina in 2005, were way way better choices and elegant/gracious support for Sigur Rós music.

    Takk :)

  33. third concert, 13 of February of 2013…
    It will be necessary, to describe that perhaps hear sigur ros in a cd, a dvd or any other ‘artificial’ mechanism is very good and sometimes excellent (to work, to love, or just to pass time), but seeing live and ‘kicking’ can overcome any sensitive barrier. The contact with that reality provides us a unique moment in our lifetime passing our humble body’s to other dimension without the need of any kind ‘artificialization’. A ‘twilight zone’ complete of energy: sensitive, delicate, penetrating, profound and sometimes immersive in the chaotic Coliseu chamber, where the process of time, image and sound seem to us (once again), a total experience.
    Thank you so much, …Sigur and Orchestra (I think some belong to the Amiina)…
    Carlos & Jacinta

  34. Hæ!

    It was the second time that I was in your concerts, first was in Warsaw (2008) and now in my hometown Porto.

    Both concerts were full of magical moments that remit us to a world of fantasy and let us forget all our daily life problems and stresses.

    Each year you are better and better!

    Hope to see you soon somewhere over Europe! :)


  35. I forgot to say something important: the most beautiful moment of the concert, for me, was E-bow: magical, hypnotic, this piece is definitely for the scene (and not so usual in your setlists).

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