sigur rós 2013 tour

porto, portugal



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      01 yfirborð
      02 vaka
      03 ny batteri
      04 hrafntinna
      05 brennisteinn
      06 saeglopur
      07 fljotavik
      08 e-bow
      09 varuð
      10 hoppipolla
      11 með bloðnasir
      12 glosoli
      13 kveikur
      14 svefn-g-englar
      15 popplagið


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  1. really liked yfirbord and kveikur!

    what a great performance. you’re getting better and better. thank you!

  2. Takk for playing a lot of old ones. Missed Viðrar vel til loftárása. Takk for being awesome. You really had changed the world with your music… And i’m glad that Oporto was the first in your tour. We are the firsts! Please take time to consider playing at least once in Paredes de Coura Festival. I honestly believe that it’s the the most magical place for you to perform in Portugal. I’m happy that i’m not the only one to have that thought. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Be back soon.

  3. your gig in porto back in 2005 is a memory i truly cherish. finally, after 8 years of waiting for you to come back, all i can say is: thank you for another perfect night. i was dying to listen to brennistein live and let me tell you — best sigur rós tune in years. kveikur (hope i’m not mixing the names) is off the charts too! both are so powerful, sort of gloomy and dark, not just regarding music but everything else, the lighting, video (kveikur’s is apocalyptical), stage decoration — amazing! just loving that deep bass! can’t wait for the next album. so happy it’s gonna come out this year. oh, and meeting you downtown before the show was the icing on the cake. really, you’ve been my favorite band since i was a kid and ágætis came out. couldn’t ask for more. see you again tonight in lisbon! love you guys.

  4. I have not enough words to express what I felt last night, a mix of sensations that led me to another world. Thanks a lot for these songs, for being what you are. To be perfect to me, this show missed a very important song “Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása”. Maybe next time. Takk

  5. Love the new songs on Porto live set!
    I Hope you make a live dvd to all your fans in the world!
    You are amazing!! Good luck guys!

  6. Grazie, semplicemente grazie. Sono arrivato di corsa e ad attendermi c’era Ny Battery, ho pianto subito

  7. Saw you yesterday (Porto) and it was the most creative concert I have ever seen. The visual part was breathtaking. Your music is so powerful in a live performance, it was truly inspiring and you transported all of us to another place.
    Thank you!

  8. What a wonderful night I spent yesterday, 13th. Thank you very much for the amazing show you gave! This was my second concert of Sigur Rós and once again, spectacular! For those who, like me, follow all your work, from first to last album, it’s a privilege to see you live and so … fantastic!

  9. Sorry but I didnt like the new songs. Way too electronic! Felt I was on a disco and I didn’t like it. I don’t like this tendency of bands getting more into electronic music. I don’t get it. Thank you for the old ones Still *

  10. Takk for dreaming…
    takk for believing…
    Takk for building…
    Takk for sharing…
    The most intense,introspective and overwhelming concert ever. Everything was perfect:
    – the band, the sound, the lights, the stage was so beautifull…Takk and see you soon!

  11. And for One Night Iceland was closer from us, than the usual…

    It’s beautiful strange when you don’t understand a word from your language… yet the connection with your sound it’s stronger that almost other bands…

    Thnak You for a Special Night!

  12. It’s hard for me to find the correct words to explain what I felt once more yesterday. Everyday you have people saying that your music changed their lives and, in fact, your music, specially Glósoli, Festival and Hoppipolla, changed mine in a very concrete way.
    My life is what it is because of Sigur Rós, and this is the best compliment I can do to you. Being in the same room as you and assist at your live performances, it’s one of the most unbelievable and important experiences of my life. I hoe to see you once more and very soon…

  13. It was really amazing!!! I can’t describe the feeling when I heard vaka… I couldn’t contain myself.
    The new album was very easy on the ear and I liked particularly track fljotavik!
    Great way to finish the concert as usual but it just gave chills thru my spine!
    Thank you so much for this moment! And come back soon please!

  14. Such an amazing concert…everything was overwhelming, every detail, every sound… almost 2h living in another dimension… thank you so much for this true blessing… looking forward to see you again********

  15. It was indescribable … will remain in my memory as one of the most spectacular concerts I have ever seen … I only have one word for you: OBRIGADA!

  16. Takk for one of the most memorable concerts in my life…
    There are no words to described how great it was.
    Hope to see you again soon

  17. Heartbreaking performance, but i left with a bitter taste: i’m really disappointed about the cruel lack of Agaetis Byrjun songs.

  18. Não consigo descrever o concerto de ontem á noite no Porto. Ainda não se inventaram as palavras!! Takk!

  19. Amazing experience. You were awesome and the new songs sounded great! And thanks for playing vaka and e-bow, my all time favourites :D

  20. Another amazing night in Porto, another magic night in Portugal…
    Awesome sound, brilliant instrument details… a great set list…
    I really loved the new songs, even more powerful than usual, but with that distinct Sigur Rós sound… Kveikur simply blew me away!
    Your music is not only to be heard, it’s definitely to be felt…
    Takk for your music, takk for being part of the dream…

  21. I first saw Sigur Rós live back in 2005 in Coliseum do Porto. It was a pleasure to see yesterday that it was well worth the wait.
    Awesome concert tonight! I liked a lot the new songs (very powerful), and the new visuals are simply amazing.
    Thank you!

  22. Hi guys. Thank you for such an amazing concert. All this waiting was worthwhile. Very well planned concert, everything so harmonious. It was really breathtaking, at some point it almost felt like I could cry-but maybe that’s just girl’s stuff!!!. I liked the mix of the albuns and couldn’t believe when I heard hoppipola. The new musics sounded also great, so we’ll just have to wait for a new album and for th next concert.
    It was really for me a concert of a lifetime. Muito obrigada.

  23. Thank you so much for the amazing concert last night. A concert like yours remembers people why they love music so much and why going to see live music is so important. It was beautiful and breathtaking. The new songs worked really well and I hope you enjoyed the company of Oporto’s crowd. Have an excellent tour.

  24. No need to speak about the old tunes. The feelings and emotions were there last night just exactly as they were in the first time I head those songs in the past :) You also played them with little variations from the original (I remember the kick drum in Glosoli was slightly different) and that was nice and refreshing!

    Thank you for playing 4 new songs for us. From what I’ve heard they sound amazing! I really liked the drums, strong beats from the beginning to the end, the songs don’t have to be always in crescendo, you looked for something different, more electronic its true but, at least in my opinion, they sound amazing live and go along really well with the old ones. That bass filled the room!

    By the way, that ensemble playing with you? Magnificent! You bring great musicians with you and that reflects on the quality of you performance. You chose brass players that can sing like angels :) Cheers to them!

    Have a most wonderful tour, put a record out as soon as possible and please can back to Porto soon :)


  25. I really loved the show. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen and heard. Ever. You played almost all my favourites! E-bow, Vaka, Saeglópur, Svefn-g-englar… Magical! And the visual effects, awesome. Simply perfect!
    I was a little bit sad you didn’t play more song from valtari or með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, but it was still great! :D
    The new songs seemed to have a very powerful energy on them, so I am really excited for your upcoming album! I loved yfirbord and brennisteinn! Truly can’t wait! It was an honor to be the first ones to hear them. Thank you, thank you so much!
    Hope to see you again sometime.


  26. Hi, i just want to say THANK YOU to you all for the amazing
    show last night. As one of my favorite all time band i
    must say that you realy know how to create a mix of
    Very Good music, excelent stage performance and
    Most of all make people forget everything else and
    Enter a new world. Sigur Ros World… Once again
    THANK YOU for beeing just like you are and make us
    Dream and feel and smile and cry… Obrigado!!!

  27. My first priority from now is to see you again, it was the most incredible, intense, emotional experience of my life.


  28. Ora bem!! 11 pessoas em palco(os 3 +8), esteticamente muito bom, secção de cordas e metais ajuda a preencher a música(apesar de achar que os metais podiam estar com som mais baixo), jonsi…simplesmente fantástico, 4 músicas novas(!!!!!): uns sigur ros que mandaram valtari embora(no que era mau-maioria, e no que era bom) e soam mais acido, cru…mas muito bom, uma versão de VARUD fabulosa; em resumo, um concerto incrivel)…terminam com o indescritivel poplagio(a música com mais força desde que o Homem descobriu a melodia!) que com as cordas e metais fica ainda mais potente…2 vindas de agradecimento mas sem mais nenhuma música porque qualquer coisa que tocassem depois de poplagio não podia correr bem.NOTA: bater palmas durante o Hopippola a pedido de jonsi e a bater o ritmo em glosoli é que não estava à espera…
    Pena nunca ter assistido a uma versão HARF de VON(The most beautifull and sad song ever e DAUALOGN

  29. You are awesome! What an amazing concert! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! No words can describe the effect your music, or should I say your magic? in us. In the world. Your music reconnects us to a higher meaning, Humankind as a whole, stars, fire, universe, nature, freedom. Believing. I am a different person today, after yesterday’s magic. Magical sigur rós. Awesome!!!

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