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  1. I finally touched and hugged Jónsi before the gig. That was magical.
    And the show, Ekki Mukk, the rain and the timing, they were all goddish!

  2. The night you made me wet with your sheer brilliance is one I’ll remember for life. One of the most beautiful days in my country that I would otherwise hate if not for such special occasions like your visit. Takk fyrir. Bless bless. See you again in Iceland! Infinite ‘x’s and ‘o’s

  3. Great perform and i really love it when the rain falling down in the encore! I’m very satisfied :D
    It’s the greatest show that I’ve ever seen!!!
    Love you guys!!!!

  4. me and my husband came all the way from the philippines just to see you and you were PHENOMENAL. it was great to finally finally finally see you perform live. you guys were magical, i cried in every song. i felt so lucky to be in front and could see all of your faces and eyes when you were performing. and the rain only made everything more perfect. TAKK SIGUR ROS! bless you all. much much love from the philippines! eternally grateful.

  5. You made the rain gods dance at your tunes!! Your music simply transports us to a world of peace and love! We were all lost in trance! Sigur Ros!! You’ve got magic in your music!! Please come back again soon!!!!!!!!!!!

    Loads of Love!! <3 <3 <3

  6. It was the most intense concert that I’ve ever been. I was crying during the concert. I guess I was too happy to finally witness your heavenly music. Your music does sound like heaven to my ears. It was magical. I could die happy now.

  7. I’m Indonesian, I know sigur ros since ( ) album and It’s a 10 years of waiting…
    Great klimaks! Popplagið+Heavy Rain!!! Its a magical concert I ever saw ever!

  8. i love you guys so much! please come to Indonesia! i hope you get my paper plane as well! i dont know that Sigur ros is able to control the rain and control my heartbeat with your drum tempos! LOVE LOVE

  9. Popplagið and the raindrops on the encore. Jonsi’s angelic voice. Georg’s haunted bass sounds. Orri’s energy on the drums. Harmony bandmates. Brilliant sound system. Enchanted lighting. That eargasm. Bizarre awkward beyond perfect. What more can I say?

    Takk Sigur Rós <3

  10. I did not know your music very well but I knew in my heart I had to go see you or regret for the rest of my life! It was a night of magick. My breath was caught in my chest the whole time and finally I cried at your finale! Thank you for the unforgettable experience! Please come back again!

  11. you guys are MAGICAL. the first note that jonsi sang literally made me cry. the one and only show that I can label as epic. thanks for the hauntingly beautiful night.

  12. This is easily my favorite concert. The live music was hypnotic and the visual treat was just as magical. The rain at the end of their last song (before the encore) was glorious. I really have no words to describe the experience.

    The concert was just phenomenal. Flying all the way from the Philippines is worth it. Best decision I’ve made in a long time. Takk, Sigur Ros! Mahal ko kayo. :)

  13. I came to the concert alone. I was standing very close to the stage – front and center. In case other concertgoers saw me, I had a heart-shaped pin on my shirt flashing red light throughout the show and which I held up high at some songs. I wore it because I wanted to show the band how happily my heart beats every time I listen to their music. (I hope someone out there noticed.)

    When the lights went off, I died and have gone to heaven – heaven on Earth that is. The show went on rain-free until the encore. Folks at the back didn’t know how cute the guys looked when they returned. Smiling sheepishly, they were like ‘sorry okay we’ll play now before you all get wet’. But as if on cue, it started to rain when they began to play. (No apologies necessary Jónsi, Georg, Orri, and other boys and girls from the band by the way. You all were magnificent.) The rain made the moment even more special. It was like a waterfall of teardrops from the heavens and their people crying with joyful hearts at Fort Canning Park.

    I felt so happy I could die. In fact, I still feel happy I can die anytime. I walked alone to my hotel after the show. Emotions just started pouring in. I cried and smiled at the same time. Though my feet were filled with wounds from coming to Singapore on the same day and walking around all day to standing eight hours straight, it didn’t matter. I was too happy to feel pain. I am at peace. If Sigur Rós touring the world doesn’t bring world peace, I don’t know what will.

  14. Throughout the concert I didn’t dare to blink, I cried, forget my self, nervous and the time is freezing! I thought watching you guys live near impossible, it’s one of 10 things I wishing to happen before I died!!

    I can’t remember every second of your performance, but to this day I still shed tears of emotion. There’s a trace of joy & happiness in my heart, imprint an incredible positive and eternal energy for continuing my life.

    Million thanks Sigur Rós !!

  15. Waited for 10 years to watch you guys Live and finally did. The most beautiful thing i have ever witness in my 22 years of Life. You have been such a huge influence in both my Life and in my Music. To be able to stand in the open listening to Glosoli just brought tears to my eyes that night. It was exactly how i imagined it would be 10 years ago. Please, if you will..come to Singapore again so that i could bring all my friends to experience what i experienced that night. Sadly i didn’t get the chance to meet all of them.

    I will see you in Iceland one day.

  16. We came from France to see you on stage that nite @ Fort Canning Park…

    EXCELLENT is the only word to describe the show!

  17. I miss you. I miss this show.

    One word: MAJESTIC.

    Jonsi’s angelic voice. Perfect tune during the perfect hour, the perfect weather, the perfect atmosphere.

    I remember coming in couple of minutes late to the show. I remember when the first tune landed into my mind, I thought, “Finally.” It was utterly beautiful from the moment i entered the set towards the very ending. It was all love. All love.

    The rain. The timing. Oh, it was all so surreal! I remember leaving my friends who were covering self from the rain and hustled through the crowd so I could see you upfront, so I know you were singing to me. So I know I was truly loved. And indeed that was what I felt. I was right in front when the rain and your music was showering abundant love on me. And tears fell on my cheek, assuring me that your music was there all along, that I wasn’t alone. I remember smiling all the way.

    I love you. I love your music. I love how you blend so well with every pieces of this puzzle in me. This show completed a fragment of my life.

    Thank you for such majestic set. Thank you for coming over.

    I wish you beautiful souls (sigur ros and lovers) all the best and may it rains love wherever you go.


  18. I was traveling in Asia all the way from Chile and I felt like I won the lottery when I learned that Sigur Rós was going to be in Singapore during my visit. What a powerful, moving and beautiful concert in the open air at Fort Canning Park!
    As if the music was not enough, it started raining really hard with thunder and lightning during the end of the concert. A gift from the tropical skies at night!

  19. Truly an epic concert ending.
    Truly a remarkable moment.
    Will never forget for the rest of my life.

  20. My friend and I traveled all the way from India to watch this concert. We were so happy that we did. It was properly epic. You guys turned something that is an amazing acoustic experience to something magically visual. We were entranced. Your music got us high. There are bits I remember very clearly and a lot that’s a blur. But it was fantastic. And the rain…man…it just took everything a completely different level. I’ve never experienced anything that has come together so beautifully. And I’m sure I’m understating everything.

    Until next time…

  21. I am kindly miss your concert, sadly i cant see you tour this year.
    I went to your in singapore 2012. Its rain with orange sky its so amazing.
    I hope i could see you again. In love with you since 2001 and still count.

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