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  1. Everything I knew it would be. Quite how you organised the downpour at the end I’ll never know. But it was epic. Hope to do it again one distant day. Love.

  2. Everything was just perfectly magical. Thank you thank you thank you… for the most memorable experience of my ten years being with you… With all the love, Claire

  3. Standing directly opposite Jonsi, with my trapper hat soaking in the timely rain, every single detail formed a wondrous patchwork of beauty and awe. Magical is not even close in describing the moment where everything just stood still in the wake of the momentous pause in Viðrar vel til loftárása. What a moment, what a performance. Thanks Sigur ros.

  4. It was too good. So close to the stage that I could see the little white birds on Jonsi’s guitar. Too good to be true.

    Crying during the end of Svefn-g-englar because Jonsi looked so pure, pouring his soul out. Perspiration dripping down Orri’s cheek right after the first song, I Gaer. The crowd singing along to Hoppipola and the flute of Olsen Olsen. The mad, mad drums of Varuo and Brennestein.

    The sky turned orange at 10.30pm, right before encore. Orange, like 18 seconds before sunrise! In a moment of madness, I thought they played till morning. And then, it rained. Drizzling during Ekki múkk, and climaxed to a downpour during Popplagio. As Jonsi rocked out very last note (knocking down the mic as well), it faded. Drenched, shivering and reluctant to open my umbrella. And listening to the last, lingering notes. That was, too beautiful. Too beautiful.

    Thank you for making my first concert the best moment of my life. I truly hope you had a great time with us. You were all perspiring in your costumes yet everyone put in so much to play. Especially Orri who was so drenched in sweat, hats off to your performance! And oh, my friend caught the drumstick and I was lucky enough to hold it all I want on the train back home. It smelt like salty wood! TAKK FYRIR!

    I’ll see you at the Iceland Airwaves once I save up! Or please do an Asia tour next year!

  5. last night was just amazing, never saw such an awesome live, hope you guys would come to China mainland in the future, there are a lot of sincere fans waiting for your performance.

  6. Amazing concert, especially when the rain started for the Encore. Truly Magical!

    What a great night!

  7. the best concert that i ever attended to…rain + encore = epic!
    that kind of moment can’t happen twice..
    simply magical…!

  8. You guys are incredibly awesome! It definitely worth 3 hours standing on the field, risking the chance of getting fever in a rain pouring day, minimise intake of water in order not to miss out any part of the performance! Sigur ros, thank you for a fantastic night and hope you may come to Singapore again!

  9. beyond words. I think what you guys played was more than music. It was miracle. Anyway, I loved it when you played Popplagid and suddenly it rained and the rain got heavier as the beat of the song got faster. What was that? Magic?

  10. I had a great time driving round Iceland for 2 weeks in 2008 and I missed those days ever since. You have brought the soundscape of Iceland into Singapore. Flashbacks plus Sigur Ros’ sound! The feeling is indescribable!

  11. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to singapore. For braving the heat and humidity. It was one heck of an experience and one that’ll stay in my veins forever. Thank you for playing Popplagið. Love you guys.

  12. watched the whole show with my eyes closed, travelling to somewhere inside, somewhere filled with light, hope and white doves….

    thank you guys, please come back soon. and the rain was just epic.

  13. Which is one of you doing shamannism? You guys magically bend the power of physic, precise timing for the rain and show end with glorious feeling for every single of us who watched! One of the great gigs ever i have seen so far, please tell me how the secret works.

  14. There were many moments of stark emotions and I was feeling all the goosebumps. It seemed that while Jonsi was singing, he was summoning the clouds to gather. Strangely, the show culminated to a high note where the rain started to pour, heavier and heavier, until the pivotal finale. As the crowd stood in the rain, they were mesmerised in the atmosphere and the music made greater meaning to all as to why we were there in the first place – a love for Sigur Ros.

  15. Also I would like to apologize to the lady in black at the front of the stage for getting her all wet ;) by asking her friend to close his umbrella during the encore. I hope the guys in the back appreciated the unobstructed view.

  16. Such a magical night. But Popplagið in the rain was high mark of the night! It was like u guys controlled the weather!!

  17. Awesome gig!!!! I love how the rain came during the ekki múkk~ and how it stopped after the encore!!! It is just so magical!!! Drowned in those heavenly moments~

  18. i’ve been listing out my favorite bands to be watched live, and this is so far the best ever. Sigur Ros last night was a total redemption, that this year, I finally survive the bruises. A night would’ve never be that mystical to contemplate, to watch pure performance. My heart beat faster on familiar bass line, and it was Olsen Olsen.

    the orange sky, the wind, the downpour at Popplagið. i now believe how universe hears your music too.

  19. I felt like I was in a whole new world. Had goosebumps throughout the whole beautiful. It was the best concert I ever been to. Thank you Sigur ros. You guys are amazing!

  20. A magical and sublime alchemy of visual and audio beauty, absolutely breath-taking and mind-blowing.

    Singing along Hoppipolla brings a warm and fuzzy feeling all over, a real dream came true!

    Thank you for gracing Singapore! =D

  21. Sigur Rós performed something out of this world, something extraordinary. With only experience in Heima and Inni mainly, I finally get my chance to watch them “live” in bow and xylophones after many years of waiting…

    The Gods were whispering as they stood there watching. The fans were all so mesmerized from start to end. I even finally came to know who the real Olsen Olsen was as she emerged from the skies…

    Praying for Gong but Festival was just as great of an anthem. The Gods finally spill it down just in time before the last two encore in “Ekki Múkk” and “Popplagið”. Were they not smiling? Yes, they were for sure…

    The harder Orri beats and Georg pulls, the faster the rain falls as if the Gods were ready to get in tune. The moment of spell was casted when the climax was reached upon the drop of Jónsi’s trademark bow.

    All so lost, the music captured everything from then on.
    A feeling of dejavu, hallucinating in our minds, moments of magic spells, ethereal atmosphere, call it whatever you want. It’s like already in cloud nice and on seventh heaven…

    They were minutes that will never come again till we hear the ‘Gods’ hailed from Iceland once more. It could not have been a better ending than to stop the rain when our date with Sigur Rós ended as silence prevails. It was all planned, all set for a memorable 23rd November@Fort Canning Park…

    A feeling you’ll experience just once in your lifetime. Kjartan’s presence and Amina was nevertheless missed very much deep down. The ‘8’ orchestra movement and coordination was the best I’ve ever seen. Thumbs up for Brennistein!!!

    We’ll await for your return and whispers of the Gods again….

  22. Last night show was impeccable! The rain even made it perfect, as if nature responded to Jonsi’s voice. Please play Jakarta & expect me between the crowds again :)

  23. please request play at “kebun raya bogor” in Indonesia, nice place and please play on sunset.

  24. AAH the drizzle that turned to a shower in all the correct parts, perfectly infused with the magic of your music which I haven’t even properly explored – thank you for a night of magic I wouldn’t have imagined could be possible except for in my wildest dreams <3

  25. Thank you for finally deciding to come to Singapore. Thank you for playing Viorar vel til loftarasa – the song that made me fall in love with you guys and the gold that is your music. It definitely took me back to the emotional times I experienced as a pre-teen to teenager and finally an adult. Don’t know what I would have done without your music to guide me through darker times. 
    I think the only downside (if you can even call it that) to this is that I will never be able to experience anything that comes close to the plethora of emotions your performance brought upon me last night. 
    Finally, thank you guys for simply existing and being kind enough to share your music with us lesser mortals. 

  26. One of the best concerts I have attended. The concert was magical and engaging. I want to watch your performance again!

  27. so lucky that I got the middle front place to watch you guys! it was perfectly magical & stunning! i’m really looking forward for your concert again! thank you for retweeting my tweet! simply great & worth every coins & time i spent for you.

  28. it was worth the flight, it was worth the rain. i’d do it again anytime. that single thunder after the show and its glow from the lightning just made the whole experience perfect.

  29. When the drums beat sank into our bones; when Jonsi’s voice trickled into our ears; when it was difficult to tell the difference between strobe lights and lightning, or the difference between sweat, tears and rain,

    Our minds went to places together in our own, personal ways.

    It was a communal religious experience, even for the godless ones in the crowd. It was as a baptism of music or a tidal wave of emotions. I was a child and a full-grown man at the same time.

    Thank you for the experience of a life time. You took us on a journey, and it was worth it.

  30. The combination of the music and rain was just magical. I hope this will not be the only time you guys will be in Singapore because we have all waited for a long while for yesterday. Hope to see you guys back here soon.

  31. and i noticed something
    when you guys played Fljótavík
    Jónsi sang “anskotann” and the screen went all red
    and if im right,that word means….haha
    Sigur Rós ROCKSSSSS!!!

  32. Thank you Sigur Ros for the performance. it was special night. I think the words its not quite enough to describe my imagination of your songs. You guys, help me to learn about little moment of nothingness from your songs, thanks again.

  33. it was purely magical,i guess i just stare all the way thinking that how on earth this voice exist in this world. :)) goosebumps all over when i recalled every moment of the concert. Thanks for coming to Asia, will be seeing you guys again in urbanscapes kl tomorrow. :)

  34. þakka ykkur fyrir að koma! það var ótrúlega gaman. við vonum að þið hefðuð gaman. VIÐ ELSKUM YKKUR! komið bráðum aftur!

  35. You guys were A M A Z I N G & your performance were magical. No words can describe my affection for Sigur Ro?. Hope you guys come back soon or else i’m moving to your cold magical Iceland. There’s only a band in this world & that is Sigur Ro?. Absolutely wonderfuLLL!! Have a safe trip guys! Takk!

  36. i was on the left side of the stage (the audience’s left). saw the drum sets, thought orri was going to play on my side. i got lucky because i can see the backstage for a glimpse. i saw orri, kjartan holm, óbó, and jónsi. i saw & heard the flute/trumpet players rehearsing too. stood at that point waiting for the show to start for about 3 hours. then i saw them. them going up the stage.

    í gær: orri starts to play the glockenspiel, and proceeds to go to the drum set. i started crying.

    vaka: the piano starts, i kept on crying. then the haunting chants start to come in. the chorus kicks in, i cried harder.

    glósóli: georg plays the familiar bass intro. everyone started cheering.

    svefn-g-englar: the rushing windy sound, the submarine ping. ‘tjú’s

    sæglópur: the sky was shining bright. i closed my eyes all the way.

    fljótavik: the strings, jónsi singing, it was all perfect. the ending was magical.

    viðrar vel til loftárása: magical. the pause in the middle, astounding. jónsi forgot the ‘það besta sem…’ and i sang along to that part.

    hoppípolla + með blóðnasir: everyone sang along a bit quiet at first, but jónsi encouraged us all, raising his hands, and everyone was singing. jónsi asked us to sing at the ‘ooo’ part in með blóðnasir.

    olsen olsen: the vonlenska at the beginning, the drums, then the bass kicks in. at the flute part, everyone was cheering (sure is a noisy crowd). i instantly thought of kjarri. i miss him

    festival: the organ at the beginning (kjarri’s ‘crazy fingers’ technique) and i started cheering. as usual, the long ‘tjú’ in the middle, the crowd was cheering hard and he didn’t stop. i shouted to him ‘go on jónsi! go on!’ and he DID. the longest ‘tjú’ i’ve ever heard. when the crescendo started, i was crying.

    varúð: piano, and the chilling violins. the climax was beyond me. closed my eyes and cried instantly.

    brennisteinn: on the interval between varúð and brennisteinn, jónsi said they’re going to play a new song. ‘takk fyrir að koma’. georg plays the bass sample, everyone was bopping. in the end, they left the stage. everyone was like ‘we want more’ but i stayed silent because i know it isn’t over yet.

    ekki múkk: it started raining. the reversed smáskifa sample growing in harmony with the rain. everyone took their umbrellas out, but the people in the back were shouting because they couldn’t see. i asked the guy i front of me to put down his umbrella, and eventually he did. silent beneath the growing rain, everyone was still as stone at the end of the song.

    popplagið: i thought ‘this is it. it’s going to end’ when the familiar guitar is played by kjartan holm. the rain grew harder and harder deeper into the song. the crescendo building up, rain build up too. everyone took out their umbrella and soaked completely under the rain, as if the pouring rain was nothing. the climax literally erupted, and in that point the rain poured the hardest. everyone got blown away, soaking in the magic of the moment. when the song ended, and jónsi’s last bowing of his guitar trailed off, the rain stopped. it just stopped. magical, magical moment. it’s as if the rain was controlled intentionally just for the song.

    they left the stage for a moment and then formed a line, jónsi saw me screaming my heart out to them. then jónsi did the command for the bow, everyone cheered harder. i screamed ‘takk kærlega fyrir’ as hard as i can.

    and then it was over. i was in a state of melancholy for a moment. then i wandered in the venue for a long long time until all the people got out. i went to the backstage for a chance to meet them. but it was just the equipment crew. when they finished and there was no sign of the band, i left.

    takk fyrir, sigur rós, for the moment i have been waiting for years. takk kærlega fyrir.

    (ps: sorry for the LONG LONG review and sorry orri if i called your name too much at the show.)

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