sigur rós 2012 tour

taiwan university stadium
taipei, taiwan



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  1. Everything rushing in the 12 hours is inconceivable…(for me)seem to wait 12 years for just one moment. Thannnnnnks all u.(& Realu’r definitely obviously totally amazing than tubeyou~)

  2. Your performance pierced through the callous world to reach my soul, and my soul trembled in front of your enormous presence. I was there, this moment, this night, i felt, yes, i am alive. Thank you for all the exquisite, great creation of songs. Thank you, Jonsi, for your incredible performance. Thank you, Sigur Ros, for coming to Taiwan and gave us this rare, unforgettable experience. Please come again when you tour next time!

  3. It’s really unbelievable that I stand here to feel this wonderful performance.I LOVE U,sigur rós?

  4. So so so so GREAT night in Taipei. I still don’t believe that I could see you in my country. What a wonderful performance. I indulged in your live concert so much. I just saw your performance last night. But I’m craving for you to come to Taiwan again now!
    Please visit our beautiful country and its people again!
    We love you so so so much!!

  5. Thank you guys did a great gig to us. The performance took me into Iceland world and felt warm, very incredible. Really thanks for coming to Taiwan, hope next time did the gig at outdoor, Taiwan has many nice national parks such as Taroko National Park, plz come again :)

  6. Dear Sigur Ros,
    Last night was the third time I saw your live and realized that you can only get better and better. Before this, I went to your gig at Alexandra Palace, London back in 2008 for the very first time. Then I saw Jonsi’s personal gig at Hammersmith Apollo, London two year ago. Don’t know if you’ve noticed but…I’ve been going to your gigs all in November. We had November rain last night in Taipei and everything seemed perfect. Nothing tops the night with your music in the air.

    Your music gives us so much hope though most of time we find ourselves falling into the abyss of despair along with it, too. I believe such music can only be created from Reykjavik. Two years ago in October, I made it to Reykjavik for a few days and it certainly changed my life. I even got to know a Japanese friend and we still keep in touch. Went to Tokyo this September to visit her! I would not have known her if it was not for you. In a way, I have owed you so much debt. I’ve loved you for so long and will always love you. Stick with us. Your fans are the best because you are Sigur Ros.

    Would love to hand you dozens of roses in person if I could. Peace out. Love.

    PS. I once kept awake throughout the night just waiting to see 18 seconds before sunrise. Didnt actually see the sunrising; however, that moment when I saw the light came in my window was breathtaking. I thought of you. xx

  7. Purified by you last night.
    I almost feel like I saw angels from heaven, telling me a gorgeous epic. Speechlessly wonderful.

  8. I´ve been thinking about last night the whole. You just left me speechless, what an amazing experience!

    As a foreigner living in Taiwan, it makes me happy that you chose Taiwan as a stop in your world tour.You certainly felt how much does the great people in this small country love your music.

  9. you guys are so fucking sexy!!!!
    tears drops during songs!!!
    please come back again and again!!!!!

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  11. takk Sigur Rós
    You must know we love you so much!!!
    So SO SO happy that you come to Taiwan
    Hope you like here and you will come coooooon again!!!
    All the poeple in the concert touched by your music

  12. Your LIVE performance is awesome!
    I’ll miss this night till we meet again.
    Thank you for coming here!

  13. Thank you for coming!

    BTW, the picture that taking remain two words????which means ” Professional “! And so are you!!!!!!

    Please come again!!

  14. Awesome!Still soak in the joy and surprise these days. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful night. Hope you to come back to Taiwan soon. Love you all.

  15. Dear All?
    Thank you for coming the beautiful land,Taiwan.
    You bring the peace and joyful things,we all love you very much.And you did a miracle in NTU Sports Center!

    Hope you can create more wonderful music,and please come here again,thanks.

  16. love your every track so much
    so touched and warmed that gives me so much strength to live my life.
    hope you’ll come back to Taipei ASAP!!!!!

  17. Takk…I am from Taipei, Taiwan. First I want to say thank you to all of you, it was really a great show–great is not enough to describe it. I cried at the very first song, and couldn’t help myself from shivering through the whole gig. THANK YOU for this wonderful music, THANK YOU for letting us hear it. Hope I can see you soon, and someday in Iceland.

  18. I feel constantly out of place, but, in your concert and hearing Jonsi sing, i was finally in tune with the world. Thank you, Sigur Ros!! Please visit us again in Taiwan!!

  19. Just got back to San Francisco. I am still haunted by the transcending experience back in 11/21. My friends in Taipei can’t stop talking about that special evening. It’s not my first time to attend your concert. However, I am always thrilled to see you guys live. It never gets old. Along with other audiences in the NTU stadium, we were transported to your magical music wonderland. Looking forward to seeing you guys again in your 2013 North American tour next year at San Francisco.

    PS: Jonsi, thank you for inviting the crowd to the stage front. That really changed the dynamic of the concert experience.

    Note to the Taiwanese concert promoter: Please get rid off the chairs in front of the stage.

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