sigur rós 2012 tour

taiwan university stadium
taipei, taiwan



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  1. One of wishes on my life-must-do list was accomplished tonight. Thank you for giving us this beautiful and unforgettable memory. Love you guys!!!:)

  2. It’s really really indescribable how wonderful the night you gave all of us.
    Sincerely hope you can come to Taiwan again and perform more next time.
    We are all extremely grateful for the concert.

  3. That was a great gig!!!!
    Thank you for coming to Taiwan
    You are awesome,and i look forward to seeing you next time.

  4. Thank you for such a great night, and hope you’re happy about us as well! Please do come back for us soon!

  5. I still remembered this summer Sigur Rós went to Japan for a music festival, at then most of the Taiwanese dreamed of maybe they could come by Taiwan… But someday of June we got the confirmed date of Sigur Rós tour in Taipei!! I couldn’t believe that our dream finally came true! I found there were no reason not to buy the ticket to make myself closer to Sigur Rós(= heaven). And after 4 months, it’s today! Maybe I’m not familiar with icelandic lyrics, but I did feel the rhythm and tune touched deep parts of my soul… Can’t stop bursting tears… Thanks Jónsi gave us the chance to come to front of stage, we really wanted to share our love and support!! One hundred songs wouldn’t be enough either! But You guys were so kind for coming out and bowing for 2 times!! I couldn’t find any arrogant on you guys. Thanks for Sigur Rós again for making our dream come true and the amazing orchestra!! If it can be happened, please come back to Taiwan as many times as you want!! Sigur Rós is always welcome!

  6. When Hoppipolla began and the crowd exploded, I felt as if I’ve transcended into something else, into another dimension. Thank you guys for being so fucking incredible. Hope you enjoyed our cute little country.

  7. The most touching moment of the performance is the never ending long rest, you saw most of audience in Taiwan frozen with the band. The silence then fill entire gym with mythic air.

    After this long break, all of the band member simultaneously rolled the earth. The beauty of music come with such silence and push the performance into another high tide.

  8. plz must come to Taiwan again!
    we love your music
    so so so amazing
    wish u all having a lot of fun in taiwan
    good night

  9. Thank you guys for coming to taiwan and bring us a wonderful night! We hope to see u again!!!!

  10. Thank you for such a wonderful concert.
    Brought us an endless world with such few people.

    PS I won’t forgot the opening, it’s when dream begins.

  11. AWESOME!!
    thanks for coming to Taiwan.
    thanks for bringing us such a wonderful night.
    thanks for keeping on making music.

  12. thank you for the wonderful night you brought us tonight at Taipei, which you also bring back our state of being little children..being happy and pure and full of passion….it’s too hard to describe the fulfillments that we got from your music, the only word we can say is ” thank you so much for coming to Taiwan, THank you for making your music and being Sigur Ros as you are… thank you ..we will remember this night forever..

  13. U guys r so amazing!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for brought us a incredible & awesome night!
    I’m totally melted!
    Please come to Taiwan again, we love u so so much!!!

  14. IT’S BLESSING!!! it’s the only word could describe how i felt about tonight. thank you for giving me the most stunning show ever. I did follow you go to the end of the world and come back, just like a dream.

  15. It’s an amazing night.And I found how much I love your music and saw an angel on the stage.Plz come to Taiwan again!

  16. iceland is so far away for us, but you came here after all.
    really inconceivable!!! hope you like taiwan. the last night is the happiest time in my life. i will never forget the show and wait for you till next time.

  17. Thank you for allowing the audience to approach near the stage! The promoter is so scare of cheering crowds that may tear down that venue, so they always want to have us seated during the whole gig.

    The promoter is not cool enough, but you guys still ignited a passionate crowd, making the night so amazing! Thank you very much!

  18. Amazing night, amazing live, and amazing you.
    Thanks for coming, and it’s a great show.
    I don’t know how to describe my feelings when listening your music. I love your music and the performance you showed.
    Please come to Taiwan again.

  19. Until I woke up in the sound of rain this morning, i still have your music around. And it came in very naturally, just like the rain.
    Thank you very much for such striking show(actually i can’t even find the most suitable adjective to describe it)
    I hope to see you one day again in an open, wide grass field! See you soon!

  20. It’s really indescribable how amazing the night was, just like witnessing a miracle.

    Thank you and look forward to seeing you again.

    My boyfriend was on business trip yesterday, he is so desired to have one more chance to seeing you all!

    We love you, Taiwan love you.

  21. Me and my friends have a band now.
    But honestly, I didn’t know it is possible for those things you guys made until last night.
    A wonderful great show.

    Thank you so much for coming.

    See u!

  22. I don’t have a religion. Someone asked Dalai Lama: ??“Your holiness, what is the best religion?” He answered:? “The best religion is the one that gets you closest to God. It is the one that makes you a better person.” In that case, music is my religion, and you are the best preachers. Thank you for such an amazing night!!

  23. Thank you, Sigur Rós. My heart is bursting at the seams. You have no idea how much last night changed my life. Our ears will never tire of your music, so please keep creating magic. Until next time!

  24. ??????????????????????????????????
    Last night became so remarkable and unique because of you.
    Incredibly beautiful performance ! Thank you for coming to Taiwan !

  25. You make dreams come true, purify the spirit and raise help. A awesome night that never forget! Expect to see you again, again, and again!

  26. Thank you for coming here! I still can’t believe that I saw you in person! Your music is full of power and the way you performed is incredible! I sincerely hope you will be in Taipei again soon.

  27. Awesome night !

    I saw sigur ros on Boston

    and more touch my heart in my country !

    Wish you amazing guys back to Taiwan again :”)

  28. Sigur Rós concert is one of my life-must-do list but very regret that I didn’t come on Nov. 21 due to a sudden accident happened yesterday. Hopefully, one day, I’ll see you soon in Taipei.

    Love & Music

  29. You guys touched every inch of my heart and floated my soul in space, me and my girlfriend were so crying touch, we even whisper “it’s you~it’s you~” before sleeping.

    Thank you for making music so wonderful and let us remember there’re still something beautiful to be expected.

    Sincerely, Sean

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