sigur rós 2012 tour

taiwan university stadium
taipei, taiwan



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  1. Literally got tears in my eyes(seriously considering using “burst into tears” instead!) from the first note to the last! I knew you are great, but I didn’t expect you are THAT great!
    Thank you for the night. Your music comforts people, gives people strength to face the world. Eager to see your next performance soon!

  2. That was an amazing show! I felt like I was on the another world not on the Earth!!!! Thank you for coming to Taiwan!

  3. thank you for the night.
    thank you for making the world a place worth living in.
    You make me want to visit Iceland, or even live in there.

  4. I cried, I cried badly.
    I cried for your wonderful music.
    I cried for your incredible beautiful voice.
    I cried with smile. Cause when the music started, all the best memories suddenly jumped into my mind.

    Tonight is definitely one of my unforgettable night in life.
    Thank you for coming Taiwan.

  5. Life is beautiful !I felt like I was in Iceland tonight!The drummer was my favorite !Thank you all!

  6. When I got married, ur music accompanied with me and my wife through the red carpet; when my child was born, ur music accompanied with our little babe; tonight, ur music accompanied with all the Taiwanese with passionate hearts!

    Please come back soon! Ur music means so much to all the Formosa people!!!

  7. ???????????????????????
    It’s a amazing concert. Thank you Sigur Rós ~~~

  8. this is my first time to join your concert,
    it was awesome,wonderful and stunning show.

    maybe taiwan is just a temporary station for u,
    but u will be lasting in my spirit for a whole life long.

    thank you for ur existence and plz come back soon,
    i will miss u very much.

  9. tonight is really great, THANK YOU!!
    I heard your song for the first time from the movie “Cafe de flore”,love it so much!!!! LOVE the sound made by guitar, powerful and marvelous. It’s genius. WISH you will come again and again!!

  10. Thank you for seeing us, hope you have fun here, pls do come back again, we’ll meet each other on the green green grass next time. Wish all the best to you all.

    Thank you.

  11. It was an amazing music concert. Thank you for comlovwing Taiwan. We all love Sigur Ros? Hope we will see you soon. :)

  12. This is a dream, a beautiful dream! I cried but happy. Thanks for bring us the amazing show and great night. I had never thought about seeing Sigur Ros in Taiwan. Hope you could come to Taiwan next Asia tour. Takk!

  13. The most amazing show I’ve ever been to. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music and talent. Please come back soon!

  14. The earth could just explore in the climax of your music and then I would believe in heaven! Thank you for coming to Taipei and brought us the most amazing night~

  15. You all light up my life, like a crazy dream with stunning power and endless melodies, please light up more souls that need to be healed in Asia, I wanna say Taiwan exclusive but its selfish, love you

  16. Thank all of you brought us wonderful memory! It was so marvelous!It was just like the music from the heaven.Please come to Taiwan again.Really thanks a lot. Takk!

  17. Tonight is so dreamy.
    I could feel my heart beating with your music.
    So moved and make us believe life is beautiful.
    I hope someday i can hear your music in Iceland.
    Thank you for coming! Wish you guys all the best!

  18. Thank U for coming to Taiwan.It’s a great concert,but it’s not enough.We need one more concert!Please~~Hope see U soon!!

  19. It’s an awsome night.
    Please come to Taiwan again!!!!!!!!
    Your music really get me energy to across the difficult and look foward the future days.

  20. Incredible, thanks for existing, i too was crying.
    Too bad you didn’t played Ágætis byrjun. maybe next timeeeeee
    thank you very much.

  21. hope the awesome show was not just in tonight
    want to see you guys again and again and again…
    can’t stand the show ends
    wish you come back soon!

  22. Tonight was the most amazing and beautiful night of my life.I was very into your music.I felt so sad when the show ends.I thought I can’t keep this moment forever,then I can’t keep anything wonderful in my life.

  23. Thanks ,sigur ros!!!
    It’s my third time in your concerts ,but first in my hometown ,Taipei.
    This september ,I had a great vacation in Iceland and I went to öxnadalur ,the place performed “olsen olsen” in Heima and made a wish.
    Tonight when I hear the bassline come out ,it is a dream come true!!!
    Hope to see you guys in Taiwan again soon!!!!

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