sigur rós 2012 tour

thebarton theatre
adelaide, sa, australia



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photos by nick andrews


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  1. It was my first Sigur Ros concert. It was worth waiting for that long.

    They are really interesting as a live band. There are many people on the stage really busy playing different instruments. People run around quietly play things spread around the stage. It makes them look very humble because they have no time to show off.
    The thing “Sigur Ros” actually is a wild animal and these people are doing their best to control it but sometimes it gets really crazy which is, I think, the best.

    I appreciate the audience as well. You feel proud to be a part of real music enthusiasts come to the show to listen and celebrate not get pissed and act nonsense.

    I am not sure about the track list but it was a mix of old and new staff and finale was of course fantastic!

    Thank you Sigur Ros

  2. sold out, clear moody night sky, fulling moon. trust in god beside what is god.

    closing my eyes to the sounds which were pouring into my ears sounded different from any distant speaker at home or on the road. there was an energy and warmth not from the people surrounding, the warmth came from our souls being drawn together.
    from hearing both the instrument and it’s replicating amplification. every sound… body found a way to appreciate each one. I desired to be naked to dance.

    what you give people, draws out their deepest secrets and wildest emotions at no care to hide them (if they fall into). because what is real … what feels best without explanations re-energises every piece of being alive.

    orri, you have all my respect. do you hear the smiles and exclamations of awe from the audience? heart, beat beat beat.

    everyone was wonderful. you have my love and prayers

  3. A truly magnificent concert – thanks for coming to Adelaide and treating us to such a special set of songs and such a stunning visual backdrop. Shivers down my spine as a type this. 15 Masterpieces on one night. Hard to beat.

    Thank you Sigur Ros

  4. We made the trip from New Zealand to Adelaide and witnessed the most incredible concert ever! First of all the venue and the crowd were simply amazing, rarely do you see such a crowd showing so much respect and love for performers – well done Adelaide.

    The show left us stunned and lost for words, each triumphant song was surpassed by the next and the finale must have shook the foundations of the theatre.

    Thank you Sigur Ros from two Kiwis (and what a pleasure it was to briefly talk to you Jonsi in that Adelaide cafe). Our struggle now is trying to describe the experience to our friends – you just had to be there!

  5. I feel absolutely blessed that I had the opportunity to see Sigur Ros front row at Harvest in Melbourne and front row again at The Thebarton Theater in Adelaide.
    Both performances were heavenly. I was left speechless by both the performance and the vibe of the show.

    I thank you all a million times over for sharing your beautiful music with the world and I cannot wait to experience a Sigur Ros show in Iceland.

    takk takk takk xx

  6. I too was front row at this concert and I was completely blown away. It was such a powerful, moving and beautiful performance. The setlist was fantastic, spanning all albums except for Von. Band were in high spirits and laughed off any mishaps (Goggi appeared worried about some technical occurrences in the thick of the concert) like true performers.

    After Popplagið completely tore the roof off they humbly bowed (a very sweet tradition, I think) and left the stage.

    I was lucky enough to meet the band after the show, have a setlist signed and some photos taken. They were so friendly, sincere and genuine and Jónsi happily and enthusiastically allowed me a hug which I will cherish forever!

    Thank you Sigur Rós for the most amazing night of my life!

  7. I flew from Sydney to Adelaide, my first time to Adelaide, just for Sigur Ros. This is just like four years ago, I travelled from Hobart to Sydney with the same purpose.

    I know most of the songs from heart, they have been played millions of times on my iPod. i was at the same spot as four years ago, this time in beautiful thebarton theatre. As soon as Vaka starts, my tears can’t stop falling. It’s like an old friend that I miss all the time, talk/sing to my ears, in the most beautifully, artistic, and heart warming way. And my all time favorite, Viðrar vel til loftárása, was also on the played, thank you…:)

    During the concert, I can see how my life is different for good, from last time I see you in 2008, to now 2012. Moments of happiness and sadness started to flash in my mind… This experience is so personal but truly amazing.

    Hope to see you guys soon in a few years time, with a better me standing right there.

    90 seconds before bedtime & good nite :)

  8. Holy mackerel, what an amazing gig.

    My mrs & I flew from Auckland, NZ to see the show, and it was worth every cent and pat down for explosives.

    The venue was great, and the crowd were wonderful, everyone was there to share the event in great spirits, not a yahoo in sight.

    And what an experience; around a dozen artists working their magic onstage, totally blew our collective minds.

    Thank you sigur ros for a truly powerful and moving performance!

  9. Sigur Ros’ music has always amazed me.
    The very first time I heard them on CD they blew my mind.
    Visually seeing them perform such incredible music was like nothing else I’ve experienced.
    Very much worth it.
    All of Sigur Ros are very talented musicians who I admire greatly.
    Adelaide was very privileged to have them tour our state.

  10. where are these guys from?? another planet? SIMPLY AMAZING.
    you beautiful talented people you!

  11. I flew from Melbourne to Adelaide. I was upset I couldn’t see Sigur Rós at Harvest because of exams… but I’m glad I waited. It was the most amazing concert I have ever been to. Thank you so much. I will never forget that night. Cannot wait until I see you again in the future.

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