sigur rós 2012 tour

harvest gathering
melbourne, vic, australia



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photos by kane hibberd


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  1. to Sigur Ros, SR fans, SR future fans.
    After you guys smiled and thanked the audience for coming what i could describe was a hypnosis. Could not believe my eyes the journey we shared was over. It was pure magic, sound by sound, changes of rhythm, vibe.
    If i could describe the concert, bit lack for words but: open letter that unveils unexpected flux of excitement, ecstasy, serenity. The Phenomenon – although the sounds does not believe to be of the lightest kind, it brings melancholic relief. You cannot miss it – unless you do not want to test your consciousness in the supreme level.
    All the best!!!
    Thank you for this remarkable 90 minutes and much more afterwards.

  2. A great start to the Australian tour. 10 song covering all but their 1st release( brennistein played too).

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