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sigur rós would like to apologise to anyone disappointed not to see the band’s bestival performance live online last night. early in the day a decision had been made to delay broadcast till after the show to give the band a chance to review the footage ahead of webcast, since they were dismayed that their guaranteed “darkness” slot had been pushed into daylight by the expansive demands of the headliner. the band’s only uk show of the year, this would-be highlight of the 2012 calendar, would have to be conducted without proper lights or visuals. sadly then, a perfect storm of production issues and technical problems conspired to mean that the band went on to have a thoroughly miserable experience on stage too. and to spare everyone’s blushes a decision was made to draw a discrete veil over proceedings. sorry, but we can be so much better than what you missed. another time, for sure.


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  1. Very sad to hear they had a bad time on stage. I would have missed the stream anyway being at band practice but hope they can get something similar set up in the future for us UK fans. perhaps a better night time performance :-) best of luck guys. we love you here in the UK!

  2. Understandable I guess. That said there are plenty of full band performances on Heima that are during daylight that are still awesome.

  3. Fortunately I was there in the crowd to see it. I could tell you weren’t enjoying it too much with the issues of the bass for the first couple of tunes. Thought you performed really well under the circumstances. Definitely the highlight of the festival for me. Hope it hasn’t put you off the idea of coming back again for another go some day. Thanks for playing for us. Hopefully I’ll see you again in Brixton in march to get the full visual show!

  4. Sigur Ros, you were amazing despite the glitches. i was front row centre and found it amazing. bring on the tour in march

  5. I really enjoyed the performance and yes it was spectacular once the sun set. But it was just as atmospheric during the day light due to the changeable weather conditions.( one minute light rain, next clear sky except low clouds passing quickly over the stage then followed by the fading light )
    I was so glad I was there as I had been waiting for so long for you to play in the uk nothing would of spoilt it, thankyou xxx

  6. Hey, I was there. You sounded great in my opinion. I could tell there was issues but technically none of those were obvious. I’m going to see you again on the UK tour and I’m sorry your only UK show this year wasn’t great but I for one still found it incredibly profound. So thank you.

  7. I was lucky enough to be at the front for your set, and it was clear you weren’t having a great day with technology… But… It was, for me, truly spectacular, my festival highlight, and worth every single penny it took to get to Bestival. Takk fyrir – snilld }:o)

  8. Thanks for the statement, and being honest about it. I’m disappointed not to have been able to watch you play, but I will make sure to take the next opportunity to see you live and playing the way you wanted to.

  9. Could tell you weren’t having a good time, but you were the highlight of my festival experience nonetheless. You still brought me to tears twice. Maybe one day I’ll get the chance to see you play in Iceland and you will all be having a better time on stage. Much peace and love.

  10. So …. because of divadom people waiting to see you miss out? This is a pretty piss por effort guys. At the very least stream away and then put up a statement afterwards. You have dedicated fans who stuck around for the last two years for you to get your act together so you at least had the decency to stream as promised …

  11. I was there, and could see how miserable you guys were. Despite all that, you still put on a good show, and the crowd were still loving it! Shame that you had to contend with Stevie Wonder’s “expansive demands” – to be fair to him though, he put on a hell of a show, and deserved every minute he got.

  12. I’m sorry to hear that things didn’t go well last night. I’m sure the crowd was not disappointed at all, though. I wish I could have seen the show but I understand your decision. I’m hoping that you may decide to create another live dvd from this current tour like “Inni.” Love you guys so much!!! ?

  13. I was there yesterday and the whole croud were awestruck, you truly kicked it. Having said that, visuals and lighting in the dark would have taken the set to a whole new level and I’m sad it didn’t happen, and really really sad that fans who weren’t there won’t get to see the whole performance. It might not have been all you wanted it to be, but it remains my highlight of the festival.

  14. it was promised and 40 minutes before an already delayed broadcast was to be played, bestival let people know that the ‘live’ broadcast wouldn’t be happening.

    after this, people were tweeting that it was amazing and thanking you for a great performance.

    so all these real times coinciding, it seems the decision was made to not play the footage before you finished the set.


    you guys may not care because you are used to love and adoration but last night was an awful waste of time. and in very poor manners to have people believe a broadcast would be played then halfheartedly say it wouldn't be – and giving no reason/ignoring fans.

    it doesn't matter if the sound was hazy or the visuals turning vomit green halfway. it would have added to the excitement of it all.

    too lucky to think we could get a free concert weren't we ;)

  15. I admire how honest this is.. My daughter (3) was so sad to miss this when we found out you where ons tage and got tricked by Bestival Youtube stream… I am sorry yu had to deal with a crap sound Tech.. earlier in the stream we have noticed a lot of problems with sound… Whoever was the sound Tech they need to consider fireing and banning from working sound thank you for explaining to your fans. We do appreciatte that! And I admire that even with so many problems you continued your set. <3 from a mommy and daughter

  16. wait a minute, let me get this straight – Stevie Wonder’s people wanted him on as the sun went down?

    does Stevie Wonder know when the sun sets or otherwise?

    oh boy :)

  17. I was at Bestival. i waited 10 hours at the barrier to ee you and was not disappointed!!! IT WAS AMAZING! the only downside was that due to standing there for 10 hours waiting for you my body gave out and during the last song i had to be pulled over the barrier, whilst unconscious, and taken into the emergency room… but i could still hear you. i loved every moment of it.. Eve x

  18. I am so sorry the organization of this festival put you through this. I was excited to watch the concert one more time but I understand the need to not compromise your artistic sensibilities.
    Hopefully you can do a new live streaming soon, maybe from Iceland, Maybe even during some awesome Aurora!!!

  19. Takk for being upfront about the broadcast not being up to the extremely high standards we have come to know and love. Sorry to hear that the slot simply didn’t work for the performers on stage Looking forward with great excitement to see your uk shows in 2013 I have seen you 7 times so far looking make that 10 by the end of the uk run of shows. Takk for always giving so much more than so many other bands who really wouldn’t have giving a shit about the quality of the footage hope you have a blast on the rest of the current tour
    Take Care

  20. Thank you for playing anyway…I was in audience and fulfilled an ambition in seeing you play live. It was a magical experience and despite technical problems. Shame Stevie Wonder was so demanding…please come back again but headliners next. I shed a tear during performance and was not alone…just as beautiful in daytime or night time – did you notice after a clody afternoon the cloud s broke when you were playing. With best wishes and respect John

  21. I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience, but for all of us in the crowd, it was absolutely breath-takingly perfect.

    I’ve been a fan for years and this was the first time I’d seen you, and seriously, it was just so amazing.

    Bestival is my favourite festival by far, and please do not feel put off by it because this is the first time I’ve seen a blip.

    Thanks a lot. Your show has just secured my lifelong fanship.

  22. I was there and despite the issues it was still a magical experience. Thank you for coming to the island and being one of my festival highlights and i cannot wait for march now. Thank you, Oli

  23. I was also there to see your performance, from just a couple of rows back, in the centre. It was a transcendental experience, even though it was clear there were some problems that the guitar tech was struggling to solve.

    The sunset slot is always a key one for any festival and I thought you pulled it off very well. I would have liked you to headline, to be honest!

    Worth the ticket on it’s own. Looking forward to March at Brixton!

  24. I was there……It was amazing and the transition from day to night was really effective…..sorry you guys had a bad one but the crowd loved it..

  25. I too was looking forward to the live stream and was very disappointed that it didn’t materialise. Thank you for explaining why you didn’t want it broadcast, but perhaps you could have selected some parts, just so that those of us who waited and organised our evening to watch it could have had something to enjoy. I hope you can arrange some other concert footage for those of us who can’t make it to gigs but still love your music.

  26. I was there at the front for you too. I could see the bass tech wasn’t really happening. It’s a shame the Bestival tech guys were pretty awful at sorting it out too. To be honest, much of Bestival felt very unprepared and unorganised.

    Despite all this, you were without a doubt the highlight of my weekend. I saw you a few years ago at Alexandra Palace and that was breathaking, I wasn’t sure it could be lived up to but you managed it. The sign of a legendary band when they have tech issues but still put on an outstanding set.

    To all those angry that the live stream isn’t up, I honestly can’t say I blame them. I’m sure when the time is right, they shall put one up, but this wasn’t the one. The tech guys running around trying to fix things would have spoilt the shots.

    Fantastic performance though guys, well done.

  27. It must have been really frustrating to have your intentions for the set compromised – but the atmosphere in the crowd was still electric and I was tingling throughout! You continue to be the most exciting live performers in the world. Hooray! (To any of the negative posters above: in my view Sigur Ros are artists, not a service, and they did not owe you the live stream – and yet they were still humble enough to explain and apologise. So quit yer yammerin!).

  28. Thanks for a great show, front row center

    that lucky git who managed to get his hands on jonsi’s violin bow seconds before me….

    worth the price of the ticket alone

  29. I was there for the show, it was such a shame the set wasn’t in the dark and I could sense something was wrong but… you were still brilliant and completely made my weekend!!! thank you and see you in brixton!

  30. Total respect guys. I was there and could tell you were having a dog of a set. I still think you nailed it and bought the magic of your unique sound to another audience.

    Hope to catch you again soon, much respect.

  31. As a lot of people have mentioned already. It was incredible. Second time I’ve seen you guys now and found it amazing. Everyone around me current fans and newcomers seemed to love it too. Sure, darkness would have been nice for the whole set but I really loved that you began in the light and played through the sunset and by the end were in darkness. Possibly even added something to it.

    So, although you apologise for the set and I feel sad it wasn’t was you wanted. I still say thank you for being fantastic. Plus ‘m sure you made some new fans that day in some of the folk around me.

  32. to those who were there and had a transcendental experience going on to comment for all the people yabbering away, grow a heart.

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