sigur rós 2012 tour

leon stukelj square
maribor, slovenia



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  1. You always amaze me. Yesterday was my third time seeing you. Your live performance is like a religious experience. Your music evokes emotions that nothing else can. I just hope to experience that in icelandic landscape. One day. Thank you.

  2. Hi everybody!

    Thank you for the most catarsic experience/concert in my life. I think I can sum it up by simply saying it was superb, it was perfect!!! love and respect *** :)

  3. It was the most amazing show i’ve ever hear/seen. Pure mulitple eargasms. Your sound is unique and special, impressive! Thank you, thank you sooo much!
    I hope u’ll be back soon!

    with love, K.

  4. I loved the concert. It was especially wonderful to see you in my hometown – it’s so rare that Maribor has the honor to host such great artists! Takk :)

  5. It was more than amazing! No words to express the feeling after your concert. Really great job!!!!! Hope to see you again and again. The best concert I have ever been…

  6. The best live music experience I’ve ever seen/been. And it was on my birthday. Thank you for making it perfect! Life is really beautiful! Looking forward to see you again soon.

  7. Last night the whole universe was floating and i could feel it in my bones. The feeling is to stay here forever. Thank you very much. be good:)

  8. I won`t tell you again what`s allready been said. The sound you`re able to achieve is simply amazing. Jonsi, as I consider myself a singer, I`m impressed with your vocal abilities. I was standing in first row, right in front of Georg. After your final bow I hope it was so fullfiling for your band as it was for me. All in all magic experience.
    P.S.: Approximately at the middle of the concert, my wife, who was not so familiar with your music said to me: Look, they do know how to smile… :)
    Best wishes, keep the magic going!

  9. It was my first time hearing you live and I was blown away. Your energy on the stage is amazing and the music which is already awesome if you just listen it on the radio is even more brilliant live. Amazing concert! Thank you for the music you make!!! <3<3

  10. Wow! Just wow! One of the best shows in my life – and there have been many. Sigur Ros put all of themselves, all their passion into the music and we witness moments of magic and wonder!
    Also the sound was great, I could clearly hear all the musical instruments used in the songs. Amazing!

  11. I think the whole concert, it was one of that magical moments that stay with you the entire life, amazing performance and setlist choice. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and to see you again real soon!

  12. great concert…finish was excellent!!!! can t wait to see and hear you again in Slovenia!!! Barbara

  13. great wall of sound, excellent visuals and music not of this world. 2 hours were like 5 minutes. thnx for coming almost to croatia ;-)

  14. I’m afraid to go to any other concert, ever again, because it will be a disappointment compared to you guys :-)… Thank you!

  15. If there ever was a God who created music he must have chosen Sigur Rós to play his pieces. Divine and mindblowing!!!

  16. It was a wonderful moment when Orri accidentally dropped his drumstick and Jonsi and him looked at each other and smiled. In that single second the vail dropped, and we saw how much you guys love playing.

  17. Hello from Slovenia. Besides being purely amazing, hypnotic, mystic, your music completes my daydreaming with the most beautiful soundtrack I can imagine to it. When the palette of emotions is challenged by music, for me that is the highest form of art. That is way, I’m in awe of Sigur Ros. Thank you for making music and thank you for a wonderful show last night.

    Ana x

  18. I was not a fan before, got a free ticket, decided to check it out and was pleasantly surprised. Thank you for an “ethereal” time.

    I think that words can’t describe how amazing the experience of seeing you live is! I’m getting goosebumps today just remembering it, it felt like being in another dimension. So much positive energy on stage which you transferred to the audience too! Thank you for making such wonderful music and coming near us (you should come to Croatia next time ;))

  20. It’s all been said: amazing, breathtaking, beautiful, superb … I felt genuine happines, when I stood there listening to your divine music with my eyes closed. And when I opened them, I saw people smiling, wiping their tears of joy or just hugging each other.
    All in all, it shook me to the core (in a good way) and left me speechless. Lots of love. Takk!

  21. I had an amazing magical experiance that kept me awake for most of the rest of the night … It was one of the best emotionally filled shows I have ever seen. I cannot express my gratitude towards you enough for being so kind and playing in our country and giving us a taste of Iceland and the beauty that is Sigur Rós.
    Thank you so much for coming to Slovenia!

  22. it felt like i am present at the most amazing thing a person can feel in this world. for me, it was extremely intense, like music would be enveloping my entire body and taking my soul higher. like fireflies in the early summertime or sunrise after a cold long night or a hug after months of isolation, you make my soul tremble. thank you.

  23. You know ‘that feeling’ when you live full, you feel surrounded by the tranquility and minimalistic touches of musical tone that instantly turns into an unforgettable journey and the outbreak of sixth sense…well thats the experience I nurtured yesterday in Maribor. You all are eXceptional. thanK You!

  24. When I heard you were coming to Slovenia I was excited and I could not wait to see you in person. Your performance was above my expectations. Thank you for this experience, thank you for letting us see how unique you are.

  25. You are absolutely the most original band I’ve ever heard of. When I showed your music to some of me friends, they found you a bit depressing. But they are completely wrong… Your music is just simply beautiful. It gives you goose bumps, brings tears into your eyes (not joking :) and feels your heart with complete harmony.

    Listening to you yesterday at the concert was a wonderful experience. When I’d looked around, I saw people in total ecstasy, with a smile on their face.
    Moreover, when you were on stage, I totally lost sense of time-probably not the only one-, I just closed my eyes and float.
    Thank you so much for making music that is so unique!

    p.s. I think it would be really nice to hear your concert lying in grass. So, see you next time in Iceland. :)

    þú ert dásamleg!
    takk takk!

  26. Góðan daginn!
    Yesterday in one of my tweets I said that it was possible to communicate with aliens via Sigur Ros! I really mean it! The concert was bloody fantastic ?
    Takk geniuses.

  27. It was absolutly amazing, beautiful and breathtaking…like the most beautiful dream you dont want to wake up:)I’m speechless and still full of emotions of the other night.
    See you next time and thank you so much!;)

  28. once again takk!
    it was my first time seeing sigur ros live. even with the headphones at the train to maribor i had goosebumps, but at the gig… few times my friend gave me a napkin as he noticed me crying, but i didn’t feel any tears or anything else except the wind and the music. i’m turned upside-down now, peeled off, i was taken out of my body and then brought back into it.
    it’s obviously how much giving the band is, my tears and emotions are for the members of sigur ros, and for every person who organizes every their gig, to thank them.
    takk! takk fyrir!

  29. The show last night was beyond AMZAING!
    It was BRILLIANT…I will never forget & Im pretty sure I will go to a Sigur Ros show again! ;)
    P.S.: It was my first time!


  30. It was awesome! Great selection of songs, amazing projections, lots of luck with weather, great finish!

  31. Last night in Maribor was amazing. What happened and what I experienced was just beyond words. Everything from the opening and till the very end was what I hoped to see and more. Amazing performances by each and every one of 12 (or 13?) people on stage were what made the night magical. For a long time I have been wanting to see what Sigur Ros concerts looked like and they totally delivered my expectations.
    We were blown away by the bass in the front row. Jonsi’s long note hold was jaw-dropping. The longest pause I have ever witnessed was full of joy and amazement of how silence can be so full of such strong feelings. Then the little things, such as those ambiental light bulbs all over the stage. Obviously the band works on every little detail when it comes to what they do. Perfection. I definitely recommend and I hope the band comes to visit Slovenia or somewhere near again soon; I’ll be waiting. Thank you, Sigur Ros. Takk!

  32. Thank you so much for a truly magnificent show. It’s hard to describe the emotions that I went through last night; I had happy tears in my eyes during the whole show and I enjoyed your performance so much. All in all, the show was brimming with joy, happiness and positive energy and I’m glad I was there to experience it. It was my first time seeing you but hopefully not the last one.

    Takk fyrir!

  33. Thank you for amazing concert,great songs,projections … Pure magic. I just hope to experience that in Iceland someday.

  34. Thank you :)
    ..once again it felt as we are all small particles of sound, which you are sending to the univers, to keep on sharing love with all the others!
    thank you for sharing sound of love with us, last night in Slovenia :)
    hope to hear you live in some near future time, in one of many beautiful natural settings of Slovenia!
    I belive that would be beautiful experience for you as well :)

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