sigur rós 2012 tour

a perfect day festival
verona, italy



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  1. I was there with my girlfriend and she said: “It was like a supernova explosion”. During the entire concert I held her tight with my eyes closed and, as the music reverberated through my body, I felt that explosion with all its beatifulness.

    Takk, Sigur Rós.

  2. We drove over 800 km to watch your concert and it was every km worth it.
    The whole atmosphere and the choice of your songs touched deep inside me…
    I want to thank you for this big present, for being a very important band for my life.

    Thank you, you were so beautiful to me*

  3. Devastanti, siete stati devastanti, sono venuto da solo al concerto, di solito vengo con amici ma non sono riuscito a trascinare nessuno, peggio per loro si sono persi qualcosa di indescrivibile……indescrivibile appunto,forse è per questo che non mi ha seguito nessuno, non riesco a definirvi, dire che siete unici è poco……..complimenti, sono rimasto senza parole.Bravi,bravi,bravi.

  4. hours and hours spent with you and finally I saw you… thousand emotions till tears when svefn-g-englar started you exploded into my heart.. really love you, iole.

  5. It seemed to me like a prayer to the moon and the beautiful sky.
    Perfect night and atmosphere, always a great present to us. Glad to share these precious moments with you and all the people there.

  6. There are no words to describe the mystical experience of standing in front of your power.
    Few years ago I discovered you and nothing has been the same from then on. You made me cry tears of joy, you lifted me up on tough times, you made me fly on eyes closed. You touched me where no one could.
    Here I declare I deeply love you Sigur Ros.


    “Jonsi’s voice at first:
    a column of light incorporating my body
    Breathing, shivering, tears, goosebumps
    Connection is here
    Aren’t we all Nature?
    Lost and found in Mother Earth’s womb?
    My body and soul are dancing…
    The centre of the universe,
    of every smile and creative impulse
    I am mud, moon and clouds
    I am the Music
    I am the Dance
    I am

    Wholeness and Joy
    and Love…

    Welcome Glowing Sun!”

    Roberta Tirassa.
    Takk for yesterday, moving and touching journey! If you need a dancer (afro contemporary dance), I would be honored to work with you.

  8. I had to wait 4 years to see you live for the first time and…. takk very much!

    The setlist was simply superlative and your performance as well.

    After the encore I said to my girlfriend: “If they are going to do Untitled #8 this is gonna be probably the best concert in my life”… you know the end of the story =)

    I consider Untitled #8 one of the best song ever made, after had the live experience I am more convinced than ever before!

    Now I feel myself more complete.

    Thank you, Takk, Grazie!

  9. Dear Sigur Ros, thank YOU so much!
    takk for creating music and playing such wonderful songs all around the world!
    I couldn’t believe I was there last night!
    YOU WERE HERE IN ITALY! and I was in front of You!!!
    Everything was just perfect,I am afraid words are too poor to explain how I felt, and how I am feeling right now. Some friends of mine were there too, we all felt like brand new after the concert! and we shared this thought: we assisted to something epic, let me say, a “holy experience”.

    I am very touched, your music can see heal all the things that hurt inside me.
    Your music takes my hand,we go deep looking into fears’ eyes, it’s like a ride through the night, sometimes it’s very dark and scary… but there are also stars, fireflies, friendly spirits, and the journey goes on, but I am no longer afraid, explosions of joy and good feelings!
    Your music is such a blessing and a gift! it brings me hope, it brings me positive vibes and courage!
    and it’s great to see you on stage, you all look beautiful, your energy is wonderful and incredible, you are very talented and, what else can I say! I love you and I am grateful for all the positive, healing music you share, it makes this world more beautiful!
    thanks for inspiring us!Hope to see you again!
    I wish You all the best and I send You lots and lots of love!

  10. I actually felt like “living” the hoppipolla song for the entire concert. There was something under that awesome moon that linked us all and that something was you guys and us.
    So long, and thank you for all the bubbles.

  11. I met a guy from Iceland few months ago and it’s probably his fault If I was there yesterday.
    Need to thank him for this.
    It was the best gig I’ve never been to. Soo intense. Soo perfect.

    Thanks a lot. Hope you’re coming back to Italy very soon.
    Hope I can visit Iceland one day. Such an amazing country!


  12. You are the soundtrack of my life…when I work, study, relax, when I am happy and sad. Your show was amazing, your voice angelic, the music playing through my body, my heart pumping at the same rythm.
    You played all the song I love and I wish you could have played a few more….Ara Batur, Glosoli, other songs from Valtari….I didn’t want you to stop playing!

    A funny note….According to the “kids” next to me, I am one of those ancient people, 40-50sh years old who were crowding the place :-)…as a proud “elderly” person, I have experienced MANY live gigs…..hence the only low note of the concert: the aucustics was sometimes distorting your beautiful voice and music…..

    But… were magnificent, anyway!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!
    TAKK <3

  13. peccato, mi ero allenato col lalalalalala ma purtroppo niente goobledigook… comunque meravigliosi!

  14. Thank you so much for this night, the night of instruments, and your voice as an instrument more, I am very happy to see you, it was really incredible!!

  15. Takk krakkar, ógleymanleg nótt…
    Kastalinn, fullt tungl,ótrúlega tónlist…
    Mér fannst ég fljúga


  16. We went to the Amiina concert in Bassano del grappa 2 years ago and we felt in love with their music; Yesterday evening a dream came true. We enjoyed every second of the performace. FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for all. We hope to see you again.

  17. never experienced a concert like this one, attended several dozens over the years, nothing compares with this one you just gifted us with. The silences you guys put in were prayers, your energy was soul lifting. I thank you and I hope to meet you one day again. Takk.

  18. There is this thing about you guys and your music that leaves you speechless and peaceful and blissed…once a soul comes across your music and learns to feel it nothing is the same anymore….I just don’t get those who go to concerts and can’t wait to hear any little imperfections just to critizice…..these people just have no heart and no soul, they just can’t connect with their inner being.
    It was my second SIGUR ROS concert, you guys change the way i feel about music forever and yesterday was just great. Full Stop.
    Thank u

  19. I saw you five times: Venaria Reale (TO), Ferrara, Milan, Paris and Verona. Every single night, a special night in my heart. Takk (five times)

  20. I can only say “takk”, guys. An amazing experience, one of the best in my life without any doubt. I think that your poetry can be epitomized by a simple gesture made during the night, when Jonsi launched his violin bow to a girl who asket of it on a sign. The girl didn’t grab the violin bow, but after the concert one member of the staff asked to the girl if she had received the violin bow. When she said no, the guy has gone backstage and brought her another violin bow. A simple gesture, but with a great significance for the girl. You have a high sensibility.

    Takk again

    PS: Why Kjartan wasn’t there?

  21. thank you, thank you very much! was a unique experience, a real magic. I wanted a similar experience for many years, will be unforgettable experience for me, thank you. You guys are great! You are magical! You will always and forever in my heart!

    Takk .. .

  22. There are no words to describe what I felt during this concert. What I know, is that how I felt inside of me will always remain.

    thank you.

  23. after magic in the park we came to experience magic in the castle! and it was powerful again!
    thank you once again for immence power of love you are sharing with all of us :)
    looking forward for the magic of month november! north-south connection once again after long time :)

    may good energy guide you on your path.

  24. Words absolutely can’t express what you made us feel. You are simply splendid, gorgeous, magnificent. During Festival I had goosebumbs all the time and I completely lost the awarness of where I was. We hope to come to see you soon in Iceland.
    Thank you for what you are able to express.

  25. I’m not a religious person but it seemed a mass, all the people there as irresistibly drawn in by the music to the stage ….

  26. I was expecting more songs of the last album but the concert was a total war of sounds, an incredible explosion of emotions. As always, you’re beautifull.

    P.S. Viðrar vel til loftárása. Such a beautifull dream :)




    Kjartan come back soon , i want to listen to you while you play piano

  28. What an explosion of emotions!!! Your concert is always a life experience where joy and tears meet each other. It’s so rare crying for happiness. I feel so lucky! Jonsi’s voice was so clear! Thank you guys! It’s always a huge emotion attending your gigs!!

  29. Awesome. Simply awesome. You made me cry like no other concert ever did.
    You were just perfect! Takk!

  30. YOU are the real essence of beauty, and after have listened to your songs as the soundtrack of my life, i felt complete of being few metres from you.
    you are able to trasmit joy and passion, but also spirituality and reflection.

    thanks, from heart.

    þakka þú

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