sigur rós 2012 tour

a perfect day festival
verona, italy



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  1. The atmosphere was surreal, the weirdest concert even attended.
    After a while, I was fully in meditation, I was inside, not outside.
    I missed Kjartan Sveinsson, a bit of magic has disappeared.
    The location was not to your height, more like a prison than a castle.
    Hope to see you again, with the full band, in a better location.
    Takk fyrir.

  2. It was my first Sigur Ros gig and I’m speechless…way beyond my expectations. I was moved more than once during the night and everything was perfect: the location fitted your music and I really have no words to describe Jonsi’s voice. Thank you so much, hope to see you soon again. Thank you!

  3. When I’m with your music guys I’m feel like home, even if I don’t have it, it’s something immaterial for me!
    Takk fyrir tónleikana í kvöld
    Sjá þig fljótlega

  4. Great! Unfortunately the sound sometimes was not so good but it depended by the location.

    The first time I’ve ever heard silence in a rock concert: Thank You!

  5. Profoundity! I could resound with your voice and music, I could not resist and closed my eyes ;)
    Yes I had same feeling of prison there, next time I hope going to Iceland concert! Very happy

  6. it was such an amazing concert, the best I’ve ever seen.
    I had goosebumps from the beginning til the end of the show and during viorar… I almost cried.
    The closing with Popplagio was amazing, the drums, the bass and jonsi’s voice left the stage with an outstanding performance.

  7. what a concert..
    moving experience..
    It was my first time.. It won’t be the last one for sure!

    Thank you!

  8. ci sono solo poche cose nella vita che, quando sarà al termine, ti daranno la pace necessaria per accettarne la fine…per me almeno è così, e voi siete una di quelle.
    Grazie per ieri.

  9. There I was…holding hands with the love of my life…and there you were…singing for us…my heart melted…thank you :)

  10. I’ve been waiting for you to come back for such a long time, but it was worth it.

    Outstanding gig, I was there standing speechless, that was all I could do. You guys are awesome.

  11. your music moves me. Yesterday has been mystical, I felt as if the crowd was a whole silent, beating heart, and I was part of it. Thank you.

  12. Sigur Ros is something completely different … yesterday night was sweetness and powerfull, happiness and maturity, pop and symphonic, yesterday night was epic! as only a few group in the music history.


  13. I cried and I don’t feel ashamed about it. I felt extraordinary sensations, I felt at peace with the world. I will do anything to be there again if you’ll do other concerts in Italy, thing that I hope with all my heart. Really, thank you, your music enlightens my life especially now that for me is a bad period. Takk

  14. Beeing just some metres from the stage, feeling my body cells follow the sounds, closing my eyes and start dreaming: that’s all you’re able to do. You’re able to do a so sophisticated music and at the same time make us all silent. Extraordinary.

  15. Wonderful music, ethereal atmosfears, great Jonsi!
    But Sigur Ros should be appreciated into a innermost close place, relaxed and sitted, with closed eyes, not on my feet inside a festival :(

  16. Always a great experience !
    You made me cry again , like in Rome .
    And thank you so much for “I gaer”
    ….my heart missed a beat !


  17. ……respiro…….breath……..anda………
    …buon viaggio…have a nice trip…góð ferð..

  18. Concerto splendido! In alcuni momenti l’ombra del chitarrista veniva proiettata direttamente sulle torri del castello. Una magia unica. Pelle d’oca dall’inizio alla fine … e tornando a casa mi sembrava di volare!


  19. Quello di ieri sera è stato il mio primo concerto in assoluto, quindi ero già pervaso da una fortissima emozione ma quando poi è arrivato il vostro momento le sensazioni sono salite al massimo.
    Non avevo mai provato una condizione simile, la palpitazione tangibile mentre lo stage veniva preparato con i vostri strumenti, l’attesa del vostro arrivo sul palco e poi il concerto vero e proprio, un’apoteosi di colori, luci e ovviamente musica uniti alla strabiliante voce di Jónsi che dal vivo mostra la sua naturale e strabiliante potenza. Suoni sublimi e magici che in ogni canzone riportavano alla mia memoria i momenti in cui a casa riascoltavo le stesse canzoni sul CD. Mi sono ritrovato a cantare silenziosamente ogni brano spaziando con la fantasia nelle splendide terre dell’Islanda ricoperte di candida neve dove il vendo tra le fronde degli alberi porta squisiti sibili naturali. Un atmosfera veramente magica che mi ha fatto riflettere su parecchie cose, molte volte si perdono di vista le cose più importanti ma bastano piccole cose come delle belle e profonde canzoni per farti ricordare ciò che pensavi di aver dimenticato.
    Il mio unico rammarico è quello di essere venuto a vedervi prima negli scorsi anni durante le vostre tappe italiane. Spero di potervi rivedere presto in Italia non mancherò di sicuro alle prossime occasioni, e magari riuscirò ha ricevere l’agognato autografo da tutti i membri della band.

    Grazie per la magica serata che mi avete regalato, non la dimenticherò mai.

  20. A perfect gig, a perfect day. It’s just unbelievable how you guys play live, i had shivers any time, and Jonsi’s voice was even better live than in the albums.

    Just a thing: four years is way too long.
    The location was a bit too crowded and many of us were too excited for the big event: everybody was fighting for a place to see the show. That’s understandable and remarks how strong is the fan base you have here, but your music maybe needs a little bit more of peace in order to be tasted at best.

    So, please, come back soon. Italy loves you.

  21. It was so surreal, simply amazing…I thought I was walking through a dream, I thought I could touch and breath every note and sound. So, thak you very much guys, you all made me moved to tears and I’ll never forget such a wonderful experience.

    I hope to see you soon in Itakly!

  22. Takk fyrir, it has been a truly amazing night, I enjoyed every minute of it. Hope to see you again, in Iceland maybe!

  23. Yesterday night at Verona your show was a journey through the Beauty of Life and their constant avversities as well. An hopeful invitation to enjoy every single moment of our lives, whatever it happens.


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