sigur rós 2012 tour

a perfect day festival
verona, italy



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  1. tonight I came to listen you after years of waiting.. it was a long wait, but I have to say thank you for the wonderful special unic Music and sounds that you create and play. Sigur Ros that I love are all together..

    Let me say 2 things about this concert of tonight: All was great, the place (castle),the full moon on the sky and YOUR MUSIC!… After to have seen (listened) you 4 times in concert, only one thing really disappointed me today: the last song!

    How is possible to have made wrong it ?! the last song of your concert is so precious, so special, so wonderful that only it costs the price of ticket! So why such sound?! I couldn’t listen violini and other sounds.. the drum was totally totally triggered, fake, it was like techo “bum bum bum”.. it is not possible to do it.. and the volume so high that it was near to broke hears.. I learned to listen every sounds, a fantastic mix of many hands in your music, typically.. but this last song, disappointed me totally !!

    And, the scenography?! this time nothing ? only powerful yellow light to flash our eyes ?.. no come on.. other concerts have been always so great.. the last song was always something to cry for the perfection of sounds, second after second the volume grow up, but every instruments, every hand was clear to listen..

    Please, next time, do better last song..

    Thank you again for your wonderful music.. I can’t wait the day of your return in Italy.

  2. “do better last song”?
    Are you OK? Do you have some earing problem?
    Last song was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

    Now Castello Scaligero will be called forever “Sigur Ros Castle”

  3. È stato fantastico vedervi finalmente.
    Fantastico rendersi conto che siete veramente COSÌ bravi, e fantastico avvertire la vostra musica dentro di noi, cuore e anima.
    Mi aspettavo un grande concerto, ho trovato una esperienza totale.
    It was amazing to finally see you Guys.
    Amazing it was to realize you really are THAT great, to feel your music inside our hearts and souls.
    I was expecting a great concert, I found it overwhelming.
    .:THANK YOU:.

  4. Ieri notte….mi avete spaccato il cuore in due.
    Vi avrei ascoltato ancora per ore e ore.
    Veramente…grazie per le emozioni uniche che mi avete regalato…grazie per avermi fatto sentire “sospesa” come in una bolla di meraviglia. Vi adoro. Vi adoro con tutto il cuore! Tornate presto!

  5. It was not a concert, it was a journey, a cleansing and cathartic experience for mind and body, thank you so much!!

  6. my first time with you! unfortunately! experience was overwhelming. a symphony of pure rock soul. have regenerated my cells and my DNA. thank you!

  7. Devo dire che ho provato una forte emozione al concerto di ieri sera, è stato intenso, vivace, malinconico…non mancava niente. Spero proprio di visitare l’Islanda un giorno.

  8. Last night was the first concert with my boyfriend, he is a musician, I always go and listen to him but we had never gone to a concert together before yesterday.. What an amazing choice coming to see you, what a perfect beginning!
    That was the first time I saw you on stage, and I have to say, you were great and did some beautiful songs! What a perfect atmosphere, what a sound..
    I am new to your music, and your concert gave me the chance to start listening to you more carefully, more intimately, to try to capture and feel all that can be found in your music..
    We had the chance to come to your concert for a friend of mine has given me the ticket as a gift for my graduation.. She was great! Unlikely, she wasn’t there with us to listen to your beautiful songs..
    Thank you for your powerful and graceful live, for the voices and for each instruments’ note, and thank you for coming to Italy, hope to see you again very soon, perhaps in Island, who knows (:
    Good luck with your world tour!

  9. Hi there,

    This is my first time to your concert and I want to tell you that I loved your music. It brought out intense emotions in me and I was actually left spellbound in certain moments of the evening…you guys are exceptional & you certainly rock!! Hope to see you soon again..
    Love & luck.

  10. Starting with Í Gær gave me goosebumps. This was the third time I see you live, and every time is a overwhelming experience. Thank you guys.

  11. I’m listening to you since Ágætis Byrjun but this was my first concert and I think it was the best time to do it. What I feel in yours albums I felt also during the concert yesterday but this time it was something that you could reach out and touch.
    Grazie mille è bello vedere quanta gente condivide questa musica.

  12. This morning melancholy overwelmed me, as I thought it would have happened during the concert.. I couldn’t stop crying, full of emotions. Yesterday was a day in a million, one I’ve waited for 6 months (and to which I was looking forward as the award of not giving up before..) and I’ll always remember. When you started playing, armony spread out: none was caring about is position anymore, silence embraced your sound, and I was listening, as I was praying. I believed, yesterday.
    A sentence for what you gave in these years, in the aknowledgements of my final thesis, is not enough: I wished I could have talked to you and ask something, but yesterday, while watching and listening to you, I felt like everything was already perfectly said..
    so here it goes the line for the thesis that talks a lot about you:
    Grazie ai Sigur Rós, perché con il loro suono nelle orecchie i sentimenti si subliminano, e sento di non essere sola

    with all my heart, Takk

  13. Great night! One of the best concert of my life…So exciting! You’re really great!! I’m listening to you since years and be there and see you and listening to your music live yesterday night was something like a dream! At the end, simply… Thank you!!!

  14. thanx guys! it has been like a journey into the mistic. to me you have the modern concept of 60’s psychedelic music: something that can take your mind away if you just close your eyes and listen. And… all of that full bodied sound was awesome!
    Dreamy… thanx again

  15. “We two, how long we were fool’d,
    Now transmuted, we swiftly escape as Nature escapes,
    We are Nature, long have we been absent, but now we return,
    We become plants, trunks, foliage, roots, bark,
    We are bedded in the ground, we are rocks,
    We are oaks, we grow in the openings side by side,
    We browse, we are two among the wild herds spontaneous as any,
    We are two fishes swimming in the sea together,
    We are what locust blossoms are, we drop scent around lanes mornings
    and evenings,
    We are also the coarse smut of beasts, vegetables, minerals,
    We are two predatory hawks, we soar above and look down,
    We are two resplendent suns, we it is who balance ourselves orbic
    and stellar, we are as two comets,
    We prowl fang’d and four-footed in the woods, we spring on prey,
    We are two clouds forenoons and afternoons driving overhead,
    We are seas mingling, we are two of those cheerful waves rolling
    over each other and interwetting each other,
    We are what the atmosphere is, transparent, receptive, pervious, impervious,
    We are snow, rain, cold, darkness, we are each product and influence
    of the globe,
    We have circled and circled till we have arrived home again, we two,
    We have voided all but freedom and all but our own joy.”

    Walt Whitman

  16. Yesterday I loved every single second of your art. My ears, my eyes and my soul were charmed by you… When you’ve finished playing it was like waking up from a dream! Your music is pure magic, love you!

  17. i’s been an amazing experience. the location was wonderful, and your performance outstanding. thanks a lot for this great night of great music.
    come back in italy asap, please :-)

  18. Last night’s show was amazing, by far the best I’ve ever been in all my life and for long time… Untill you come back here to make another one even better :D.

  19. It was a great concert yesteday, we are crazy about u. u gave us the possibility to know lots of people and it’s fantastic to see how music unites people.
    Roberta and Raffaele

  20. the highest moment of the concert was ‘Viðrar vel til loftarasa’ … is so excruciating that if someone had ripped the heart out of my chest would hurt me less.

  21. One of the best concert I’ve ever seen. Thank you. During last song I wanted to cry.
    You were perfect, all of you.
    Come back soon, Italy loves you.

  22. thank you for your performance, Sigur Ros,
    the moment of silence inside the music was very special!
    but what happen to Kjartan?

  23. I was waiting and expecting a lot from this concert… but i didn’t think it’d have been like this… One of the best concert in my life, so intense, so hypnotic!!! Every song was perfect, the shadows dancing on the castle walls, the silence and the fury, like Iceland… You made me go back to Iceland…
    And, by the way, you couldn’t have chosen a better song to end the concert!!!!!!!
    Takk fyrir

  24. It was the first time I saw you live… you were amazing! Words can’t explain the magic of your music. Thank you.

  25. Simply stunning! í gær was a big surprise
    Ekki Mukk live turned out to be great!.

    En það besta sem,
    Guð hefur skapað eru Sigur Rós.

  26. e la 3 volta che vi vedo in concerto …e con amarezza devo ammettere che e stato un po deludente…sia il suono che la scenografia…:(

  27. Unfortunately i couldn’t be there… but I heard that it was an incredible experience. I hope you’ll come back in Italy soon, even if my dream is to come to listen to one of your concerts in Iceland.

  28. Con le lacrime agli occhi e i brividi ho vissuto un concerto bellissimo, coinvolgente, unico…
    Sopra di noi le stelle e la luna piena, tutt’intorno persone rapite dalla vostra magia, e anche persone coricate a terra, abbracciate, che con gli occhi chiusi si facevano trasportare in un altro mondo…
    Mentre vi ascolto vedo la vostra terra, la sento. Ascolto il “suono” dell’aurora boreale. E mi sento a casa.
    Con la vostra musica mi sento tutt’uno con la natura, e con Dio.
    Grazie, siete stupendi.

  29. Sono tutt’ora scossa e emozionata, sto ascoltando la scaletta di brani di ieri sera, non voglio che questa sensazione scivoli via, si spenga, in una sorta di dissolvenza incrociata con la realtà..grazie Sigur Ròs, siete gli unici in grado di donarmi questa estasi, questo senso dell’ ho aspettati per anni, ora vi amo più di prima..<3

  30. Absolutely amazing. You made me cry. It never happened to me during a concert. But with you…everything was perfect!
    I closed my eyes and it was like I was alone in the quiet Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon watching the floating Icebergs, with just your music with me…

    Hope to see you again soon…

    Takk fyrir

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