sigur rós 2012 tour

electric picnic festival
stradbally, co. laois, ireland



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photos by emilia krysztofiak



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  1. Ammaaaaaazing. Was so delighted to hear you on Friday at Electric Picnic. Fantastic weekend altogether. Thanks for being.xx

  2. Saw a lot of good bands at the Electric Picnic this weekend.
    But you were head and shoulders above any of them. If you headlined the three nights, I would have loved it…

  3. You were the reason I went to Electric Picnic. You guys were just in another realm! I’ve wanted to see you live for years and it meant so much for me to see you… Thank you for everything, hope to see you again soon!

  4. Half through your performance my friend put her arm around me because I started crying. The last time I felt that overwhelmed from something so emotionally charged and powerful was at The Temple in Burning Man. Thank you for the reminder. It was pure beautiful.

  5. I shouldn’t have gone through as many emotions as I did that night. Utterly amazing. and by far the most beautiful thing I saw all weekend.

  6. Sigur Ros was the reason I went to EP. What can I say.. Musical genius!! Such a moving experience… Performance of the weekend. I had the privilage of passing the band on the street in Portlaoise after the gig…. surreal moment. Thank you so much for coming to Ireland.

  7. I promised my 11 year old son son we’d go to see Sigur Rós this summer no matter where we had to go……thankfully we didn’t have to leave Ireland and it was his birthday on Sunday. What a show, astounding!!!! Best performance of the weekend. Ye didn’t let the technical issues phase you either (poor George, I felt for him). Hearing Jonsi sing Svefn-g-englar through his guitar strings made my Summer. Thanks guys

  8. Loved it, especially the first half. Pity about the technical problems with the bass early on, but when they were sorted the sense of sheer relief made me enjoy it even more! ‘Svefn-g-englar’ the highlight, couldn’t believe the singing into the guitar pickups, amazing.

  9. Thank you for providing the set of the weekend and one of the most powerful and exhilarating experiences of my life. There are no words to describe what your music means to me. See you again at Airwaves!

  10. Absolutely stunning performance. The best set of the weekend. I really hope you come back and do your own gig.

  11. I waited so long to see you guys and it was worth the wait, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of your performance…please please please come back to Ireland soon xxxxxx

  12. never heard your music before the EP. Now you are my favourite band. what a breath of fresh air, deliciously chilling and warming experience, thank you.

  13. possibly the highlight of electric picnic, second row from the front and was moved to tears by how beautiful and perfect it all was. I will never forget this, it was one of the most magical nights of my life.

  14. This was my second time watching Sigur Rós at electric picnic. I even went the year Jonsi performed and was blown away… The first time I saw you at electric picnic my mind was blown and I was hooked straight away, I came home and bought all the albums… but this year, maybe because I hyped it so much had nothing on the 2008 performance. I felt that there was too little energy in the show as everything resulted in a jonsi guitar solo. The crowd emptied out as opposed to the gate into the main arena being blocked off by people trying to get in back then. I just felt a little let down. Still a big fan but felt it wasn’t your best concert.

  15. I’ve been waiting for so long to see you guys perform and was determined to get to the front row. I succeeded and was totally blown away. Your music is so emotional and has been the soundtrack to some of the best and worst times of my life and to see you in person was like a dream. Thank you so much for making such beautiful music.

  16. I Gaer was the best idea for an opener. It was astoundingly well executed and made everyone who hadn’t heard it before die of shock. Thanks for making my year/life, I’ve finally seen you guys live after 7 years of wanting to :)

  17. 3rd time seeing Sigur Ros live and blew me away yet again. Got so close I could inhale the music :) and an especially good view of Orri hard at work and the camera watching his feet was incredible! Who knew what busy feet a drummer has!! Missed Kjarten but hopefully see him next time Sigur Ros come see us in Ireland? Takk Fyrir Sigur Ros!! xxxx

  18. Sigur ros were insanely good friday night! My body
    was crippled yet i couldnt leave, fantastic performance :)

  19. The last time I had seen Sígur Rós was 6 years ago in a packed tent at Oxegen. Since then they have kept the same intimate feeling while playing the main stage at Electric Picnic. It just shows how good(and intense) their live shows are.

    The highlight of one of the best weekends of my life

  20. For me this was the best gig of the weekend, having only been listening to your music for about a year so was thrilled to have an opportunity to see you live. An experience I definitely wish to repeat.

  21. I know these won’t be read but could you please, just once, play a headline show in Ireland? I can never afford festival tickets yet that is all you play. I simply can’t afford €100+ to see you guys and it pains me as someone who has bought every album and been a huge fan for a very long time :(

  22. What Karl said! I simply can’t afford it either. A headline gig is needed, please. Desperately need to see you live )
    Love, peace and unity

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