sigur rós 2012 tour

amsterdam, netherlands



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  1. I’m a fan for many years now but never been to a concert of Sigur Ros.
    The playlist was the best choice they could make. Fantastic!
    Pure Magic.
    I will never forget this evening….TAKK…!!

  2. Another amazing night in the paradiso, the set list again was fantastic.
    Bravo sigur ros!
    Dreams do come true!!

  3. No words can describe last night. I’m still overwhelmed.

    I was a bit confused by their setlist last night – no Viðrar or Olsen Olsen. That’s ok, the set turned out to be the best I could have wished for.

    Very overwhelmed, very thankful, so beautiful…


  4. Concert 1 was superb. Concert 2 last night was twice that. If that’s possible.

    Having what’s reputedly the best two seats in the venue on the 1st floor in the little semi circle balcony was a real treat too!

    The crowd rose to the occasion again and really got behind the band. It was another epic performance.

    Again, a similar, but different set list. Needless to say, it was mind blowingly good.

    I was also lucky enough to talk individually with Orri, Georg and Jónsi outside after the show, and get photos with each of them, AND a photo with the three of them whilst they ate Belgian fries later in the evening!

    This for me was the icing on the cake.

    Best concert ever. Best band ever. Period.


  5. Words can’t describe what I’ve heard, seen or felt last evening without falling into superlatives!

    My son and I were flabbergasted from the beginning till the end.
    Absolutely amazing, what you all gave us!!

    Without doubt one of the best evenings in my life!

    I really hope to see you all again in The Netherlands very soon!


  6. Takk, takk for the second Amsterdam Paradiso concert and the beautiful music. I was with my wife who had as a preparation first seen Heima ( and she had to cry because of all the beauty when she saw the movie. The concert was very nice, sometimes a teaser for the eardrums (audience: take earplugs with you). For us it was a night and a concert not to forget for a long, long time. Why not speak a few words to the audience, introduce the members of this great great band? Invite us to come to Iceland, to learn icelandic tongue and grammar? :-)

  7. unforgettable concert this second night again. thanks for the slightly different setlist, it was really great to hear gong, andvari, vaka and fljótavík. my highlight were e-bow, and viðrar vel til loftárása the day before. beautiful communion with the public, despite the lack of verbal communication :) i really love í gær but was a little upset by the intro: i did a few comments about the arrangements of certain songs on my blog (in french). i also posted there some pictures of the two nights (except the header photo which was taken at rock en seine):

  8. I went to both evenings, and after 2 years of You tube ,I was ready to see a live show….I was very happy and enjoyed the both concerts….It’s very difficult to describe how I felt during your show, but my trip to iceland 2 years ago ,with some icelandic friends adds to the feeling…Sigur Ros is Iceland….and plays a big part in the magic of that country…takk

  9. My mind has been blown. Had I found out sooner that I could’ve left a review here, I would’ve done it right away.

    I have been a fan for many years now, but never had the chance to see Sigur Rós perform. I got goosebumps the minute I saw Jónsi, Orri en Georg come on stage, and they did not dissapear for the rest of the evening.

    Thanks so much for making dreams come true, and lighting up the world where you go.

  10. It was the best concert of my life!
    i came from france to see you in this small venue, and it was a wonderful day.

    Takk for this night and the happiness you give.

  11. One week ago, I came back from Amsterdam after a perfect day.
    We (a friend and me) met Jonsi and then, saw the band at the Paradiso.
    Well sit at the balcony, we passed to hours in front of one of the best band ever. It was legendary. Everywhere around us we smelt a kind of magic. Around us, it was possible to see in everybody’s eyes some daydreams provoked by the beauty of the music and the lights.

  12. Wow, what a gig! Everyone was just transfixed by them, partly I think because it was hard to believe they were actually here in front of us playing live – the opener I thought was just so powerful when the drums and guitars kicked in, and of course untitled no 8 at the end just rocked the place. It was a very different atmosphere to any gig I have been to before – its hard to explain, but if you were there you will know what I mean.
    Tim said he had the best 2 seats in the house, well we were on the balcony above him and had a great view as well – brilliant gig that will be remembered for a long time.

  13. This was the 16th time in 12 years that I saw Sigur Rós playing live and I simply love how they never cease to amaze and surprise me! “Hafsól”, “Lagið Í Gær”, “E-bow”… Beautiful and poweful as sun and moon.

    Someone asked a few postings above why they didn’t talk to the audience but that’s just Sigur Rós. They just let the elves and trolls speak through their music. Jonsí hardly ever talks on stage. In fact I just witnessed it once in all the 12 years and I was so surprised I wrote about it in my concert review (in German) here:

    Still – as always – there were a few “firsts” in the Paradiso show. Jonsí walked left and right from the mic staring intensely into the first rows of the audience. I’ve never seen him do that. Also he held out first one hand and then both motivating the audience with gestures to clap. I love how he interacts with the audience just a little bit.

    This is just the best live band ever! Beeing able to see them again in such a small location was a treat!

  14. It was like reading a fairy tale book. Fantasy, magic, drama and love explosion. The concert in Paradiso was amazing. You guys are fabulous. I also want to say thanks to Bram for taking me to this wonderful music experience and adventure. Sigur Rós rules…

  15. I mostly remember the quiet–everybody had the same look on their face and was completely quiet, between songs, during slower songs like Ekki múkk, the whole time, I never heard such a group of people make so little sound. It was the quiet that surrounds the best music, music that merits full attention. Everyone looked still, solemn, like we were all our greatest selves who had ever lived. It wasn’t really just a show–it was the making of a living memory.

    I remember a Dutch reporter tried to ask me about the show as I left, and I had to run past them to catch the tram, and my wife fell down running to catch the last tram to take us back to the station to get back to Arnhem. But if I’d had time to stop and speak, that’s what I’d have said. Thanks for the chance, years later, to say it anyway.

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