sigur rós 2012 tour

hollywood forever cemetery
los angeles, ca, united states



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  1. I died.

    No, but really…when Ny Batteri commenced, my soul ascended to the Icelandic heavens above and faded into an eternal bliss. My body is actually still chilling at the cemetery.

    Most epic of all epic concerts.

  2. The most perfect show I’ve ever been to. An encore of Glosoli made this perfect night even more magical.

  3. even though Jonsi said he had never played at a cemetery before it was the perfect place to hear the music live for the first time… the magic of their music will always live in my heart…kisses

  4. What a wonderful experience, blown away by the thought and effort put into this show on every level. Tears in my eyes throughout, so powerful and moving. Thank you!!

  5. Most Amazing show I have seen this year. Varúð is my new favorite, they killed it and me. I agree with other reviews, my soul is still floating at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

  6. Totally worth the 15 hour driving from mexico, sleeping on the street the night before the show, being walking all day long, and finally get to the cemetery on time. Jonsi’s voice is more beautiful than before, last night was, the real meaning of “Love”. I still can’t believe what i saw last night, Sigur Ros.

  7. I’d heard of the band .. years ago yet haven’t really ‘heard’ any of their music. By happenstance I had an opportunity to get special Fan Club tickets and experience this show. My hubby has very limited affection for contemporary music but this show … made him a fan as well as myself. Thank you for reigniting our hope in modern music as art.

  8. Just stunning. My girlfriend and I had tears in our eyes at various points in the evening. A great venue, a great setlist, and a great crowd. Loved it. The music makes me feel so grateful for the beauty in everything…

  9. It was a truly magical experience. I felt transported to a place of pure beauty and love. I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach.

  10. After devastated I wasn’t able to buy tickets, and after a failed but impressive attempt to sneak in, the main security officers just let us in through the front. words cannot express the emotions I felt. I feel so bad for anyone who missed this experience, Sigur Ros is incredible, the whole night was magical

  11. It really was beautiful. That is how every concert should be. Can anyone tell me the artist / playlist that was playing before the opener?

  12. I knew it was appropriate to play Untitled #8 as the very last song, I cheered so much lost my voice. I just wished they would have played Samskeyti, one of my most favorite of all time. but none the less, it was a remarkable performance. Jonsi said “first time playing in a cemetery, its pretty extraordinary”. I felt the same way, and it was my first. I loved the figures on the mausoleums, felt like the neighboring deceased were gracing us with their presence, after each song they arrived one by one. Loved the half cabs spread over the grounds making eerie noises and stories that fans have sent them about their experiences with the dead. Its a concert I will never forget and an adventure I will always cherish. Thank you Sigur Ros.

  13. Thank you for putting on such a beautiful show! @Alyson – thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures for us that were further back. I love the pause in the show during Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa and how they ended with Untitled #8. The night was perfect, the venue perfect – I cannot express how happy I am to be one of the lucky people to have experienced Sigur Ros live. Thank you for coming out to LA!

  14. If I were to make a mix tape of Sigur Ros songs, the tracklist would be almost identical to the set list of this show. Outstanding and the venue was ideal. Closest I could have had to an experience like was captured in Heima. Takk.

  15. The show was amazing, and left me feeling fulfilled and just so damn happy. And, like every other time I see Jónsi, everything I listen to now sounds better and more full of life than ever before. I was thinking of all the ways this band has changed my life, it’s just incredible. I could never thank them enough. I teared up after the bow as they were walking offstage, because they all had the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen and it really made me happy to think that they still enjoy playing as much as we all enjoy listening. What an amazing night! My face hurt from smiling do much by the end of the night. Vaka, Varud, Saeglopur, basically every single song had me on the edge of my seat. And Glósli and Popplagid made me cry unabashedly. These guys are absolutely wonderful, and I hope I get to see them again many more times over the years. I give it’s show an 11.

  16. Thank you for coming on stage at the end to receive our applause. That was such a classy move that is often overlooked at shows. Great ambiance, crowd and event to walk around the cemetery during and see from all angles. Thank you, Sigur Ros!

    I’m sure you’ve heard of the ticket purchasing frustration many, including myself, experienced. I look forward to better systems in the future.

  17. This was the third time I have been fortunate enough to see SR, and the first show I’ve seen at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Now I know why they have concerts there! This was the most incredible setting, and especially for Sigur Ros. I brought my wife who hasn’t been to any live shows in years, and she is still walking on cloud nine. Great setlist, fantastic sound, wonderful crowd. Thank you for a perfect show!!

  18. I was a different person before and after seeing this concert. It was a profound, beautiful and deeply moving experience. I will remember it vividly until my last breath. Thank you so very much for playing for us last night.

  19. Funny…I’m a photographer, and left my cameras at home, sure they would be confiscated…and when I arrived everyone had cameras, and I was upset I felt so foolish. At the end of last night, I was never so glad to not have my cameras with me, afraid I would have missed my private and personal experience of these moments. As photographers, we sometimes are so intent on capturing moments, that they are gone for us. We document the moment, but because we were so focused, the full instant is only a memory. I remember being up front, very close for “popplagio”…and instead of looking through my lens, I was feeling just for myself. I looked at the sky and listened, and this sound fused with my heart in a way I can’t explain. I stood there as just a human being…transported beyond my daily confines, my fixed ideas, my general sense of things as I have learned them. I will never forget how that felt. Thank you.

  20. it was the most beautiful thing, picture it:
    music floating through a graveyard.
    people closing their eyes.
    completely absorbed in the sound.
    and then:
    the music stops.
    a hush falls over the crowd.
    the audience looks.
    the band is frozen on stage.
    a breeze wraps itself around you.
    someone in the audience shouts ” we love you!”
    another shouts ” we are not worthy!”
    the silence lingers.
    and then:

    I wrote this on facebook this morning. still reeling from the experience. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so beautiful in my life and I sincerely hope you make your way out to California again soon.

  21. Anoche mi corazón despertó y mis lagrimas rodaron pero no estoy triste.

    ¡¡Muchísimas gracias por compartir esta música tan maravillosa y espectacular con el mundo!!

  22. Easily the most beautiful experiences of my life. The setting, the sound, the people, the music, everything was perfect, I wouldn’t change anything if given the chance. The setlist blew my mind. I feel very lucky and oh so very fortunate to have been able to experience such a concert, and no more than 10 feet away from them, at that. It was unlike anything I have ever, or will ever, experience in my entire lifetime – until, perhaps, I see Sigur Rós again someday. Come back soon. I miss you already.

  23. Truly amazing!
    Last nights show was captivating. The entire time I got weak at the knees and goosebumps all over my body.
    I waited so long for this show to happen and the entire time you guys never failed to amaze me.
    I can still hear the soft sweet sounds of Jonsi’s voice.

  24. I brought a 50 year old friend and her 14 year old daughter…neither had heard Sigur Ros before. At the end of the show the 14 year old stated it was the best concert she’d ever been to (topping out just 2 artists, the B-52s and Hillary Duff. ha!) But her mother was agog. She was stunned at the beauty of the music, stating that it entranced her. She now knows why I say that the music of Sigur Ros is like church without religion….it’s hope, joy and innocence resonate in the souls of those who truly listen. I was overwhelmed with many emotions at the show, but the strongest was gratefulness….it was the most perfect venue that could be imagined. I am grateful.

  25. Last night was really memorable.

    Sigur Ros music has an otherworldly quality to it, and this was really evident at the concert, also thanks to the unique venue.

    Feeling my body hit by those lush waves of sound is something quite hard to express with words. It was many things together: sheer detachment from earthly reality, as well as the deepest connection with the present moment; a sense of drifting into the cold depths of the cosmos, as well as a lucid awareness of myself; sadness, as well as exhilaration.

    A single word to convey the whole experience: awe. Sigur Ros sounded so primal, raw, deep, the sounds stretching and twisting through the air of the cemetery as some sort of natural phenomenon rather that a concert.

    The perfection of Sigur Ros is deeply moving in two ways. On the one hand, their music is a testament to the greatness of human creativity, and this is the joyful, uplifting part of the experience. On the other hand, their music is not merely a human fact, it feels distinctly alien, out-of-this-world: this is the unsettling part of the experience, its transcendent component.

    If the Universe had a sound, it would sound like Sigur Ros.

  26. ter edit | quote 13-8-2012 at 02:41 PM

    The show was so perfect for me , i think it could possibly have topped the Red Rocks show back in 08 that me , Robert, nothingfan, and yessiyesyes went to . Despite the setbacks ( my friend lost his wallet on our walk to the venue but he found it after frantically searching all places we went to before getting to venue) . I was able to get way up front dead center and the view was perfect. They opening with IGaer was so freaking perfect introduction to the journey we embarcked that night . Also i loved the drony music that played before they came on that interlaced with the fog that crept up on stage and lighting . Does anybody know who was the artist if that drone music playing ? then out of the fog Sigur Ros came out of the shadows and it began . I recorded 2 1/2 songs on my phone only due to the fact that my memory got full lol . I recorded I gaer, Ny Batteri, and half of Vaka .but the songs that literally made me burst into tears was Vidrar Vel til Loftarasa. There was something about that song being played there at the cementery that brought me memories of my sister which i had lost ,especially the moment where the whole band stopped in mid song and there was 30 seconds of silence , that made chills go down my spine as that moment in the whole concert made me realize that waht i was witnessing was not just another concert but a really special journey in which i felt i was being clensed of all this stuff i was holding on to.Varud was another song that i had never heard live before and it also gave me the feeling of lia transition from life to death and thereafter. Especially the solemn part in the song where the girls were singin acapella right before Orri’s drum build up i got the sense that that was when life had dissapeared and death had come quickly. Idont know im really bad at explaining and articulating my exact emotions i get most of the time.Daudalogn also moved me to tears . It was a combination of the realization that we were in a cementery , a place of death, and combination of the haunting melodies of the song and suttle volume swells of Georg mixed in with the strings and fragile voice of Jonsi that made me remember my loved ones that had passed away . IT was a very special moment for me indeed . Also i was very happy Jonsi Used his bow alot . Theres something special about the dynamics his bowed guitar sound adds to the songs Lastly , i would like to publicly thank Dervish and Susi who made all of this possible for me to be there and witness all of this epicness. They helped me out with Tickets when the show had sold out due to the sub- par ticketing company that was used . We were supposed to meet up after concert but my phone died and i wasnt able to communicate with them anymore. Over all i had a really special time This weekend with SIgur Ros @ Hollywood Forever.

    ps . I also met some awesome people at the show :) , and Jonsi enjoyed the experience of playing at Hollywood Forever. He said to us ” We have never played at aCementery before . ” ” Its pretty Spectacular!” :)

  27. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I don’t think I can say it enough. The first time I’ve ever seen Sigur Ros live. When I had received my tickets, I cried. Literally! I thought, this can’t be real.. As the months went on waiting, I got more and more excited. Watching live videos, thinking to myself again.. “This can’t be real!” Then, the day came. I woke up early, full of excitement. I brought my mother with me, who was extremely skeptical, only because of it being held in a cemetery. She wasn’t too thrilled about that thought, but, I think it was a perfect setting. She had also never heard of Sigur Ros, either. We sat just behind the standing area.. Waiting patiently for you all to go live. I remember, there was a family sitting behind me. They had brought their daughter. It was so amazing to see parents bring their child to witness such beauty that she will remember for the rest of her life. At one point, I turned around and asked her.. “Are you excited??” And she replied with.. “YES!” With a huge smile on her face. It was a beautiful thing.

    When you all walked on stage, it was surreal. The music started playing, and we both immediately made our way to the stage. Seeing all the members of Sigur Ros right before my eyes was incredible. All the members.. In front of me.. Live. Not on a video.. live. We stood there, clapping, dancing, smiling.. I will admit, I cried. Several times. I’m not entirely sure what it is about Sigur Ros, but it the music literally just takes over you. You feel it. In every part of your body. It’s almost as if you escaped reality for the duration of the show and leave captivated. Listening to every instrument being played, every lyric being sung, every emotion coming from Jonsi.. Watching Jonsi gets so involved in his music, moving his head back and forth, singing, holding his note for 50 seconds, singing into his guitar.. Incredible!

    I remember looking over my shoulder a couple times to some people next to me and they would look back with a HUGE smile on their faces, dancing. Overall, the people that attended this concert were wonderful! Very friendly and down to Earth. It was like we were all together experiencing the best things of our lives together, without a worry in the world.

    Honestly, I don’t know how to explain it.. But this show was incredible. When you all come back to the U.S. and play in California/Arizona, you know I will definitely be there.. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  28. Thank you so much for an amazing show, and also for using my recording as part of the sound installation. An absolutely mind-blowing experience all around!

  29. Thank you for a concert experience words cannot fully describe. Just during the initial walk into the cemetery, smell of incense (sage?) in the air, walking past the sound installation of memories of friends past over the various amps dotted among the headstones, I knew this was going to be a night I would remember and hold close forever.

    During the entirety of the concert, I can only describe it as feeling in absolute harmony with the universe. During this show, I found my thoughts flowing with love and being able to only witness love and beauty around me. Sitting down on a blanket in the grass, bottle of wine in hand, amongst a respectful audience was the perfect setup for one of the most perfect nights and musical experiences I have ever had.

    Thank you again for the music you create; it has the power to change the world.

  30. mesmerizing mind-blowing chilling fulfilling bliss. thank you so much for visiting los angeles and inspiring me for a lifetime.

    p.s. i love the valtari ship necklace. a fantastic little treasure! =)

  31. I cried. My breath was taken away from me over and over again. Nothing less than glorious. I was left in a euphoric mindset that has yet to disappear. Magic. Pure magic.

  32. taak, thank you sigur ros. i will cherish this event. it was beautiful, you played many of my favorites, the sound was great, jonsi’s voice sublime. the frankincense captivating and adding to the sacredness of the moment. i was on one side by the stage and didn’t know kjartan wasn’t there until you all came out to bow. sorry he missed a fine show, many fine shows i’m sure. good job obo. i love you, jonsi

  33. Someone very special in my life introduced me to Sigur Ros at the beginning of the year and I was hooked! Had to see a show! We were so deflated when we could not get tickets nor would we buy from some ridiculous site at over inflated costs. So! We just showed up a few hours earlier to the cemetery and thirty mins before showtime WE GOT TICKETS! At face value even. We sat down so quietly & immediately knew we would be forever changed by this experience. The sage burning everywhere, the kindness felt from everyone…& then the music. I cried. I prayed. I laughed in amazement. We were taken to some place that night ……..and we are still there. Thank you Sigur Ros. Until next time.

  34. What a beautiful experience. I loved the immersive environment that the band created. The guitar amps spread through the grass like tombstones, solitary figures appearing in and out of shadow against the walls of mausoleums, it was truly incredible. The band was great. A setlist that flowed perfectly, leaving the audience in a trance. Thank you for a wonderful evening.

  35. Just want to say thank you to Sigur Ros and to the security team at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It was an incredible show!

  36. Best show I’ve ever been too! Jonsi sounded amazing the guys were amazing! worth every penny ($250)!! definitely going to another concert, I love you guys!

  37. I would love it if anyone had an extra poster from this Hollywood Forever show. I missed the merchandise booth because i was so enthralled by the amazing, beautiful show. Please help! Will pay good money!

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