sigur rós 2012 tour

echo beach
toronto, on, canada



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  1. Tonight was amazing. This will be one of, if not the best show I’ll ever go to in my life. Come to Canada again soon!

  2. Simply amazing! By far the best show I have ever been to! Thank you so much for such an incredible night! Just perfect!

  3. Ive been waiting for Sigur ros to get back together for what feels like a life time, when I heard you were coming to Toronto I bought tickets instantly! Thank you for the amazing show, it was above and beyond anything I could have imagined. Never stop playing for the music, and best of luck on your tour!

  4. An auditory extravaganza. I honestly didn’t think their sound would fit the outdoor venue vibe, but they happily proved me wrong. A feast for the ears!

  5. That was the first concert I’ve ever been too… and I was definitely spoiled. I was standing only two human bodies away from the very front, and I was in the dead center!

    The show was phenomenal. The resonating music was so celestial, that my eyes were watered up throughout the whole show. Sigur Ros, I immensely thank you for putting this kind of music out there. Your truly a band of rarity, keep it up.

  6. Sigur Ros played a wonderful set, which kept me on my toes all night. Too bad Echo Beach is full of crap. Planes taking off, and a “powered by Rogers” ad appearing on stage between the main set and encore was total bullshit. I love being outdoors, and that added a certain aura to the show, but I think Massey Hall was a better venue for them.

  7. What an amazing night. I introduced my wife to Sigur Ros years ago, and now we’ve finally been able to see the band live. Astounding, mind-blowing, and incredibly moving. Thank you for your music, and your performances, Takk fyrir!

  8. I’ve seen hundreds of shows, but have never experienced anything like last night’s show. A truly magical night.

  9. An absolutely brilliant show. Every song, every moment was amazing. Only complaint was not getting to hear Gong like the Philadelphians! Thank you Sigur Ros for your contribution to modern music. Your performance in Toronto was moving and beautiful beyond words. And the new album songs sound even better live than on album. Takk.

  10. Phenomenal! The sound was so clear making it so easy to appreciate the musical intricacies and vocals of Sigur Ros. I will never pass up the chance to see them again! Thank you Sigur Ros!!

  11. Breathtaking…Throughout the whole show I thought to my self, “is this real? ” aha it seemed so that it was. I’m so unbelievably happy that I got the chance to see you all perform. I’ve waited so long to see you live and you did not let me down. The whole night was a overwhelming experience and i’m glad to say that this was the best show I haver ever seen live. I applaud you for giving this to me, making me so happy while tears roll down my face. Thank you, thank you THANK YOU Sigur Rós!!!!!

  12. Wonderful show last night, it was great to see Sigur Rós playing again, after 4 years (as Jónsi mentioned during the night – I think they are still adjusting to it).

    As opposed to the guy who commented above about planes, I liked the planes taking off, it added another dimension to the show/music, made it “Toronto special!”

    The set was great, starting off with a more quiet song from the new CD to some of my all time faves and finishing off with Popplagið… It’s so amazing live! I liked that the band came out for a bow at the end, so we could say goodbye.

    I missed Kjartan. Loved Orri’s energy, loved Jónsi’s amazing voice and Georg’s cool vibe.

    I am looking forward to the Osheaga gig on Friday, although I know it will be VERY different since it’s a music festival with a varied crowd… Not necessarily all fans.

  13. The way Georg would smile and nod ‘thank you’ each time he was handed a bass made the show for me.

    What Sigur Ros creates is nothing short of magic and to be fully aware during that magic that they are decent and humble people only adds to their magnificence.


  14. Thank you for playing svefn-g-englar last night. this song brought back so many memories and made me cry, .. hope that I dont need to wait for another 4 years for you to come again to Toronto..we love you so much!! come back again soon…

  15. What an amazing show. This was my first Sigur Ros show, finally getting the chance to see you at the ripe old age of 37. You all played fantastically, and I respect your artistic approach. THANK YOU!

  16. Absolutely the best show I have ever been to… There are no words that can even come close to expressing how emotionally intense and beautiful that performance was, I’ll never get it out of my head.

  17. Over the past months I have had the chance to see a number of fantastic groups take the stage and bring to life the music I love.
    Sigur Ros not only brought it to life,they showed each and every one of us the living organism that your music is. From subtle changes to 180s, each and every movement resulted in a movement from us all. Hearts melted, tears spilt, embraces given, and smiles on the faces of all those who went. You have left me longing to see all of you again and longing to be filled with a joy only hearing every note live can create.
    Thank you every single one of you on stage last night for the deepest joy I have ever known and being able to share it with some of the closest people in my life.
    Thank you a million times over, may your tour be safe and filled with loving crowds.

  18. What words can I find to fully encapsulate what I saw, heard, felt , and danced to last night? Amazing, incredible, breathtaking, beautiful, magnificent, inspiring, uplifting, spiritual, ahhhhhhhh!!!!! No words do the performance and experience justice. I think the humongous smile and tears streaming down my face the whole time would be a better way of describing it. I still cannot believe that I and my best friend saw Sigur Ros yesterday, after seven years of them being my favourite band. It is an incredible thing that we all experienced together, and I humbly thank every member of Sigur Ros, and everyone who had anything to do with working on the show wholeheartedly. Thank you all so much for creating what you create and for having the courage and beauty inside yourselves to share it with us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Takk, Takk, Takk!!! :)

  19. Fantastic show in Toronto. Missed Kjarri’s presence on stage but musicians covering for him did a great job. I have a question that I would like to hear from others in response to: Why do people go to concerts and then talk and talk all night long with the music as background? I don’t mean occasional words to their friend or partner… I mean talk and quite frequently loudly. This is a growing phenomena at concerts I find (I’ve been going to various kinds of concerts for almost 40 years now) and I was pretty shocked to have a lot of people standing near me talking through the show on Wednesday night. (Just to the left of the soundboard looking at the stage.) At a concert I’m hoping for moments of transcendence – when you lose yourself in the music and the moment – and the talk makes it impossible to get there. I was so surprised to hear this notably at a Sigur Ros show that was sold out… knowing that there were fans who would love to listen to the group who couldn’t get a ticket. So am I just an old fart who expects too much (ie. that people will listen to the music and talk between songs) or is there an increasing amount of talking going on at concerts.
    Thanks to all in Sigur Ros for an awesome show!! It was a fantastic night despite the talk. So I will say more Takk and less talk at show!!

  20. Joe, I just wanted to let you know that I am with you 100%. I had the misfortune of standing next to two people who were carrying on a conversation throughout the entire concert. Like you it wasn’t a few words, it was non-stop talking. It was extremely distracting and I asked them to please stop. It almost ruined the whole experience for me. I go to a concert to listen to the music and see the band. Fortunately, I moved and it was all good after that. Go to a coffee shop if you want to talk. I guess I am getting old too. Other than the talking the show was incredible. The band sounded great and the Toronto Skyline behind them was pretty cool too. The Popplagið finale was awesome.I love Orri’s drumming in it.

  21. Sigur Ros are like mythical creatures to me. They rose from Lake Ontario – played something I still cant quite convince myself was real – then they descended back into the lake.

  22. I jumped a plane at 4:00PM flew from Winnipeg to Pearson, shuttled downtown, and got a cab to the show and got settled in my place just as they walked on stage. I experienced 90 minutes of sheer bliss under a full moon with my favorite band and an audience of beautiful people.
    A priceless memory!
    Thank You!

  23. I had been waiting for this day for 7 years, and it absolutely blew my mind. When the band took the stage, I couldn’t help but jump up and down like a little kid. I began to cry – I kid you not – at the first note. Sigur Ros came with me through the darkest time of my life, and helped me through experiences and emotions I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Seeing them live brought this all to a head, and then, to a close. It was quite the spiritual experience. I’m not sure who else noticed, but Jonsi was crying at the end of Hoppipolla, and I was so touched. Even he understands that the beauty he and his band have created is other-worldly, so rare and raw. I couldn’t help but think that if their music can be so ultimately beautiful, then every other aspect of life could, too. With my toes in the sand, the sun setting behind the stage, and the soft murmur of planes in the sky — I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I feel so blessed to have attended this show, and to live in a place where beauty like this can, and does, exist. (Also — I fell in love with Toronto, and now I want to move there!)

  24. A fantastic show nice to hear the string and brass section I would have expected more of Valtari They will have to come back to do more from the new album it sounds great live Ekki Muk was awesome I would have cranked up the ending crescendo of Varud fo FFFFFF fortissimo,the only real negative of the evening was the crowd they ruined a couple of very nice moments especially during the pause of silence during Vidrar Vel til loftarasa go Jonsi interrupted my inner peace and I lost focuss the same happened during Festival too bad. To the Toronto crowd there are times when silence should not be interrupted by something like go Jonsi go; To Sigur Ros Bravo Bravo Bravo and I for one would like it if you came back to perform Valtari in its entirety

  25. Another scenic beautiful show. I couldn’t be happier with seeing the band again. Drove in from Detroit, great venue and people in it. Thank you for touring again. You are music for the world. I hope you continue on with touring and bringing us the music that you make. One love to all.

  26. The most magic experience of my life. Your music took me to different places, just to end up in a state of bliss that I still feel today.

    Not many artists have the power to lift me off the ground and leave me transport me to such beautiful labyrinths. This is music for the soul. I grounded myself by standing barefoot on the sand and the music turned the whole experience into something magnetic.

    Thank you so much! I really hope to be a part of something like this again.


  27. This concert was absolutely beautiful! Everything was perfect…sound,lighting, atmosphere, backdrop of Toronto skyline behind the band…it brought me to tears. Brilliant :)

  28. I had the chance almost 10 years ago, while I was living in Taiwan, to fly to see my favourite band in Japan. I didn’t end up going, and I regretted it.

    I finally saw my first Sigur Ros show, and it blew me away. What an amazing experience I was able to share with my girlfriend, Paula.

    I can’t wait to see them in concert again.

    We’ll be continuing our trip next year, likely flying to and riding through Iceland. Hopefully we can bump into Sigur Ros while we’re there. :D

  29. Breathtaking in its most pure form.

    I will agree with some that the crowd could have been better, but being from Minneapolis, MN, I’ve seen plenty of worse crowds. It was so worth the 2 days of driving & less than ideal camping experiences on the way home.

    Thanks to Toronto for hosting and to its people for welcoming us.

    And of course, takk fyrir to Sigur Rós for making a dream come true in ways I never expected.

    I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place. Mine included.

  30. Derek R… great quote thats perfect.

    Samantha I cried 2 times.

    Loved everything about the show. I also have a feeling about 4000 people had sex that night.

  31. Everything about that night was beautiful. Probably the best concert I saw this summer.

  32. Phenomenal! Don’t take so long to come back, we all love you! Though next time you should play a better venue, like Massey Hall or The Sony Centre. Echo beach is terrible!

  33. I have NEVER experienced a show that made me FEEL as much as this did. I am an avid lover of music, many genre’s, and go to live shows frequently. This blew EVERY single show I’ve ever been to out of the water (even the ones by my favourite bands of all time). Seeing you live was an experience I’ll never forget as it was beautiful to the eyes and the ears and spoke directly to my heart. I spent the entire evening on the verge of tears or smiling or full of goosebumps from the sheer magnitude of the experience I was having. Seeing this show and feeling surrounded by the brilliance and passion that was on that stage will be with me forever and for that (and all the music you’ve shared with us over the years) I thank you!!!

  34. Thank you for such a magical night.. couldn’t have been more perfect to listen to music that transcends a new level of emotion/being – and to listen to you perform with the person I love and with the full moon above was truly beautiful. Hope you return to Toronto soon!…

  35. Amazing show! Loved every second of it. Getting the venue 5 hours in advance was worth it since my friend and I were front and centre. Come back to Toronto anytime and hopefully soon!

    And if anyone wants to take a look at my photos, view them here:

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