sigur rós 2012 tour

the mann (skyline stage)
philadelphia, pa, united states



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  1. First Sigur Ros show ever, been a fan for many years, and I couldn’t have been more blown away. What an incredible experience. And I got to see Hoppipolla and Untitled #1 live – I can die a happy man!

  2. Same as Greg – longtime fan, but first live experience (unless you count seeing Inni). Unbelievable performance, so moving. And such a powerful close. Couldn’t have been any better.

  3. What an amazing show. I went last night as well, but tonight was a bit better. They changed up a few songs from last night. Notably, Gong, which I was happy to hear! These past two nights have been awesome. Thank you Sigur Ros!!! Come back to Philly soon!!!

  4. Was lucky enough to attend both nites.

    Both shows were perfect. While similar in ways, the second show had a few songs that just stuck out, esp “Andvari” and “Glosoli.”

    What amazed me both nites was the endurance of the band. How is the energy level able to be maintained? Every single musician was in full-speed ahead mode and it was absolutely incredible.

    Jonsi…his voice is a gift unlike any other. But again, every one on stage contributed to bring every song to a whole new level.

    I’ve been to quite a few shows in my life. I’m pretty sure no band/artist will ever come close to what I was able to experience the past two nites.

    The crowd, as someone mentioned, was great. Between songs you really could hear the sounds of nite…I think everyone was speechless.

    I don’t know if the band will close with “Untitled 8/Popplagio” every nite but, whatever you do, DO NOT LEAVE! You will miss out on one of the most intense experiences, musically, of your life. Promise. :)

    Finally, I, for one, appreciated the Japanese lantern (think that’s what it was) that took flight during, I think, “Olsen Olsen (may be wrong about the song). It added something to the atmosphere and whoever set it aloft, KUDOS! It was pretty freakin’ cool and I was REALLY happy to see it clear the stage. :)

    If you get a chance to see SR, GO. No matter the obstacles, get there. You will not be disappointed.

    Takk, Sigur Ros!

  5. Rob – good call that lantern was awesome! I thought it was gonna hit the tree though LOL

  6. Wow, what a show last night! What made it even better, besides the epic music was the fact that we were all sitting outside, under the moon and stars and enormous trees…the perfect environment to hear Sigur Ros! What was also amazing was how respectful the crowd was…during silence in a song, the crowd was deadly quiet…so quiet you could here crickets and the wind in the trees! It made for a truly memorable performance that I will never forget! Thank you Sigur Ros!

  7. After waiting more than 5 years to see you I can only say that both of the shows in Philadelphia were beyond belief. Thank you so much for coming and playing such beautiful music for all of us.

  8. Wow1 Has it really been 7 years since they last played Philly? Thank God for Heima and Inni!
    Show last night was unbelievable! Even better than the last Tower show. I think it was due to the venue; such a beautiful, comfortable eve. Outdoors, crickets, wind,the moon,grass(on the ground and in the air), the couple from N.C miming tantric sex, the flying lantern. Made only better by the sheer audio- visual brilliance onstage.Sorry I missed the 1st night and Svefn-g-englar.

  9. My wife and I came all the way from Florida just to see the show Sunday night and I was blown away? Thank you for playing Olsen Olsen (my wedding song) and Untitled track 8. You are truly amazing.


  10. Most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. I cannot even properly express how much this show meant to me. So moving, goosebumps the whole performance and I definitely teared up numerous times. The venue seemed a perfect fit for such a performance. A perfect evening.

    Every band member was amazing and to see some of the smiles exchanged between them was fun. I was on the right side near Orri and he is one fantastic drummer. Takk, Sigur Rós. You have made me one happy woman.

    P.S. Perfume Genius was an adorable opening act! Kudos to them too.

  11. When we first met we listened to Takk over and over again. And last night we got to experience our song, Andvari, live. It was a truly amazing experience. The whole night was complete magic. We ran up to the stage for the closing song, Untitled Track 8 and it was one of the most powerful experiences of our lives.

  12. I was sick all day, simply from nerves. Nestled in the corner, very close to Jonsi. I’ve seen enough Sigur Ros that I decided I’d pass on the background visuals and just watch Jonsi up close, with a bit of Orri, too.

    The show was great, as usual. Moonlit night, Jonsi’s heavenly voice, an easy venue to relax … all was beautiful.
    I just wonder why Sigur Ros seems to ignore songs from Med Sud. It’s like that album doesn’t exist – I don’t recall one song from Med Sud last night. I just wish they’d realize how much beauty can be shared via Med Sud songs.

    All in all, typical Sigur Ros experience. Otherworldly. >Peace

  13. sigur rós was absolutely AMAZING last night. I started off my journey from my apartment in Telford. Via bicycle, I rode to the train station in Lansdale, got myself an independence pass, hopped on the next train with my bike to center city Philly with my ipod headphones wafting the magic of Takk… into the caverns of my consciousness(oh the sweet echoes still remain, adrift with their solemn, heav’nly beauty in the towering halls of my infinite saviour-soul). I proceeded to one of my favorite bars in Philly, to cool down for a spell, relax and gather my wits. From there I continued my journey onward, cycling along the riverfront amongst the smiling souls enjoying the day’s wondrous gifts of life, love and freedom. Then, crossing at the walnut bridge, my heart racing in the mid-day breeze as it cooled my summer sweat, I rode through the beauteous cityscape; a Midwestern desolation angel with my wings of whimsy and grace enjoying my time spent here in the city of brotherly/sisterly love. I’ve never felt so free, so at peace. As I arrived at The Mann Center for the Performing Arts I became increasingly excited at what beauty was to come. I approached the pearly gates where a rugged Saint Peter patted down my rucksack, smiled and gave me an okay-nod to enter the Skyline… shock and awe. respect. love. peace. Ég hef aldrei fundið það á heima. Thank you for gifting the all of us with what beauty and talent you posses Sigur Rós mín.

  14. I could not imagine a better setting for Sigur Ros to play in the States. The outdoor scenery, including the skyline, was just perfect. After waiting a little over seven years for this, I was prepared to pay much money, travel overnight, anything to see them live. Tickets were, in my opinion, superbly cheap, and a four hour drive is nothing. I managed to be front row, something I didn’t even dream of because I didn’t think that would happen. I ended up crying throughout over half the songs, especially Glosoli, which has not yet failed to make me cry upon each listen. By far the best concert I have ever been to/ever will be to, and it was beyond what I ever could have imagined.

    Also, Joe:
    They played Festival from Med Sud.

  15. So great to read everyone’s comments. There was def a peacefulness among the crowd which was so nice to see, even upon exiting. “Untitled 8/Popplagio” is the ultimate closer and “Andvari” was so beautiful chills were all over my body (but that was the case for many songs if not all).

    Smashing Pumpkins did a nice thing about a year ago, offering USB sticks of the show available right after the show for a decent price. Would have loved for that to be able here at both shows.

    …and Greg, thanks for posting the videos and I agree about the lantern…was a little nervous but once it cleared the stage it set a mood that I’ll never forget. That was a really cool moment.

    Finally, anyone else wonder how the band is able to keep up the energy throughout? I was at both shows just watching and was wiped out. Listened to them from NYC last nite, via NPR, and they were still right on.

    Easily the best shows I’ve ever seen. If you weren’t there it’s so hard to explain the mood, setting and sound other than to say, BEAUTUFUL.

    PS…SR fans are some of the coolest people alive. Made me proud to be an American because we’re often given such a bad rap. Everyone was so polite and friendly. :)

  16. Ok so I’ve waited since the MOMA show to see Sigur Ros playa and never thought I’d get to see them. Not only did I get to see one of the best bands consisting of some really sweet human beings but I got to see my favorite band, outside, at what some might call an intimate setting. The latern was a very cool added bonus that night so thank you to the latern gnomes. The set could have had a few more old tracks on it but I’d hate to complain after such a spiritual experience. All the songs sounded amazing (live wise,the mixing) and their final bow was spine tingling. Being at a Sigur ros show actually made me feel like I was in Europe. There was one guy who after about the fifth song yelled “that one sounded like the last ten” and the only response was from this tiny girl and she politely said “if you don’t like it you can leave.” I think he felt felt like a jerk because he sat down the rest of the show. It was like I stepped out of Philly (my hometown) and into this place where people were kind and gentle. It was kind of weird. I was walking back from the bathrooms in the dark right before they started playing and I kicked over this giirls full 8 dollar cup of wine on the way back to our spot… I felt horrible and said that I was sorry,could I replace it? The guy was like no man…don’t worry about it as the girl shook her head in full agreement with him. Wow. In Philly? Thank you Sigur Ros. The fans were just as beautiful as the music and that’s the truth. The band was consistent and powerful yet not overdone. Jonsi knew when to back off the e -bow and when to get out there with it like a lumberjack sawing away. The entire band looked wonderful and happy. They seemed as gratefu to be therel as the crowd which was nice. This band has no ego and it’s really refreshing. Iceland is somewhere I HAVE to visit before I die. If you can get a ticket to this show do it! I think this show is for the more for the veteran Sigur ros fans but it would be a nice introduction to their music as well. There was one woman next to us who just took a nap for the first band then got up and watched Sigur ros play. It was THAT mellow. Perfume genius opened in Philly anyway and they were pretty cool. Didn’t know their music except for what I saw on YouTube and they sounded just like the album. Bravo Sigur Ros… And Takk

  17. The concert was absolutely outstanding. When I saw Sigur Ros was coming to the USA for tour I was absolutely ecstatic. The cheapest tickets for us were in Philly, therefore we had to drive 10 hours to see them, but it was totally worth it. I was fairly close to the stage and I enjoyed the smaller outdoor setting. I liked how they mixed some of their older classics in with the newer songs. Also, met some pretty cool fans to talk to before the concert started.
    One random request, I am 5foot and had a really tough time getting pictures. If someone would be willing to email me a few that would be wonderful (
    Good job Sigur Ros. So glad I finally got to see you live. It was a great experience.

  18. This was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I never could have imagined just how perfect it would be. This show literally took my breath away, so many times. Sigur Ros is the only thing in the world that can make sound like this. I hope to see them again soon.

  19. This concert was beyond phenomenal. I came all the way from Texas, but it was definitely worth it! The show was absolutely magical, and I met some of the most amazing people. The whole band was fantastic, but Jonsi’s voice was simply heaven. I was blown away. Next time you go on tour, you should come to the southern United States!

  20. Amazing concert. It was my first time seeing them live, since I discovered the band just after Jonsi’s solo tour, though I have been a huge fan ever since I did discover them. I agree that it was a totally relaxed atmosphere, even if I wasn’t totally relaxed. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be close to the stage, but once I entered I saw everyone lying on the lawn with blankets. I got to run right up to the stage (well, I could get within fifteen feet.) and it was totally AWESOME. The set was amazing. You simply cannot beat Glosoli and Popplagid for a finale, and they still played other favorites from their previous tours (pretty much every song I hoped they would play). The new band members helped to bring a subtle fresh style to some of the classic songs and were extremely talented. The energy level on stage was 100% all night, and I can’t describe how awesome it was to see Jonsi, Orri and Georg putting the full extent of their passion and talent into the songs. The visuals were amazing, and one of the coolest things was to see the diver’s masked face rise behind Jonsi as he sang the slow portion of Saeglopur. It was great to hear the two new songs, and I confess to seriously tearing up during Ekki Mukk. And I don’t tear up that often, but when the bass hit and Jonsi sang full out for the first time that night it was like getting slapped in the face (in a good way) The guy next to me was sobbing. It was completely surreal to hear his voice live.

    In conclusion, it was a fantastic night. Keep making music guys, and come back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. My husband and I, our son (18) and a friend (18) drove all the way from Georgia just to hear Sigur Ros — what an incredible experience! Their music transcends time, space, and AGE :).

  22. Sigur Ros have been my favorite group for 11 years, and this was my first time seeing them, and I was fortunate enough to be right in the front. Hands down the most breathtaking performance I have ever seen. And I swear, as tears were streaming down my face, Jonsi smiled at me.

  23. Nothing can be said to even come close to capturing the magnificence of the evening. Every song was beyond wonderful. And 7 years ago, Untitled #1 was the first Sigur Ros song I ever heard, and I immediately fell in love. So it brought a tear to my eye to hear it live. The beautiful emotional exhaustion cannot be simulated. All I can do is to thank you for stretching and filling my heart with such beauty. Cheers.

  24. I consider myself blessed to have been given the chance to see you all!

    The performance was incredible. The style and sounds are unlike anyone else out there playing music. So emotionally charged and sonically vibrant.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and I hope beyond all hope that I can one day see you in your homeland.

  25. Absolutely epic, been to so many shows, but nothing was like the musical and transcendent experience that this show was.

    The setting, the people, set the stage for a concert that left everyone with a heart of happiness. I stood there mouth agape at times, feeling I was in another world. A world that I always hoped I would get to feel, get to see, get to hear. What was more amazing was the fact that all the people around me shared in the same feeling of awe and overpowering emotions.

    It was absolutely amazing in every possible way and will be a night I’ll remember until the day I die.

  26. This concert was on my birthday! I have been waiting for years for a Sigur Ros tour, ever since the band went on hiatus, and I was really beside myself to find them playing in my home city and on my birthday. This is was a very enjoyable evening – even though we missed Kjartan, it was a spectacular performance. Hearing untitled # 8 live is one of my favorite memories!

  27. An absolutely superb performance. This was my first Sigur Ros show. I was blown away by how much it felt like a rock show. When they played Varud, I cried so hard XD by far one of the absolute best concerts I’ve been to in my existence. Thank you, you beautiful Icelandic band. Hope to see you again soon.

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