sigur rós 2012 tour

the mann (skyline stage)
philadelphia, pa, united states



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photos by sachyn mital
photos by bernadette stallmeyer


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  1. Just got back! It was a great show, but at times the sound was just a notch too loud. Other than that, I had a great time. I can’t wait to see them again tomorrow!

  2. I also feel the sound was WAY too loud for the venue. It should be intense, not pounding loud all the time. It was a great, moving, experience.

  3. Incredible show guys. It was honestly such an amazing experience and you had a great playlist! I would have liked to have heard Hljómalind, of course. Maybe next time! I hope you saw us waving the Icelandic flag. See you soon!

  4. Why did I born in Chile and not in Philadelphia to experience this concert live? Why? God, why?
    Anyways, best of luck on this tour, guys. Hopefully you’ll make it to this part of the world. We’re looking forward for your visit.

  5. Can someone tell me if there was an opening act and what time Sigur Ros came on the stage? Going tonight and can’t wait! Also how hard is it to get close and how early should we arrive?


  6. Great show!! Greg: There was an opening act; I think SR hit the stage at about 9:15…

  7. What an awesome show.. great mix of old and new tracks, chilling at time. Was slightly loud at times.. but hey.. its a concert! My favorite part was when the band stopped midway through songs, and you could hear the crickets chirp while the crowd waited for S.R. to start again.. just incredible. Greg they took the stage around 9:15, opening band was on at 8. Plenty of people came in after they played and didnt have an issue finding a good spot to stand, traffic was pretty light around 7:30 as well. Enjoy!

  8. Can someone tell me about what time the show ended? I’m going tomorrow and need to know what time the cab should pick me up.

  9. We had a 7 hour drive down, saw the show, and a 7 hour drive home. It was totally worth it!
    Great show, neat little venue, parking and access to thruways were simple and quick. Very good overall.

    There were only 3 food trucks…. so load up before the show.

  10. Are they the type to change up their setlist or pretty much the same show every night?

  11. I, too, didn’t think it was too loud. What an amazing show – jealous of those going to tonight’s show. Opening act (Perfume Genius) went on right about 8:00; SR finished just before 11:00, I think (my mind was blown so some details are a little hazy). Take a blanket to stake out a spot. I’d recommend under the tree that’s in front of/to the left of the board. There’s path/walkway to the right that went up to a standing area in front of the stage for those who want to be on their feet throughout. Otherwise, relax on a blanket, then be prepared to stand once SR is on (you’ll want to). You can take in sealed water bottles, FYI, and save a few bucks. No umbrellas or chairs, though.

  12. i thought it was just pure magic & i haven’t come down yet! the ticket was a birthday present from my son & it was the best–got to enjoy such a beautiful show with my kids; and it wasn’t too loud for me!

  13. Phenomenal first performance after a four year absence, all songs were fantastically played, the sound was great, you did not disappoint! I am looking forward to seeing you in LA in less than two weeks, getting to see your opening and closing shows in the US, best summer ever!

  14. yes, the emphasis was definitely on back-catalog favorites. Kind of surprising, since it’s a tour to, in theory, promote Valtari. But that’s not really a complaint – whatever they wanted to play I wanted to hear. A cool p.s.: a very diverse crowd attended last night — young & old, quite a few young kids with parents, more than a couple seniors, racially fairly diverse, as many women as men, etc.

  15. Saw the show last night… AMAZING! So I’m staying an extra night in Philly to catch tonights show as well. Off to get my tickets see you guys in a few hours!

    From Ohio!!!

  16. Indeed very well done, thank you Sigur Ros! There is a bright musical future ahead of you, folks, just keep going and never stop exploring the new possibilities on this way. Good luck!

  17. I had such an amazing experience at the show last night! Thank you so much for beautiful inspiration and emotional bliss… my husband and I are forever a fan. Have a safe tour <3

  18. I was against the rail last night and I agree with Mr. Bredal…it wasn’t too loud. Maybe it depended on where you were standing. I thought the whole experience was beautiful! I actually teared up during one song. I just recently returned from two weeks in Iceland and this was the perfect ending to an Icelandic experience.

  19. It’s a little overwhelming to try and describe that show with words. When the group came on stage and started playing Ekki Mukk it was like a dream, and then going right into the third track from valtari, my favorite? Perfect. Nothing was too loud, I could feel every beat in my chest, and the lighting was incredible, feeling almost alien. Even the weather was perfect, a strange green and purple cloudy murk with spots of light breaking through. This show was certainly a dream come true and I’m so glad that after 4 years Sigur Ros still knows how to lift my soul.

  20. This is one of my favorite bands. I have been a fan for over 10 years. I have listened to every album on repeat for years! This live show blew away any expectation that the recordings that I have come to treasure produced and this was one of the best live shows I have ever seen. It was my first time: A completely transcendent experience. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For your beautiful vibrations…

  21. what to say? extraordinary night (great venue: soft breeze, trees, clouds, skyline – all felt so intimate). extraordinary performance. still feeling altered. thanks to sigur ros for making the music and the journey. truly.

  22. My first Sigur Ros show! So amazing to know you opened your tour in this city! Thank you! It was NOT too loud at all! Just a back ache from all the standing (waiting in line and the show itself) that was well worth it!

  23. My first show was so memorable. Such a special, moving night. There were times I was so happy I wanted to cry and times I just wanted to rage with how booming you were. Now that I’ve finally seen Sigur Ros I want to see them again. And will in Montreal!

  24. The show was incredible… my fourth time seeing them live and always a brand new and life changing experience.

    Room for improvement – 1) Perfume Genius was great however, his sound levels and feedback weren’t 100% worked out. 2) The visual effects weren’t on par with some past shows. For example, after seeing shows open and close with the see-through curtain… I was hoping for something even more stunning. 3) Always going to be disappointing to not have Kjartan on stage but everyone did an incredible job in his absence.

    Highlights of the show – 1) Olsen Olsen and Viðrar stole the show. It was such a great surprise to have them included in the set list. 2) The new material sounded great live. Dauðalogn fit in perfectly as an encore and a prelude to Untitled 8. 3) For opening night on a brand new stage, the sound was incredible. Jonsi’s voice was more magical then I remembered.

    My side notes – It was great to personally see them outdoors in the setting of a larger audience for the first time. As great as it was, I think I will always prefer to see them indoors and in a more intimate setting. I am still dying to see Untitled 4 live for the first time live and hold out hope it will be someday soon.

  25. Really nice set list. Can’t wait to see you @Iceland Airwaves festivel in Reykjavík. Have a good tour!

  26. Hi guys,

    I’m surprised to whatever have happened to Kjartan that makes his absence on a great night.

    I’m from Singapore and dying to watch them ‘live’ come Nov 23. I sure do hope to see Kjartan around.

  27. I’ve been a fan for many years. I promised myself I would see them first time they come to the states. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had at a show.

    Incredible performance. Great crowd! It was simply a moving experience and I’m glad I was a part of it.

    My wish is they make it to Miami one day to spread the love.

  28. Absolutely phenomenal. One of the best experiences of my life. Thank you Sigur Ros for coming to Philadelphia!

  29. I have been staring at this screen for ages thinking about what to write. I have come to realize I am still in a state of awe after seeing such an unbelievable show. Having waited 10 years to see my absolute favorite band, I was afraid that I set the bar too high. Not even a chance of that. It was everything I had hoped and so much more. To hear the songs that have inspired me live in such a beautiful setting was breathtaking. Thank you for a truly amazing night!

  30. I never thought S.R. would play just minutes from where I live. It was an incredible experience, exceeding my expectations tenfold. Jonsi’s voice was wonderful, the instrumentation was stunning and the whole concert felt so vibrant.

  31. I have been listening to you guys since 2000 and I have had chances to see you guys within those 12 years but something always came up and not allowing me to go to your shows. I was finally able to see Sigur Ros and it was such an amazing, breathtaking show. Thank you so much for this show and letting me experience such an amazing night!!!! Thanks again, I cannot wait to see you again.

  32. My wife and I came all the way from Florida just to see the show Sunday night and I was blown away? Thank you for playing Olsen Olsen (my wedding song) and Untitled track 8. You are truly amazing. Please continue to tour this winter.

    Thank you


  33. So glad I was able to experience the first show in 4 years. Although Jonsi barely spoke but 2 sentences of English to the crowd, I felt like it was a very personal show and it was great that they shared it with us! The bow at the end just almost had me in tears. Thank you so much for coming to the US. It was well worth the long drive!

  34. I’m with Ben…didnt realize it but this was not only the first show in 4 years but the first at this venue.. 3rd time seeing them and as always….amazing. quiet and pretty when it needed to be and loud and ferocious when it was needed as well. i’d watch them play that same setlist every night over and over. its just too full of emotion across the spectrum to not enjoy….. cheers!

  35. Unbelievable show. First show back in 4 years and I’ve missed them like crazy. I was right at the barrier and when they came on, I was at peace with the world. Go see them. It’s a life experience you will not forget.

  36. For all those who didn’t think it was too loud, stating that it was is not an insult to the band. It was a great show, but my hearing is more important and so is yours. And to see people with young kids with no ear protection is criminal.

  37. My only wish, for a 16 year old boy, is for them to come to St. Louis or Kansas City again, haven’t seen them before and want to, want to experience the magic of Sigur Ros.

  38. My daughter and I flew from Corpus Christi, TX just to see this show. I felt so fortunate just to get tickets, since originally their first performance was scheduled for the 30th and it was already sold out, as were all of the others across the US that were closer to my home &/or worked in with my schedule. When they added this one, you bet I jumped on the chance!

    As I read the earlier reviews I found myself shaking my head in agreement with so many statements. Their sound is ethereal and the venue, with the stage constructed just for this show, made the performance a midsummer night’s dream in and of itself.

    I go through phases where I listen to them as I fall asleep, but occasionally it backfires and I stay awake for hours, because I don’t want that joy to end. I have always wondered if I would cry during a live performance. Absolutely! I cried several times and was overcome with emotion by the beauty of it all.

    I was so impressed with everything. The crowd was nothing less than charming & I made new friends with people from Greenwich Village to Georgia. SR seemed to play for hours and hours, yet somehow they made time appear to stand still.

    This was truly and without a doubt the best concert I have ever attended in my life. Honestly, after this experience I am content and fulfilled. No other band can compare. Thank you, Sigur Ros. Thank you.

  39. I’m from Colorado, and have been waiting to see Sigur Ros ever since I missed them at Red Rocks years ago. Luckily, I was in Boston this summer, and making the trip down to Philly was well worth it!

    The entire show was amazing. Knowing every song inside and out couldn’t prepare me for the force of each of them live. I saw many people with tears shining on their cheeks, and I know I was the same way – especially when SR began with Ekki Mukk and Varud, two amazing songs off Valtari, I was overcome with happiness (and tears) to be there and a part of it with everyone else.

    Amazing venue, amazing lighting and video, powerful (not quite too loud) sound, and one of the best bands in the world. What a night.

  40. Loved the Monday night show and venue. What an amazing band. I loved the show. Music was awesome as were the lights and backdrop. Set list great. Was hoping for Von, but not disappointed. Thanks for coming all this way to play for us!!! I am a huge fan.

  41. Awesome show! Thanks for coming to Philadelphia and blowing the crowd away. I am wondering where is Kjartan? Is he no longer in the band? Was/is he ill or something?
    I can’t find any info anywhere, officially that is…Does anyone know? Post it, please. Thanks!

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