sigur rós 2001 tour

boston, united states



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  1. Just over a week before this show, I got a pacemaker put in after my heart stopped on September 11, 2001. I was 24 years old and still lived in Maine. I was still in recovery, and my doctor wouldn’t let me drive. In fact, I wasn’t allowed to really walk around much. My friend drove me (two hours) to the show, and we got there just as The Album Leaf was finishing their set. Then Sigur Ros went on. It was amazing, and I’m still speechless about it. Since then, I’ve yet to miss them any time they come to the states, even after all my moves and life changes. Takk.

  2. 9.11 was obviously one of the worst days in this country. i remember in the weeks following the terrorist attack a ton of artists i had tickets to see cancelled their tours out of safety concerns, which was entirely understandable, the world was unpredictable and frightening.

    and yet 10 days later, sigur ros played an amazing show in Boston, one of the only bands not to cancel on us…and it was one of the most transformative shows I’ve ever seen. there was just something so pure and so uplifting about all of it, such a salve on so many of us who were hurt (especially since the planes originated from boston it felt like we all knew someone who died) and just, if i were ever to meet or talk to anyone from the band for even a moment i’d want to thank them for that. it was brave and it was beautiful.

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