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28 May 2009

sigur rós have certainly been keeping busy lately. in addition to the riceboy sleeps album, jónsi’s solo album and kjartan’s ondine soundtrack, sigur rós have been at work in their sundlaugin studio in álafoss the past few weeks recording a full length album, which is now nearing completion. orri told morgunblaðið newspaper today that the recordings have been going very well and that the album is taking form as a slower and more ambient record than með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust and takk…. he also describes the music as melodic but much less noisy and more “out there” than previous albums. the album does not have a release date set but is expected to be released sometime next year.

permalink free cd
31 January 2009

as previously mentioned, a nine track cd is available free with todays edition”the independent” newspaper of the united kingdom – so if you’re outside of the uk then perhaps right now is a good time to get in contact with a friend who lives there and ask them to go get it for you. (update: it can be ordered here also) the track listing is as follows: hoppípolla (from “takk..“), inní mér syngur vitleysingur (from “með suð..“), saeglópur (from “takk..“), gobbledigook (from “með suð..“), í gær (from “hvarf / heim“), fljótavík (from “með suð..“), hafsól (from “hvarf / heim“), heysátan (from “takk..“), ti ki (from “ba ba ti ki di do“). to go with the cd release there is also an interview with jónsi in the newspaper and you can read that here.

permalink með suð on the charts
4 July 2008

með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust has been selling well worldwide, placing in the following chart positions in its first week of release: #5 in the uk, #15 in usa, #1 in iceland. the band’s last album, takk…, placed #16 in the uk and #27 in the us.

permalink sæglópur ep out in may
20 March 2006

a two disc release of the sæglópur ep will be released on may 8th in most parts of the world (excepting america). the cd will be accompanied by a bonus dvd featuring all three ‘takk…’ videos: glósóli, hoppípolla and the upoming sæglópur. before the worldwide release, a combined sæglópur and hoppípolla ep will be released in japan on april 19th. the tracklisting of the worldwide release is: 1. sæglópur 2. refur 3. ófriður 4. kafari.

permalink icelandic music awards
25 January 2006

sigur rós received three icelandic music awards tonight: best album design (along with ísak winthers, alex somers and lukka sigurðardóttir), best alternative act and best rock album. here’s a transcript of their acceptance speech: “takk.”

permalink sigur rós go platinum in iceland
21 December 2005

sigur rós were awarded platinum records for their albums “von” (1997) and “ágætis byrjun” (1999) yesterday in reykjavík. the band also received two gold records for their more recent albums, “( )” (2002) and “takk…” (2005). according to ásmundur jónsson, the managing director of smekkleysa (the band’s label in iceland), “takk…” has now sold over 800.000 copies worldwide since it was released three months ago. ásmundur also noted there interesting fact the von, which has now gone platinum, sold only 313 copies in its first year of release.

permalink preview hoppípolla b-side
24 November 2005

hoppípolla, takk’s first single, will be released in the united kingdom next monday november 28th. as most of you may know, the live favorite hafsól will finally see its release on this single as a 10 minute b-side which was recently recorded in the band’s studio. a hafsól preview stream has just been set up where you can listen to the first 4 minutes of the studio recording. if you want to pre-order hoppípolla, hmv is selling it for £2.99 here. the official usa release date is to be announced but it seems americans can already order the single on tower records here.

permalink hoppípolla single
10 November 2005

on november 28th, hoppípolla, the first single from ‘takk…’, will be released in the united kingdom on cd and 12″ vinyl. the single’s b-sides are með blóðnasir plus the highly-anticipated 10-minute studio version of hafssól, or as many call it, “the song where the bassist uses a drumstick”. hafssól has been evolving in concert ever since it was first written about 10 years ago and is now unrecognisable from its original version, having been re-arranged and augmented by some hyperactive drums and explosive strings. hoppípolla can be pre-ordered on cd and 12″ here.

permalink new merchandise
1 November 2005

new band merchandise was on sale at this weekends concerts in helsinki. the new merchandise is a moleskine notebook pack. the pack consists of three small notebooks each of which has a different logo from the “takk” design embossed on its cover. images of the new moleskine diary can be seen here. the cost should be in the region of 15euros and as of now can only be purchased at the concerts.

permalink tour diary & new single
12 October 2005

the site’s tour diary has been updated with a few pictures from the hollywood bowl and las vegas, the last shows of the american tour which ended last week. sigur rós is currently taking a break in iceland before they head out to helsinki on october 29th to start the second european tour. the band will also be visiting the studio during the next two weeks to record some material to appear on the next takk single, to be released next month. we will have confirmed info on this new single within the next few days.

permalink concert in iceland
30 September 2005

on november 27th, sigur rós will hold a concert in their home country for the first time in three years. since there are currently no music halls in iceland, but plenty of massive sports arenas, sigur rós will hold the concert in the laugardalshöllin sports arena in reykjavík. in other icelandic news, takk is rapidly approaching gold in iceland, only a few weeks after its release.

permalink glósóli video q&a
28 September 2005

chris soos, the cinematographer of the glósóli video, was kind enough to answer some questions fans had about the video, regarding e.g. the children, film processing, interpretations, etc. we’ve added this q&a to the glósóli video page on the site’s takk section.

permalink more new merchandise
18 September 2005

klink are now selling official takk t-shirts for kids, as well as brand new sigur rós badges featuring artwork from takk.

permalink t-shirt giveaway winners
18 September 2005

we can now (finally!) announce the winners of the takk t-shirt giveaway. thanks to everyone who entered, but unfortunately only ten people can win this time: christopher jolicoeur, denise oemcke, frederico santos, jakub lukomski, jeffrey allen, kristina caulfield, seamus hannigan, sinéad gleeson, stephen brooks, tiziana gelardi. congratulations to all the lucky winners, and thanks to the toothfaeries (alex & lukka) for giving away this official merchandise to the fans.

permalink new merchandise on sale
15 September 2005

four new t-shirts and a sweatshirt have now gone on sale on the band’s online merchandise store, these official takk… garments are all guaranteed sweatshop free.

permalink new design
13 September 2005

here is the redesigned site: a celebration of the release of the new album. we hope you like it. all of us at eighteen seconds before sunrise are very grateful to jonathan percy, who has given a massive amount of his time and effort towards producing the newly designed site. takk…

permalink glósóli first single
4 August 2005

the first single of ‘takk…’ will be glósóli, and will be released through download only. from august 15th you will be able to buy the song online in mp3 format through a new official sigur rós site,, which will be launched on the same day as the release. from august 16th, fans in north america can buy a different song, sæglópur.

permalink video in the making
4 August 2005

a video is currently being shot in iceland to takk’s first single, glósóli. unfortunately we don’t have any more info about the video at the moment, but we will let you know when we know more.

permalink l.a. times article
20 July 2005

here is a brief article from the l.a. times regarding the new album. it features an interview with jordan schur, the president of geffen records, who will release ‘takk…’ in north america. it also has some quotes from georg about the new album.

permalink t a k k . . .
10 July 2005

we can now announce that the title of the new sigur rós album is takk…, which is icelandic for “thanks”. it will be released september 12th on EMI records. we at got a chance to listen to the album recently and for our money it’s the best thing the band has ever released. we can’t wait for the world to hear it. the tracklist on takk… is as follows:

1. takk…
2. glósóli
3. hoppípolla
4. með blóðnasir
5. sé lest
6. sæglópur
7. mílanó
8. gong
9. andvari
10. svo hljótt
11. heysátan

permalink download page
1 October 2000

more updates on the downloads page. we’ve added lots of bootlegs and some misc songs. we’ll soon put up some bootlegs from the (now legendary) icelandic opera concert and the videos will be up soon in quicktime (takk haukur! ég elska þig!). in other news, paul seems to be enjoying himself here in iceland :)

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