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#standasone glastonbury live album released

19 August 2016

Sigur Ros - oxfam featuring live recordings from this years glastonbury festival, “stand as one” is now available on cd as well as digital formats. sigur rós contributed the song “sæglópur” to the album.
the album is dedicated to the memory of jo cox, mp, a former oxfam activist, who campaigned tirelessly for refugees. “we are making this special live album from glastonbury this summer because the scale of the refugee crisis is so huge we simply had to do something,” said glastonbury co-organiser emily eavis. “we want people who are far from home and frightened to know we are doing whatever we can to help. to know the artists who play here are doing whatever they can. to know the people who love their music are doing whatever they can. now it’s time for world leaders to do the same. all of us – glastonbury, oxfam, musicians and music-lovers everywhere must stand as one to demand action for refugees.”
available to buy now: itunes / cd / amazon

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