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svefn-g-englar video

(problems? view this video on vimeo)

directed by sigríður eyþórsdóttir, águst jacobsson and sigur rós and staring the perlan theatre group

as part of an interview with georg in june 2000, we asked him a few questions about the video:

the video for svefn-g-englar was shown on english tv last did that come about?

it was an idea of jónsi and kjartans to start with. at first i was quite worried....i didnt want it to end up looking like some advert for a hospital or something. but as soon as we talked more about it it was fine. its a very simple idea. we got really good people to work on it, the perlan theatre group.

so are the perlan group big in iceland?

yes, they're very well known....they're the only downs syndrome acting group in iceland. they're really nice people. my favourite guy is the wind one. he used to just stand around with a cigarette all the time....

(alternate version with extended intro viewable here - produced for 4later on channel 4 in the uk)

"introducing perlan"

there is also a "introducing perlan" video that sigur rós produced - it acts as a "making of" video for svefn-g-englar, but focuses on the perlan theatre group during the production of the video.

(problems? view this video on vimeo)

the line up of the perlan theatre group for the svefn-g-englar video was: ásdis gisladóttir, birgitta harðardóttir, eva donaldsdóttir, gerður jónsdóttir, guðrún ósk ingvarsdóttir, hildur daviðsdóttir, hreinn hafliðason, ingibjörg árnadóttir, ragnar ragnarsson, sigfús s. svanborgsson and sigrún árnadóttir

the video was choreographed by lára stefánsdóttir, the angel outfits were made by: binna & nína

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