sigur rós 2013 tour

jodrell bank, cheshire, united kingdom


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this soundscape was produced for sigur rós as intro ‘music’ for their show at jodrell bank by producer alex somers from recordings of “sounds from space” provided by professor tim o’brien of the university of manchester’s jodrell bank observatory. the sounds include jodrell bank’s own archive recordings made over the past six decades: radio echoes from meteors; signals from spacecraft travelling to the moon and beyond; and the rhythmic beat of the first pulsar cp1919, a spinning dead star the size of a city but weighing as much as the sun. the soundscape also includes radio telescope recordings of jupiter made by dick flagg of the university of florida. you can hear more about sounds from space in jodrell bank’s podcast, the jodcast –

jodrell bank observatory is a world leader in radio astronomy. it operates telescopes which receive radio waves from across the universe, some of which have been travelling for billions of years. the invisible radio sky provides a completely different view of the universe, revealing quasars – distant galaxies powered by supermassive black holes, pulsars – the remnants of exploded stars, and even the fading glow of the big bang.

the observatory is home to the giant lovell radio telescope. one of the world’s largest telescopes it has been exploring the radio sky since the 1950’s. jodrell bank also operates the e-merlin array of 7 radio telescopes in the uk, takes part in global vlbi networks of telescopes and hosts the international headquarters of the square kilometre array. the jodrell bank discovery centre welcomes 130,000 visitors per year including thousands of schoolchildren on educational visits.

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